Enhanded Minion Added to Special AA Tab?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Vento, May 25, 2020.

  1. Vento New Member

    Does anyone think it's unreasonable to get Enhanced Minion effects added to the permanent item AA's under the special tab? I'm not completely sure how to achieve this since it's a worn effect but I do think it would be most helpful. -V
  2. Bobbybick Augur

    Kind of a slippery slope for all focus effects wouldn't you say?
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  3. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Ditto Bobbybick's sentiment. My main is a mage and I'm against the OP's idea. If you start letting some focus effects become unlocked special AA's then everyone will want stuff benefiting there class unlocked.

    I'm not sure I get why Enhanced Minion effects even need to be permentant item AA's seems like a fair number of worn items (jewelry etc.) have it...
  4. Kase Journeyman

    Yes... I do think that its unreasonable.
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  5. Vento New Member

    What worn focus effects don't get upgraded almost every expansion with the same old copy and paste gear? It's all the same crap over and over, and ALL of the caster worn effects cap out after a certain level so you NEED to get the next expansions armor to upgrade those.

    The situation isn't DIRE, but it is a nuisance to remember to equip your highest EM ranked earring to summon a pet. Especially when the EM effect on an older Raid earring might be better than what you're currently wearing that have better stats.

    Even better, make Enhanced Minion a perma click buff so it can easily be added to the item AA category & get rid of the worthless tiny companion click on every pet earring since we all get the standard AA for it anyway. There is no slippery slope here guys.
  6. strongbus Augur

    if they made any change to EM I rather see it be turned from a ear focus into a aug that fit in any gear spot.
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  7. Soulbanshee Augur

    It may be worth it to have the slight reduction in stats to keep the better EM equipped. But that's every upgrade choice for every focus, do you take the (marginally) better stats or the better focus. We are supposed to make gear choices, not have every max stat on all the time.
  8. Sine_of_the_Times New Member

    Kids these days. They want everything enhanded to 'em. Like Enhanced Minion.
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  9. Goburs Augur

    Maybe fix this deadly gamewide lag first, shall we?
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  10. Vento New Member

    Ahh I was waiting for the "old salt" edgy remark but I didn't expect the grandpa-style pun attached. No, I've been playing since 2002 - so obviously I know everything about everything and can demean anyone who started after me. That's how it works on these forums, I believe at least.

    What are some of you guys even arguing back about? It's a consolidation idea like everything else the Developers have completed over the last 6 or 7 years. One less thing to have to worry about, since EQ has become more and more lazy and less D&D like. It's already gone, what are you holding onto? At least we got one thing out of the way, there would be no slippery slope as mentioned previously.

    Gear choices? Upgrade choices? For the majority of the player base all the gear is the same, like I mentioned - cut, upgrade stats, and paste. This isn't classic Everquest, there's virtually no gear choices that make a difference anymore. And actually thinking about it after wasting my breath yet again as usual on these forums, it DOESN'T make a difference. We'll just have to keep switching out earrings when re-summoning pets like we've been doing all along anyway. SWARM pets will have to deal with the lower level EM of the better stat earring I suppose.

    Goburs I concur, however the forum dwellers have the oddest pushback on ideas regarding convenience. So If I began a thread pushing the idea to fix lag across the board, someone on here would post a rebuttal and fight me on it.
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  11. Nylrem Augur

    Personally, I don't think there would be a problem with it, and no slippery slope, IMO...

    BUT... As it is right now, you'd be crazy to wear a lower level EM focus, for a couple hundred hp and mana worth of stats.

    You should be casting RS pet every time it's up... The loss of DPS of intentionally wearing a lower EM focus earring is not worth a couple hundred HP and mana. That's just pure silly...

    Mana is a non issue for magicians, and if a couple hundred hp makes a difference whether you live or die, you're doing something else really wrong. There is absolutely no reason to wear a slightly higher stat item over a lower stat but higher EM focus earring.

    Do you use an earth pet when grouped with a real tank?

    Do you use an earth pet when an air pet is capable of tanking the content?

    Do you use an air pet when a water pet is capable of tanking the content?

    All these are the same... intentionally limiting your DPS, for no reason.

    P.S. - My water pet tanks ToV named no problem (with real cleric healing). Stop intentionally limiting your DPS!
  12. Bardan Masquerader Journeyman

    Replying on a different account, couldn't log into the other one.

    I wouldn't ever keep a lower EM earring equipped, I'm just exaggerating for drama. If you have an EM raid earring from the last 3 expansions the stats are more than good enough to just deal with. It still doesn't add weight to the previous posters arguments because there would be absolutely zero issue with adding the EM line to the item AA special tab. I just think people want to find something to fight back about, even something as miniscule as THIS.

