Eok T3 Raid - The Kar`Zok - Reaper's Killing Strike

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by minimind, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. minimind Augur

    Hey all --

    My raid alliance is smashing our heads against lovely event and we think we've gotten the right strategy for our raid make up and numbers, but we can't seem to figure out how to defeat the reaper's "killing strike".

    Run far away? - He warps and and hit.
    Stay behind? - He flips and hits.
    Tank near a rock and then the target goes to the other side? - Warp and hit.

    Who's got a hint to throw my way? Or is there a way to avoid the damage in the first place?
  2. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    don't think there is for the reaper. iirc, just stay close to the reaper so he doesn't warp around and cost you dps while you're on him. the strike is survivable.
  3. Warpeace Augur

    Like Mehdisin said.

    Whoever gets the emote have them run to the Reaper's tank. This way the Reaper will not Warp and the tank can keep agro on the mob after its Killing strike.
  4. Brohg Augur

    Damage to the emoted person isn't avoidable. You can, if you insist on engaging with the mechanic instead of ignoring it & healing through, have the emoted person run to the boss for least disruption to the tank team.
  5. Koryu Augur

    The reaper will emote a target with a 10 second warning, go off aggro, warp to his target to nuke them with Killing Strike, then warp back to his tank and resume aggro (no memblur even though he went off aggro). The Killing Strike nuke is not intended to be avoidable. The reaper can also cast his Lightning Arc while warped to the target of his Killing Strike, which could be right in the middle of the raid force and timed with other zonewide effects, so it's smarter for the target to run to the reaper's tanking spot to keep the Lightning Arc AE under control.
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  6. Allayna Augur

    We always set a banner, slightly away from the reaper tanking spot AND completely out of the raid. That way the warp “lightning arc” didn’t hit the MT or the raid.
  7. minimind Augur

    Thank you all. We'll adjust our strat and finally conquer this thing.
  8. Morthakia Augur

    Similar question: recent attempts at converting the “blocker buff” seem to be failing for me. I break open the crate and get the debuff, no problem. Afterwards I go and stead in front of the reaper and then Snowblaze for multiple minutes and my debuff doesn’t ever convert. Any tips to guarantee the process doesn’t fail in the 5 minutes after breaking the crate? I recognize the achievement isn’t earned until the event is beaten!
  9. Whulfgar Augur

    Dont die.. before raid ends..

    Or it wont count. Likewise also do not leave zone immediately after either. It may not count then as well.
  10. Whulfgar Augur

    If u die before raid ends.. after getting the blocker but before events wnd.. you now have to reget / re do it.
  11. Morthakia Augur

    Is that a recent thing? Trying to get it for another alt, already have it for a couple of characters. Dying doesn’t seem to be my problem though. Oh well.
  12. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    to convert it you have to get hit by their frontal AE, one or the other. you odn't need both. iirc dieing shouldn't be a problem as long as the debuff got converted first.
  13. Allayna Augur

    You can die repeatedly.

    What you need is to stand in front of snowblaze and be hit TWICE by the frontal and generally let the buff expire ~ 5 minutes of invested time. As soon as you can drop the shield, send your people up to break boxes and work on earning the debuff blocker.
  14. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    so long as your raid can afford the loss a man or two... you can use leap abilities to jump through the shield at any time (even before the event starts). sometimes takes a couple of attempts but it can be done. then you have the entire event to get the boxes broke and blockers taken care of.
  15. Rowanoak Elder

    The best time to break the boxes is near the end when you only have snowblaze left, especially for the early wins, wait til after a beetle is spawned and killed and hold dps on finishing snowblaze while people get the buff from boxes and stand in front of snowblaze to get hit with AE. Once at the end and not scambling for every last point of damage, can also work groups around to put extra healing on your people getting the Blocker. Don't want anyone to die and lose any of your precious first few blockers.
  16. Morthakia Augur

    This is fantastic advice. Thank you all so much. Sorry to hijack the thread!!
  17. Elyssanda Augur

    I was the reaper's favorite person once upon a time. I once got called 17x one night by the Reaper, so I just gave up and sat at his feet all night. never took damage that way. the damage is avoidable.
  18. minimind Augur

    One of our monks was targeted 5 or so times in a row. That led me to think that there's some method to getting targeted but event is so complex and the first wins so hard fought, that we don't have the time to experiment.

    And I THOUGHT there was a function to avoid the damage. There's an emote I read somewhere where the reaper "waves his blade in frustration" and searches for a new target.

    Wait... when you say you "Sat" at his feet, do you mean actually "sitting" or just staying near him?
  19. Metanis Augur

    I remember that night. Good times!
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  20. Nniki Augur

    It's been quite some time now, but I seem to remember if you died or dropped aggro, you were more likely to be targeted.
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