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    <Entendre> - http://www.eqentendre.com
    Entendre is a quality over quantity style raiding guild on the Phinigel server. Our guild is made up of a highly entertaining group of individuals who have been raiding together for years. We strive to provide a fun and efficient raid environment.

    Our top priority is to complete all applicable raid content in each expansion. This is accomplished without pushing so hard that it stresses the commitments and responsibilities of our members.

    Our raid schedule includes three (3) weekly DKP raids on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.
    Tuesday and Thursday raids run from approximately 8PM EST until 12PM EST.
    Sunday raids run from 5PM EST until 12PM EST.

    These raids often end earlier and rarely end later. Thursday raids are not always on DKP, particularly late in an expansion timeline.

    Attendance and DKP
    Attendance is taken and DKP is accrued for on time and every boss killed. Points are assigned based on the difficulty of the encounter, the amount of time invested, and other factors such as a first kill. Bids for items are taken openly, with no maximum per item. Members with at least 40% 30 day attendance are able to bid first, followed by applicants and low attendance members, and finally boxes. Member review for promotion from applicant status typically occurs 30 days after tagging.

    We also run non-DKP raids on other nights as attendance permits. For example, Saturday nights there will typically be a scheduled raid. Loot on non-DKP raids is distributed via a loot council consisting of officers and veteran members who have demonstrated a vested interest in the guild’s success. No attendance is taken on non-DKP raids.

    We keep a minimal roster and ask our members to do their best to maximize the capabilities of their class.

    EverQuest expertise is not a requirement for membership. However, willingness to learn is. We will happily help less experienced applicants and members master optimal raiding techniques. Applicants and members must be open to such guidance.

    The raiding content we will be attempting in the coming months will continue to increase in both difficulty and time required. Accordingly, we are seeking new members to bolster our ranks.

    Our current class needs are as follows:

    Bard: Medium
    Beastlord: Medium
    Berserker: Low
    Cleric: Medium
    Druid: Medium
    Enchanter: High
    Magician: Medium
    Monk: Low
    Necromancer: High
    Paladin: Medium
    Ranger: Medium
    Rogue: Low
    Shadowknight: Low
    Shaman: Medium
    Warrior: Medium (high attendance required)
    Wizard: Medium

    If you are interested in joining it is best to contact an officer in game.

    Points of contact: Thellonious, Hober, Infidell, Giknan, Dythan.

    The guild’s progression timeline and past kill dates can be found at https://phinnyprogress.com
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  5. NickDanger Elder

    Try us! You just might like us! (well... except for...)
  6. Dythan Augur

    8 / 10

    Would spend the last 2 and 1/2 years with these people again.
  7. Hober Journeyman

    Bump for more casters.
  8. Hober Journeyman

    We have gotten a nice influx of players from live. However, we are still looking to bolster the roster heading into SoD and beyond. If you are currently on the server or are interested in re-rolling please speak to an officer in game.
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    Bump, Good group of folks. Could use a few more to fill ranks!
  10. Brumans Augur

    Making our way through SoD!
  11. Ramluk New Member

    Bump, Good group of Folks. Having a lot of fun clearing content that most the guild has not seen before. Returning/New players welcome.
  12. Brumans Augur

    Seeds down! Front page updated!
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    Updated to reflect our needs moving towards Underfoot. If you are interested in joining please talk to an officer in game.

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