Enslaver of Souls

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  1. Aghinem Augur


    Trying to figure out what we are doing wrong.

    We get through the initial burn phase just fine, but when she hits 70% and evolves into Decay form - our team starts getting hit with that poison DOT, however - there seems to be some type of delay with auras spawning in one of the 3 spots. People are literally dying just waiting for the aura to pop up. Is this curable or needs to be cured? Are we missing something? I know we are suppose to get to the auras when the poison warning goes out, but if the auras are not there - we're simply sitting ducks...
  2. Gumby Augur

    You really don't have a ton of time to get there, but it is more than doable to get to the Aura when they pop.

    Are you using pets? Sometimes when she starts running all around the room and the pets continue to chase her it messes things up.

    What should happen is you have the Tank pull her to an aura spot and then DPS her. After a bit she will then start running around the room all crazy like.

    At this point start looking for the Aura to pop and as soon as you see it, move to it as fast as you can. You really have to be on the ball here and move quickly into the Aura or you'll get blasted.

    Then stay in it until the blasts are done. You'll know when it is safe when the Tank or some crazy DoT class gets summoned to her.

    Simply pull her to the Aura spot you are currently at and repeat.
  3. Aghinem Augur

    Thanks for responding. The problem is we are already getting hit with her poison stuff with no auras spawning. We already have someone getting nuked by the time an aura decides to spawn in one of the three spots :( I have seen her mem blur and I would get aggro on her again to pull her to one of the auras, but by then - 2 people are already dead because of the late aura spawn time.
  4. Blurred_Memories Augur

    tried standing in a pool whether there is an aura there or not to avoid her poison blast targeting?
  5. Hostile Meat Wizard Elder

    Poison Blast has nothing to do with the auras. Totally different mechanic.
  6. Repthor Augur

    Theres a mecanic one person gets hit by in your group . that means he/she has to move away from everybody. theres also a mecanic that hits somebody that has to be soaked by a cuple ppl

    Them 2 mecanics dident work properly b4. Few patches ago they started working as intended after everybody been running the missions and thot they knew them. The change was they fixed bugged mecanics that was working in the players favor or was to weak to matter

    Once you have identifyed both of them mecanics ull be fine
  7. Thraine Augur

    Throw more DPS at it, If your DPS slacks then chances are it will fall apart.

    If your dragging one sub-par toon through then your other 5 people need to be on point. If your trying to drag 2 or more sub-par people through then you might be over extending yourself.
  8. Sindaiann Augur

    100-70% is the burn dps check. Keep her mark of sul dispelled so she doesnt regen, occurs once when shards pop and once after that with a yellow emote text. You can GINA this for ease if you wish. Kill guardians and shards of course and burn her past 70% before more guardians/shards spawn.

    70-45 % - is her weird pathing mechanic and aura phase.

    The blue auras are used to protect against Mortal Decay. As soon as you see an aura, you have about 3-4secs to get in it or Mortal Decay kills whoever is not in the aura (have lev removed). The only way to survive Mortal Decay is to get in the aura. The auras also protect against Poison Blast which occurs during this phase as well. So the idea is YOU HAVE TO MOVE TO THE AURAS AS SOON AS YOU SEE THEM, not when you see a poison blast warning. Have no pets up or this can screw the achievement if they die to it, or atleast it used to.

    Rotting Flesh occurs throughout and is curable with 60 disease counters. A cure all macro works great for this that includes Distillate of Immunization XIII, cleansing rod, shield of immaculate, venenium (is on mine because its a CURE ALL macro *poison* although not applicable to this scenario). Your healer should be able to cure this as well.

    Watch aggro during the 70-45% phase and keep having the tank drag her back from the center to the respective location of the previous blue aura. Once another appears, move quickly.

    Once you reach 45% minis spawn. 3 total, 1 at a time. Mortal Decay no longer occurs at 45%. You now have to deal with Rotting Flesh, Poison Blast and Aura Doom (which in the group version calls 2 people as well).

