epic blocking on Agnarr?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fuzzbutt, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. oldkracow Augur

    Only low life folks kill quest mobs that other players are trying to turn into.....
    These type of folks would be better off getting a nice ban just for being that type of "player"
  2. Febb Augur

    I knew from the beginning. What made you think I didn't understand from the start?
  3. Guzzle Augur

    Pro tip - keep a dispel loaded and remove the charm. Keep dispelling the mob until it kills the person charming it. Grief tactics over. GG.
  4. Risiko Augur

    1. The only epic that is *needed* is the cleric epic.
    2. Velious opens in 3 months on Agnarr... 3 months... 3 M O N T H S. Think about that.
    3. If your guild is not helping you get your cleric epic done... find a new guild ;)
    4. If you are not a cleric, just level and get gear. Velious in 3 MONTHS!!! That's where the real gear is hiding.
    Just my 2 coppers
  5. Guzzle Augur

    Monk epic is invaluable as well for the H2H modifier.
  6. malaki Augur

    All the epics are very good in era, some just last much longer than others. Also Wizard epic rune not stacking with Spirit potions/beastlord spirit buffs is real dumb since all the normal self cast mana regen runes we get all do.
  7. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    We've gotten a lot of feedback and understand the frustrations surrounding these issues - at this point in time, however, we won't be making changes to the epic quest mechanics or the way that they function in game. These quests have stood this way for the last 17 years, and making adjustments to them just isn't something we're comfortable doing.

    As far as griefing goes, if you see a player or a group of players breaking the rules, please report them! The best way to do this is by including video evidence - this clearest and easiest form of proof for the team will review, and will help ensure that action is taken quickly.
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  8. jack of all trades Journeyman

    This would be wonderful.. If the GM's actually knew the mechanics of the game. Instead we've seen people banned for 'warping' because someone used Bind Sight on them and had latency while recording (clearly visible within the video). We've seen GM's suspend people simply because they didn't respond quick enough (yes, I'm talking SINGLE players, not boxes, not automation).

    That's only because you guys didn't listen to recommendations we made years ago to remove bottlenecks. But you're right, changing a mob respawn timer from 1003847 to 3000 is SOOO challenging.
  9. MaestroM Augur

    I appreciate the response re: griefable mechanics.

    Does this mean you've also decided not to adjust the bottlenecks to the Wizard, SK and Enchanter epics? In those cases, no changes to the "mechanics" are necessary (no changes to spawn triggers/moving items from one mob to another).

    Originally (and currently for most epics) the "doability" of an epic entirely a question of whether you could gather your raid force to take down a raid target.

    In 2017, the "doability" for the Wizard and Enchanter epic depends on a sock grieffest for a clearly minor part of the epic (does anyone really think that the Enchanter epic author said "yeah they have to venture into Plane of Hate and Fear and the Hole as well as killing the Tangrin and venturing all over Norrath! But the real part that makes this EPIC is step 2 of 6 in part 1 of 4 where they have to kill a duoable mob in a starting city that nothing will assist).

    Nevermind Marl Kastane for the Shadow Knight epic, which makes the epic impossible, rather than merely "not likely to obtain".
  10. Thrillho Augur

    They haven't been an issue for 17 years because these items haven't been current for 15 of them. When in the last 17 years has there been this much of a rush on day 1 to a specific set of NPCs? Only on TLP servers.

    I'm wagering there will be additional TLP servers at some point in the future. Ignoring the griefing problem is going to hurt the population of later servers. I don't even play on a TLP server because of stuff like this - and I'm certain I'm not the only one. If this sort of stuff keeps happening on TLP servers, more and more folks are going to avoid them.

    Reporting a player puts you in a queue, and you're out 3 hours. 6 hours. 9 hours. Days. Weeks. It doesn't change your current condition. It wouldn't make me less annoyed. Hah! I've got you now, I put you on a report! Why would I want to put myself through that, when changing the code of a mob from killable to non-killable is possible? Why would you want to spend more time chasing these people and reviewing reports?

    What's Velious going to be like? How many NPCs for the Coldain Ring are killable?

    These people aren't asking to make the quests easier. There is still a grind for drops. There's still a chase for the first kill of a long-time spawn. They're asking to remove the griefer problem.
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  11. Xanathol Augur

    Because changing a spawn time field in the database is a worrisome change... that's ridiculous.
  12. Febb Augur

    What do ya know? They decided to stick with the current 1.0 epic design. /shocked
  13. Wolrok Elder

    These quests are not the exact same as they were 17 years ago anyway. Adjusting the ones with massive bottlenecks would be appreciated by the playerbase. But implying that the quests have never been changed since implementation is ridiculous.
  14. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Ah, I didn't mean to imply that the quests never changed. Looking back at my choice of words, I can see how it read that way. The team has indeed made tweaks to the quests and their rewards in the past, but at this point in time we don't have plans to make further adjustments to them.
  15. MaestroM Augur

    Thanks for the heads up. Please make plans to do so. The ability (note, i do not mean difficulty) of a person to complete their epic should not depend on class selection and it absolutely does currently.

    Tbh i'm really shocked that the folks who take such pride in their work (its really not possible to run a game as complicated as EQ without an excruciating need to attend to details) over there aren't chomping at the bit to make availability changes to the epics considering how broken some of them are and how simple the solution is.
  16. Gingyr Lorekeeper

    Really not sure what you expect here. Phinny established the protocols you are going to live with. Some will get epics and other wont, try being an enchanter where you have to dps race for a mob in a city zone that cannot generate picks. Other mobs are open world only due to their spawn timers relative to zone up time. SK's have some nasty contested bottlenecks. Those didnt change, neither will this. In addition, spawned mobs are not protected by any magic or rule. Spawned AOW's were killed by guilds other than the ones who killed statue and idol, there was no punishment. This isnt P99, you cant petitionquest away your mediocrity.
  17. Reiker99 Journeyman

    Venril Sathir's Remains? Undead Bard? Pearlescent Shards?

  18. Renidin New Member

    Heh, I have code like that at my work. I refuse to let the team touch it, because each time we do it breaks something else. Luckily for us, we have a rebuild project underway. I do not envy your developers working with 17 year old code, the industry has come a long way since then...
  19. oldkracow Augur

  20. Lorong New Member

    People who repeat 'dps race' should just stop masquerading and come and say they want to make others quit server/game.

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