Confirmed Enhanced Minion 7+ not working on level 78 Pet

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Rarshaak, Jul 11, 2023.

  1. Rarshaak Journeyman

    I will preface this is currently on Vaniki and we have access to items above our current level of 80. But pet focuses currently up to Enhanced Minion VIII (It looks like the same level range is on focuses up to Enhanced Minion XII) all have a minimum level of 76 for pet increase.
    I personally tested V, VI, VII and VIII with this beastlord pet (Level 78 - Spirit of Silverwing) and confirmed with a mage in my guild with their pet summon:
    We are getting these results:
    • V and VI summon a level 79 pet.
    • VII and VIII summon a level 75 pet.
    It seems as even though VII and higher mentions 76+ for pets, they are not getting the benefit as expected. This seems like a bug and may cause issues later on as we continue forward on the server.
  2. Krelgar New Member

    I can confirm that EM 7 and 8 do not work and in fact cause a weaker pet even thou in the item descriptions say it effects pets from level 75 to 90.
  3. Ishbu Augur

    This issue is not unique to Vaniki or its ruleset as I can duplicate it elsewhere, but only seem to be affecting the pet spells between level 76-80, including swarm pet spells. EM8(didnt test with EM7) was functioning fine on pet spells between 81-85.
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  4. Rarshaak Journeyman

    Good to know, brought up Vaniki because of the removal of required levels on items so in normal circumstances a level 80 character wouldn't be able to equip them.
  5. DashWolf HideToys New Member

    But will this work for lvl 85?, and a EM 16 earring that is VoA Tier 4 raid currency.

    If it doesn't, and we assume the Earring has to be able to be used by an 85. then Beritoza's Bangle of Bixielording would be the highest earring that is possible for lvl 85 character level.
  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon