Epic Bottlenecks: Permacamped

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  1. Sinestra Augur

    I've never had to wait in line at the DMV or camped the AC for mor than an hour or two for the ring on more than 12 characters, that doesn't make everyone else liars. Assuming that my experience is the only one is pathetic and foolish.
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  2. Tobynn Augur

  3. Nillaien Journeyman

    All you people talking about one item holding up your epics obviously are not mages. I still spend a couple days each year trying to get Quillmane to drop her damn cloak. Going on 12 years now that stingy damn horse.
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  4. Grummy_NB Elder

    you should try to get a frost covered book and a burned book.. even though there are about 3 dragons for each, they live about 10 seconds after they pop. Why, cause people like killing dragons, not really for the books (which are no drop, but the combined is tradeable). Today the epic mobs are easily killable by everyone, so they are; thus making the quest very hard for people to do.
  5. Thrillho Elder

    Yes, these things are camped by people who end their lives in seconds. But they always were camped.

    The frustration and reward of the epics when they were epic was the combination of camping, assembling a raid, and luck. I had the Severilous spawn down to a science. My cleric is still camped in EJ with "sense undead" memmed to check for his pet. Pet up? Go team go! There's a dragon to kill! I had a window of maybe 20 minutes to get a full force against this dragon before someone else noticed it was up. And there were many many warriors going for this dragon's green scales.

    The trick to the Sev camp was finding out when he died last and applying a bit of math (death time + spawn time x fudge factor). Spawn time was fairly easy. Fudge factor was a few hours, give or take, so one couldn't exactly determine when he's going to spawn. Death time was easy to figure out as well - most people were able to recognize when a raid force assembled in EJ. If you happened to miss it, you just wait for the servers to reload.

    It's the same now. No one is stopping you from camping these mobs. They die quickly - yes - but they did before as well. They might only be up for 10 seconds, but you should still be able to figure out when they first died (server reboot!).

    This ornament quest was done by an intern on his own time, IIRC. I would hope that the devs are spending their time more wisely than to put in an ornament for an epic - but given the state of the RoF launch, I wouldn't put it past them (oh look, Hero's Forge... I wonder what sort of impact that will have). To put more time and resources in to fixing bottlenecks for an ornament is a waste. Please do not do this.

    If you don't want to put the time in to camp it, you don't deserve it. It wasn't a walkthrough to do it before, it shouldn't be a walkthrough now.

    You're sour because you don't have your epic done on your toon and won't be able to have this ornament. You have a year to complete your epic before the ornament task comes up again. Get cracking.

    By the way, I don't have my 1.0 on my main, if it's any consolation.
  6. Dalrek_MM New Member

    Did warrior epic yeears ago but didnt have achievement, so I just redid it a few days ago. Had to leave alt camped in PoHate for hand of maestro and another in PoFear for the ball off golems. Took a few days logging in and checking in the morning before I went to work, after I got home and before I went to bed. But thats it, just a couple of days randomly checking if the mobs were up. Definitely not permacamped on AB server
  7. Juzam_Djinn New Member

    I'm only here because someone linked the thread about McQuaid coming back, but somehow I still manage to see that threads like this are still being made years later... but:

    This guy gets it and this is how I have at least ten AoNs (pretty sure I have eight on my one mule, not like I've logged on in four years though) and only two Slime Bloods, all from Terror. Same goes for all the dragon loot I amassed over the years when I was still playing. I logged in right after patches, sometimes I was lucky, sometimes someone else was already there / had been there, but most of the time I just walked into the zone or ported to the others and looked around, and I refuse to believe that my server was just somehow different than all the others and there weren't a ton of people doing the same thing I was. Like him, I don't think I've ever seen anyone actively "camping" them by just sitting there and waiting, I think maybe once someone was in Fear watching for an incoming patch/reset.

    And what the fart? Epic ornaments are just now being implemented?
  8. Sinestra Augur

    So now we know, that because I've never camped the AC for more than two hours, the max wait time for it to pop is two hours.
  9. Danille Augur

    The whole point of completing your 1.0; 1.5; or 2.0 epics are that they are extremely difficult to obtain. This includes camps being occupied by people who are looking to either sell the drops for ** turn ins, etc. and the drops being a PITA to get in the first place. The required prerequisite for owning an ornament of such epic, should include this effort, frustration, etc.
  10. Ronak Augur

    You do know one of the reasons they put in the quest to let you skip 1.0 right? The bottleneck. It's an acknowledged problem. A bottleneck problem so bad that they even made an entire series of quests to get around it.

