epic blocking on Agnarr?

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  1. Angered Augur

    So if they didn't change the epics for the players of phinny????? Why would they do it for you guys???

    Honestly be thankful the VP key quest has been changed on top of all the bugs that came with the AOCS when phinny first started.... I am so so sick of the EPIC / Krono / Camp / DPS Racing / MOTM / and every other thread that has been made!!! Here is some advice if you want to cry / complain about agnarr just do a search from about 2ish years ago and you will find every RAGE thread from the time Phinny opened - Luclin (even now and that will tell you what you can expect for the future expansions) your welcome for all the hard work we put in!! GL with the sleeper!!! Just Log on and enjoy your self! #Phinny4Life
  2. MaestroM Augur

    Gonna leave my red pen in my drawer and just say that "because the devs didn't do it last time" means pretty much nothing.

    For example, they didn't add pickzones in Vulak/Fippy, but they did in RF/LJ. They didn't instance raids in RF/LJ but they did in Phinny/Agnarr.

    One could go on until one went goes blue in the face about how the devs change things in this game. But you don't really look like the type to be moved by reality.

    Edit: Devs have said they're not getting to it this time. But they're not closed off to the idea completely. So until they fix it, we'll continue to discuss the merits.
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  3. McJumps TLP QoL Activist

    They might get around to it eventually, but it seems like its already too late for Agnarr. Maybe we should give these types of threads a rest now until the next TLP. By the time devs are finished with the new expansion for this year, Agnarr will be in Velious or Luclin I imagine.
  4. daffie999 Augur

    Why? Many changes have been made from the beginning of TLPs.

    As Roxxlyy said "at this point in time"... I have yet to see a "never going to happen" from DBG.

    It is a completely reasonable request as well. TLPs are a different beast and are continually evolved.
  5. Galleyan Augur

    My post got deleted. Shocking. Fix the bottlenecks.
  6. Artanthos New Member

    Nothing will drive returning players from EQ faster then griefing and while chanting DPS race.

    People will and do vote with their wallets and a lack of action to end this behavior does affect their bottom line. Returning players who quit due to poor/unenforced community standards are unlikely to ever return.
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  7. Risiko Augur

    After this past weekend, I have to say I came very close to saying that was enough for me. Lets just say I am taking a break for now.
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  8. Illusory Augur

    If you want to be super critical..... It's actually not a 'dps' race... DPS is an abbreviation for a calculation. If you want to be specific, its really designed to be a burst damage race. I hate to say it, but if you really want to be able to deal 1-pt of damage or cast any spell on said NPC to claim it, perhaps this is not the game for you?

    You guys think these are bottlenecks? Just wait until,
    -Luclin, when you're farming those VT keys.
    -Planes of Power, when you're farming those BoT keys.
  9. Kahna Augur

    Bot keys weren't as bad as the community thought they were going to be. All it took was pulling the guild together one night and just rolling through the zone till you had them all.

    VT keys weren't the end of the world either, though I will admit that I did mine after the massive rush. I was playing a Beastlord after all.
  10. Karrbon1 New Member

    Folks, this company doesn't care. I suggest moving on.
  11. MaestroM Augur

    VT keys are the end of the world. Right after PoP launched my guild back-keyed some folks for VT because Sol Ro Tower/Tactics/Elem were ridiculous on Nameless (I still wanna find out who didn't learn their lesson after Ssra and kept making blowable spawns.) Two friends and I spent like 19 hours trying to get a shard for a couple of guildies. Many tears were shed.
  12. Kahna Augur

    Things have been changed since then, spawns sped up and what not.
  13. Zephiron Elder

    None of this is new. I literally mean this is nothing new at all. It's like you think it was a golden road back in 2000 Kunark. Yep, I am sure everyone played nice back then. Try again...
  14. Zephiron Elder

    Matter of fact, so many epics so soon was not the case back then by any means. Get over it, it is insane how easily they are obtained now, bottlenecks... What, it's like you want the experience gifted to you in some package it was never packed in. Real talk, this whole thread, even what you feel it is grieving sounds like guilds that either don't assist and make it happen like back when or whiney want it alls. Like I said real talk. OMG, it didn't get gifted to me on Kunark launch. This server is fail, DBG is fail. Whatever, I would rather not even entice you to actually be in reality, go back to whatever.
  15. Zephiron Elder

    Were it not for instances, you would never even get a chance to see epics is the truth. Just be glad that if you are diligent you might see them in era. Spoiled lot of eq players these days.
  16. Deadshade Augur

    You seem to have no clue about epics .
    Verina Tomb . Let's take an average spawn time 3 days . Kunark lasts for 3 months what is in average 30 Verinas .
    So in MAXIMUM there will be 30 enchanters who will see the epic in era . That is less than 10 % and has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with "diligence" but with blind luck .

    If somebody (including devs) considers that this is a good design and that it is fun (not even mentionning "challenging" or "difficult") , then he must have forgotten his medication .
    How complicated would it be to change one single spawn delay parameter on this single mob ?
    Just do it !
  17. Phantom Ghost Augur

    Pick a class with easy epics... rogue, ranger, druid, monk, warrior, cleric, beastlord, etc. Problem solved. Pick a class with a time consuming epic... hope you are lucky to get the spawn.
  18. Gingyr Elder

    You can do the whole key i a day or two usually now. Emp even dies fairly regularly.
  19. Gingyr Elder

    These are people from P99 who spent 5 years in Kunark and still didnt get their epics because they got blocked by IB/Rampage/Whoever else. They is bitter :)
  20. Gingyr Elder

    Was brought up on Phinny, didnt change. suck it up buttercup.