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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Burdi, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Burdi Augur

    Hi there,
    We are soon going to get all level 100.
    But what about the epics ?
    It would be a very nice historical reason to introduce a new set of epics in the game.
    The former ones tend to be fairly ridiculous now compared to regular group stuff.
    I don't want to ding 100 without my eEpic 3.0!!
  2. Smokezz Augur

    They've replied many many many times, that they'll never do epic 3.0's.
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  3. gcubed Augur

    For the moment, let us assume that SOE wants to create Epic 3.0's.

    An epic quest will contain a minumum of three full blown raids, a like number of mini-raids, some single-group events and a few solo requirements and a bunch of lore to give the reason behind the need for the quest. Multiply that by 16 classes and you should realize that epic quests require a lot of work.

    The short of it is, if Epic 3.0's are to be introduced with RoF, it is because the Dev's included them in the initial design documents back in the beginning of development. There is no time to include them now unless they were already planning on including them.

    If you want Epic 3.0's, the Dev's will probably require at least one year to properly implement the quests. One month just ain't going to cut it.
  4. NaVi7512 Elder

    Epic N.0, was the last response.
  5. Cakvala Augur

    I just want the ornamentations to be completed after expansion release, that would be a fantastic plus.
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  6. Voodoman Augur

    Where the hell did you get that? Last I heard it was one raid, not three.
  7. Emalyn New Member

    "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."
    "Then don't do that."

    Likewise, if you don't want to ding 100 without an epic 3.0, don't ding 100. I don't think epics are in the cards for this expansion (as it would've been a bulletpoint on the expansion announcement).
  8. Recnarp Augur

    The... resources... just aren't there yet...
  9. Tearsin Rain Augur

    this question was asked at SOE Live.

    the absolute, now and for all time, no room for questions, answer to this is no, not ever, never going to happen, not today, not next expansion, not the one after that, it will never happen, ever, stop asking.
  10. Piemastaj Augur

    You would think if this was their stance, they would give classes with terribad epic clicks an upgraded dealio to make them viable like others....
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  11. Noobieguy Augur

    Pretty much... What I got from it was they don't have the resources to make new epics, and get more content / quests in. So if we want an expansion with just epics, but no new levels, zones, raids, or quests, that might be possible...
  12. Noobieguy Augur

    This was also addressed. They want to phase out all epics eventually... I am sure that makes most happy since most of them are useless, but it makes the few that still use them very sad.
  13. Piemastaj Augur

    Doesn't make me happy. I love the fact that epic clicks are still useable and viable, I severely dislike the fact that a lot of them are just god awful clicks now.
  14. Tearsin Rain Augur

    it's not about having the resources or not, as such.

    it came down to 3 statement by absor:
    1. a single epic, from inception to design to implementation including the quest, takes on average 6-8 months for a small team to complete - the time investment required is simply not worth a single item only obtained by some people.
    2. they don't like creating highly powerful items that you will never replace ever again and that is a permanent slot in your inventory that you will never remove, and wish they had never done so with the 1.5/2.0 epics in the first place and aren't about to go 'meh, well, we hate it, but since we did it once we'll just do it again anyways'
    3. fundamentally, the entire Dev team agrees that epics are fun and enjoyable for players, but an absolute nightmare from an implementation and game design standpoint, and for the overall good of the game as a whole and the long-term player experience, ending the entire notion of epics is basically the only viable choice they can make.
  15. Toquillaw Augur

    It used to be that we bought each expansion individually, so they never knew which account would have which expansions. That makes it harder to put a new epic into the newest expansion. But if they just make it a rule that buying the latest expansion gets you all prior content, then they should make epic quests which continue to the next expansion. Upgraded stats & benefits. It also gives a reason to go back and do older content.

    That, or maybe they will release a kit someday to let the players make the quests, like they have with the graphics studio.
  16. Jazya Elder

    I really don't understand what the stigma is.Watch me fix both of those in 5 seconds *waves wand*

    1. One quest instead of 16, overlap with progression.
    2. Be smart about effects. BP's arent a problem....

    Most of the old epics were needlessly complicated with far too many little/pointless steps, 90% of which are quickly forgotten. That's a ton of dev time wasted on content that provides zero player experience beyond playing errand runner (deliver this shopping list? are you kidding me?)

    Counter to that, each also had its one or two cool/memorable parts. If you look at VoA there are already something like 200 nameds - so the content is already being created. Is it so hard to put epic drops on the loot table of a fraction of these? Add a couple of random zone drops for some timesink and you're good - bonus if they are tradeable. (Player economy ... whaaaat?)

    But whatever you do - NO tradeskills!!!!!

    As far as the items themselves, people are just looking for a class-specific "tier 4.5" handheld item with a cool graphic and clicky effect.

    So here we have:
    1. Get quest <- Just a quest window, there's thousands of these it's not so hard!
    2. Farm up your epic drops from group named <- Already created for group progression
    3. Farm/buy zonewide drops <- Random statless item
    4. Complete group progression <- Already gonna be there
    5. Maybe run one instance with a 'class' named at the end <- Any random group instance
    6. Take the 16 best looking items from any expansion <- You already made them anyway
    7. Steal one of the new activated AA's from each class to slap on the weapon - Group Epic

    1. Group epic flags to request raid epic
    2. Sprinkle epic raid drops across the top raid tier <- Content already created
    3. Hand in drop from step 2 to get flag (don't do a 'loot' step...ffs!)
    4. Beefy version of 'group' step 5 grants a 'no stat' version of group epic (dual wield bling bling!)
    5. Hand in both to get upgrade with particle and upgraded click - Raid Epic
  17. Hatsee Augur

    At this point I think they are less work than the ornament quests, completing those when they go live should give an epic 3.0.
  18. JERUS Augur

    Anything they could push out would be a disappointment not worth calling an epic.

    However, I still wouldn't mind some unique weapons w/clickies perhaps evn just upgraded 2.0 or even a quest to make it a 2.75 instead of just 2.0 or 2.5. I'd love to have it equipped again.
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  19. Frydra New Member

    What you are suggesting Jazya, is not Epic quests, rather "really tough quest that gives us a nifty item!". Epic quests are about the lore, about going to both new and old lands. About not doing some cookie cutter quest that will be the same for everyone else. Epic Quests were Unique.
  20. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I miss when items were created without too much concern put into "OMG everything must be balanced". The OP items were nerfed as they should've been and the pretty-powerful items were left rare/hard to obtain.

    Fungi Tunic
    Aten Ha Ra Neck
    Basically every class specific item from PoTime. Chanter/Shaman slow sticks, Necro Snare, Druid DoT, Paladin's Hopebringer, Warrior's DBoW etc. etc.
    Bard Symphony of Battle clicks
    Vishimtar/Yar'Lir Mask class specific quest items
    Demi-Plane / Ashengate class specific drops

    etc. etc.

    Sticking to this terrible "BP clicks need to add either 60k DMG or 60k Heal/Vie" is terrible and boring and makes me a sad panda. I miss CoA BPs, which allowed necros to crit lots of DoTs for a short period of time. Not 10 DoTs or 15 DoTs, but all their DoTs. Which allowed warriors and paladins and SKs to mitigate / heal back lots of damage... not 10k or 20k but ANY amount so long as the ability lasted.

    Trying to quantify everything in amount of healing or casts or hits etc. is lame.
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