    As far as pet usage goes, I use my air pet nearly 100% of the time. The rogue pet doesn't hold it's own as well, it just doesn't and that's fine as it's not meant to, so I'll only typically use it in groups. My earth pet is always on a suspended state with every AA, Gear Click, and buff possible so it comes out swinging when needed. Fire pet, I already made a thread in the casters section months ago about how absolutely worthless it has become over the years - I won't even get started on it.

    I don't think I throw dog-crap ideas out there (being biased I know). I've already shot out the idea for another rank of Companions Suspension (would allow suspended pet to be unsuspended immediately upon the death of current pet), a Magician Slay Summoned (AA or Aura, AA would act similar to paladins slay undead except would only obviously work on summoned/constructs/ & have a chance to trigger on damage spells. If that was a no go, the Aura idea would give Mage another Aura to choose from that would affect all nearby pets to slay summoned/constructs for considerable amount of lets say 500K Dmg). Guild bankers for separate items such as tradeskill only, collectible only - and a few other ideas. However...I've never seen such pushback from any other community. Mind you, I pass these ideas through actual friends in game first. Guild members, group-mates, people that actually play and are seasoned adventurers for years. Maybe all of our opinions are in a perfect harmony of suckage all at once.

    Thanks for the input. Catcha later - V
  13. Skuz Augur

    I disagree with the premise of this request.

    Some loot items & effects should remain sought after items, that for pet users means pet focus effects should be something they look to actually hunt for in game.
    Rather than making it easier for pet classes by letting them just grind AA for a pet focus I would rather the game gave a similar goal to the rest of the classes.
    So I would actually like to see more of this kind of thing in game not less, for example a +Frenzy mod aug for Berserkers (that takes them over the cap) that they can hunt for, something like that for Rogues, Kick for Bards & Warriors & Bash for knights.

    If we constantly erode the need to hunt for specific items it removes some of what EverQuest is about in my opinion.
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  14. Zamiam Augur

    I believe the OP is asking that the Effects of the EM earring be added to the permanent AA's like when you click on your face or cloak, ear, for those effects and the permanent effects get upgraded in the AA tab for a certain Tier.. like for example expanding mind XVII in special AA tab its expanding mind 29/34 etc..
    all he is asking is that if you click on the EM focus earring instead of it shrinking your pet it gives you an EM permanent AA ability so that IF there is a better stat earring out there you can wear that and not have to worry about re-equiping the EM for everytime you want to make a new pet or for your swarm pets..

    I dont think that is too much to ask .. and think its a good idea ..

    I play on test now and am much happier
    thank you dev's
    btw the lag still sux this last weekend no matter what server your on . even test
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  15. Yinla Augur

    If you do that for 1 focus it should be done for all focuses. Pet classes should not get preferential treatment.

    If you want yo talk about one that needs to be permanent let's talk about the necro epic focus.
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  16. Zamiam Augur

    lets talk about that .. I agree with you I have no issue with the focus effects being permanent .

    The necro focus should be permanent or added a necro equivalent weapon of the current expansion .. its ridiculous that they get penalized for their Epic focus .. or make their epic focus a clicky buff either way these focus's are just copied and pasted each expansion there is no reason they should not be a permanent buff like the others are ..
  17. Skuz Augur

    Minute you do that you will have every other class wanting their epic focus added as an itemAA too, it would need 3 tiers also, 1.5, 2.0 & 2.5

    I don't mind that but AA are not an unlimited thing, they were running close to the cap on how many a character could have & was a part of what led to the AA consolidations we've had.
  18. Zamiam Augur

    and yet they added vet rearwards to the AA window ? doesnt that effect the cap ?
    they also added permanent illusion AA for all classes
    and they did add all the permanent aa's for the lvl appropriate gear .
    they also added the Focus tab with all the AA's there
    lets not forget all the Heros F/R/V aa's on the special tab and the Trophy collector aa's ..
    they keep adding AA's so they must not be to worried about the max cap .. whats a few more

    the necro focus is the only one that has to be equiped for it to be effective .. all others clicky effects can be clicked and used while in their bags ..
    the necro focus is the only one that really matters.
    Necro's have been complaining about it sense lvl 75ish ? and they have not gotten any upgrades while others have .. most focus's now are integrated in the lvl appropriate gear .

    Also I know they gripped and gripped about wanting their dot revamp , but i dont think they were expecting to get their quick dots cut down in dps so much ..
  19. Angahran Augur

    Are all enhanced minion items nodrop ?

    If not, I could see this being an issue with people loaning their items to other people to click and return.

    /ooc Selling EM xxx focus, only 100k plat!
  20. Zamiam Augur

    the group T1 EM earring is tradeable usually the T2 and above and raid ones are No drop .. this is not true if your on FV/Brekt server on that server pretty much everything is tradeable/sellable ..

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