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  1. mackal Augur

    I was going with a four letter word that starts with f and rhymes with truck.
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  2. Rumstil Lorekeeper

    Can we have an update to this please? It looks like EoK adds a few more SPAs.
  3. Beimeith Augur

    485 uses the same spell class mask as 411. Basically 411 works on spells you -cast- and 485 works on spells that -hit you-. Or to put it another way, 411 is "Outgoing" and 485 is "Incoming."

    486 works on incoming spells and requires the caster of the spell is the same or different than the existing buff or debuff. A value of 0 requires the caster be different, any other value means the caster must be the same.

    There are various other minor issues that need to be fixed too. I'll send you my files and you can merge the changes as you like.
  4. mackal Augur

    I see up to 495 now with AAs, any chance we could get the list updated?
  5. Prathun Developer

    Yeppers! It's been updated.
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  6. Rumstil Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the update.

    Re: 492 Ff_Endurance_Min

    It looks like twinstrike has a min limit of 10 endurance - which means it doesn't affect the main ranger SPA 193 skill attacks because they are mana based:

    Focused Arrowrain
    Anticipated Shots
    Dichotomic Fusillade Strike

    The only endurance spell we have is:

    Focused Squall of Blades

    Additionally twinstrike also uses the SPA 311 (combat skills only) - which again excludes the 3 arrow damage spells highlighted above.

    Twinstrike maxes out at 5% so it's not a big deal one way or another, but I find it an odd set of limits if we are going to have twinstrike.
  7. mackal Augur

    I don't see the issue, clearly RNG want normal Twincast though :p

    As in Twinstrike = disc (which it's correctly being limited to) Twincast = spells.
  8. Rumstil Lorekeeper

    Yeah, I guess that's a better way to put it. I would rather have twincast than twinstrike since that would help our bread and butter spells.

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