    Each mini has to be in a specific aura to become vulnerable. First mini goes in the first circle you zoned into the zone near, then go clockwise, East for the 2nd and the last circle for the 3rd (going off memory, can't recall the direction in zone for the 3rd). Kill each mini in the respective aura that they are vulnerable and the last mini that dies, have the tank aggro anashti back to that respective aura that you killed the last mini in. Tank and spank it to 0 and stay within the aura to protect against Poison Blast.

    People who are called can run away and "bounce" off each other with aura doom. I have seen 2 separate occasions where one person was targeted with Poison Blast and then called for Aura Doom directly after (in the group mission). Shouldn't occur but if it does and you decide to just eat the Aura Doom dds, make sure you have an enchanter keeping Legion of Lucem up throughout.

    Hope that helps and I don't care that I spelled it all out basically.
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  9. Stephen51 Augur

    Thanks for the run through Sindaiann. At least I know now that our rag tag little band (Bst, Enc, Dru, Pal) needs more firepower to complete this.

    Now if you could just do the same for Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay. /EM licks tip of pen/grabs note pad/listens intently.......
  10. Aghinem Augur

    Damsel of Decay is a bit different.

    1a. The first phase is a standard DPS fight. You are essentially going to use normal DPS on her until she hits 55%. While you are DPSing her, you will have one person handling bogon/slime kiting and colliding. It is absolutely essential to have someone really good at handling bogons & slimes, because it is a mechanic that can easily cause things to get out of control. There is a 3 for 1 achievement if you collide 3 bogons into 1 slime. If you have any undead pet, there is a likelihood she will charm it, but if that happens and you kill it - you just earned and achievement.

    Note: It may take a few extra seconds for the server to sync with the bokons and slimes colliding with each other. I have had them stacked on one another for 4 seconds before the server registered their collision.

    1b. During this phase, she will start using her 'Gifts' line. Gift of Life & Gift of Death. Gift of Life is looks like a poison DoT in your effects bar. You do not want to cure this because it actually grants the afflicted a heal over time. However, the Gift of Death is a DoT that looks like a snare in your effects bar. This one does damage, however - I found the amount of damage it causes to be negligible, so its better to just heal through it rather than try to cure it. Plus, you can an achievement for it.

    2a. 55%-0% is your burn phase. The idea is you want to burn her down before she ports back upstairs. If you can't, its not the end of the world - it just turns more into an endurance and control fight.

    2b. 35%-0% is the withering curse phase. There are three curses:
    • Withering Limbs - Will cripple your DPS, but will not affect your ability to mitigate incoming attacks. This is the ideal curse for your tanks to have.
    • Withering Physicality - This will cripple your Tanks, by reducing their ability to mitigate incoming damage by 2500%. Tanks do NOT want this but it is okay for DPS to have.
    • Withering Faith - This will cripple your healers ability to heal, and will affect SKs ability to self-heal through lifetaps, epic clicks, etc. This is okay to have if you are either a Tank or DPS, but not a healer.

    After so much trial and error, and reading these boards we finally got the event beat with all three achievements. It was not easy, but we pulled it off with 1 SK, 1 Paladin, 1 Shaman, 1 Cleric, 1 Monk, 1 Necromancer. No mercenaries. Hell of a makeup eh?

    1. I tanked Damsel and had our paladin be on bokon control. The Cleric set up healing wards to substitute against slowed healing due to the 'enfeeblement' effect caused by the bokons. As a SK, I made regular use of Repel rk2, 3 DoTs (Bond & Blood of Bonemaw rk2, Spreading Darkness rk2) and 2 lifetaps (Dire Declaration & the Dichotomic Fang). These are non-corruption/disease based attacks. Use no disease or she will heal.

    2. When she gets to around 57%, everyone but 1 healer runs downstairs to prepare for the intercept. Every second counts. When she hits 55%, she will port downstairs and then we commence the full burn.

    3a. She starts her withering phase at 35%; so as a tank, I threw up my deflection when she was at 36%. When she hit 35%, she cycled me into Withering Limbs. I was in good shape, and required no curse curses.

    Note: Had she cycled me into physicality, I would have used either my SK ability of 'Purity of Death' or a 'Distillate of Immunization'. Understand there still is a chance that she may strike through deflection when you have physicality. When you use either of those curse cures, it should cycle you into a more appropriate curse to maintain your tanking. Tanks should be responsible for their own curse cures; as it takes too much time to call out for a cure and depend on the healer's reaction time.