    It does not prevent you from getting your end goal (epic 2.0), as a result of them addressing the problem, by letting you bypass it. Now it can prevent you from getting your end goal (epic 1.0 ornament).

    Simple solution, just flag the 1.0 bottleneck bypass quest to count as having 1.0, for ornament purposes.
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  11. Kathylynn_Unity Augur

    A few years back I went around and did all the epic 1.0's, and as annoying as some of the spawns/drops are, there was only one bottleneck that I felt needed to be changed. Wraith of a Shissar in Fear for the Enchanter epic.

    A person could very well luck out and find this mob up. If you don't, its spawning habits are problematic. It does not spawn after server reset. It spawns randomly 1-2 days after. It is a 7 day respawn. It aggros just like all of the other trash there, so someone clearing the plane will likely kill it without knowing it was such a long spawn for an epic drop. Solutions would be to make it spawn on a faster timer or make it non-KoS.

    Honorable mention for troublesome spawn would have to go to the NPC Marl Kastane in Kerra Ridge (Tox now) for the SK epic. Multiple steps require talking to him and handing in items, but he despawns after you do the hand ins. He is on a 36 hour respawn. This mostly makes it tricky to complete the epic in a timely fashion if there is a line of SK's waiting at his spawn point.
  12. Loratex Augur

    if only there was an easier way to get slime blood of cazic thule... (i would rage if they made one)
  13. Falos Augur

    Quillmane is easy though i mean once you've spawned quillmane once and know which spawn he's on it's literally only a 45 second repop roughly so you can start mass farming him as soon as you've popped him once.

    I've completed the mage epic 1.0 like 4 times so far in EQ.
  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Thats the problem since so many people are can kill them they tend to be farmed which makes them hard to find up.
  15. Sinzz Augur

    these ornament quests are going in permanently correct ? i really hope these arent just a yearly thing.
    Guarantee of satisfaction not guaranteed. Participants must have completed the original epic 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 quest that they desire the ornamentation of. Participants will need to visit 16 historic locations and complete a special event at one of them based on their class. These events will be available starting with EverQuest's 14th anniversary, but will not go away when the season is over.
  16. savrin Augur

    I love how people in this thread equate massive timesinks of old world epics to challenge. It has nothing to do with challenge. The respawn timers make it a huge timesink. It should be an hour max.

    Anyone 70+ can solo them there is nothing challenging about epic mobs other than having to fight greedy buggers for them and deal with the ridiculous long respawn timers(meaning you can check every day and never see one up because of some person killing them at 2am or some other time that you cannot log in). That is not a challenge!!! It is just greedy and annoying. Or bettter yet some wizard can one shot them before you can even get near them.
    Since PoP bosses I do not think there have been any respawn timers as long as typical epic mobs.

    I think there should be an npc that can spawn them if you are at that point in your epic. That is the easy fix. It does not make it easier. There is nothing challenging about epics. It just makes it less timesinky and less annoying.

    Getting killstealed by people or just never seeing a mob up ever does not make it a challenge and why people think that = challenge is beyond me. People should have a reasonable chance to do their epic and not be forced to camp them. This is 2013 not 1999.
  17. Piestro Augur

    They'll be up year round.
  18. Explicit Augur

    This guy has it right. Time sinks are not, and never will be, challenging (unless you consider resisting the urge to stab your eye with a screwdriver challenging, then by all means). To claim otherwise is silly
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  19. Avestan New Member

    Maybe it is time to put these dragons on much faster spawn timers. Once per day with +- 12 hours?
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  20. Dre. Augur

    You obviously haven't done the other epics. I've done them all. Mostly multiple times. That includes three runs through the mage 1.0.

    Worst epic nightmares:
    Ball of Everliving Golem/Soul Leech (both drop from the same mobs....why...)
    Eldrig the Old - screw everything about that camp
    Lightning Core
    Basically the entire Rogue 1.5
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