    Very Important: Do not have anyone do GROUP CURSE CURES. This is guaranteed to cause a massive poop stink storm.

    3b. This fight can go two directions. Either you can finish her off with enough DPS before she ports back upstairs, or you won't have enough DPS and she will port every 60 seconds. IF you go into her porting phase, don't panic. Just keep your tank maintained with heals and keep the bogons & slimes under control. The withering curses will last for 2min, so when it gets down to the 2 second mark - throw up a short term deflection (ie. shield flash) which will give you 6 seconds of defense, 4 seconds total time to use a new curse potion IF you need it. I was put back into Withering Limbs so I didn't have to use a potion.

    Its a tough event, but it can be done - even if you get ported all over the place.
  11. Vdidar Augur

    What is a bogon? Just kidding I know you meant bokon!
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  12. Aghinem Augur

    Haha - we have a player on FV named Bogon - and my mind was just bouncing all over the place. Nevertheless, when I saw that - it made me LOL. :oops: :D :p

    An additional note: If you are tanking this as a SK. You CAN use your impose for power for an AC boost, but do not use torrent on her. That is a corruption based spell. You however can temporarily target a bokon (not bogon - lol) and hit it with your torrent of misery/agony spell to bump your groups AC for 10min.
  13. Stephen51 Augur

    Thanks for the info, we seem to get physicality every time, mistake we are making is trying to pop deflection as she hits 35.
  14. Aghinem Augur

    That was one of my first mistakes; gotta hit it before 35% and make sure you have enough DPS for the transition of 36-35% so your deflection won't wear off by the time withering hits.
  15. Sindaiann Augur

    Personally for this event I just go dps heavy.So in addition to what was said above I'll add the following

    Tank, healer, enc, bard/shaman/druid, wiz, wiz (or necro)
    You can utilize the same combo and go melee dps heavy as well. I just prefer caster. I've done it both ways.

    If I'm playing Sind I handle the bokon and 3 for 1 for people. After 3 for 1 just kill them 1 for 1 as they come. The easiest way I have found to accomplish 3 for one is just stand in the hall where the bokon pop. Root them as they spawn, debuff them and back up a bit to give room between you and any slime on your backside. Keep the bokon rooted until you have 3 and rune tank any slime on your backside. Debuff these too though as they hit harder then bokon. Once you have 3 rooted just move the slime onto them and bammo, grats achievement.

    Top phase to 55-56% is slow dps until the charm pet achievement and 3 for 1 achievement are achieved. For the pet achievement have a necro or any pet considered undead popped after you engage her. The lower level the pet the quicker she seems to charm it. After that take her down with quick refresh dps stuff until port down. Ensure Living Death is being cured as well. Corruption cure iirc.

    Full burn when she ports down and have the tank hit deflection at 37%. If dps is off the wall heavy hit it at 40. You have to be quick and use XIII cure potion to cure the withering debuff. Anything higher than XIII with twin cast can rotate withering more than once. Everyone having a cure potion is the easiest way to handle this part. OR having shield of immaculate from cotf.

    Tanks and melee want Withering Faith
    Casters want Withering Faith
    Healers want Withering Limbs
    NO ONE wants Withering Physicality

    As an enchanter I can easily handle 1 for 1 bokon to slime and maintain a dps burns and drop the deeps during the port down phase. I have anxiety when I play my SK and have to rely on another enchanter/someone else for what I normally do. Lol
  16. Brohg Augur

    Definitely done the 3-4-1 /ach that way, Sindaiann. Specifically, with less robust tanks than my main, when I was on an alt dps or healer. When I'm playing Szilent, I've several times just tanked the whole mess myself. Anashti +bokons on the front, an ooze on the back, disc up when you get the second bokon, circle them all together for the /ach when the third bokon comes. This almost always leaves an extra ooze alive, which is not quite ideal (prefer bokons to wait for oozes than the other way around), but whatever.

    The 3-4-1 /ach and Et Tu Kebaber can both be checked off before curing nonsense starts at 75%. Just leave Anashti healthy until they're done.