Enforced Raid Rotation Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Marthisdil Augur

    Sure - lots more guilds would have killed raid targets if not for certain guilds....so, you're saying that's a fair criteria?
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  2. Sadsong Elder

    We are all waiting for the grand lateanegg to tell us who he is so his posts can be relevant... lol
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  3. Kittany Augur

    You and your guild had your chance to be the good example and play nice. You and your guild had the opportunity to set up a favorable raid schedule with other guilds. You claim you do not have the time or effort to help be apart of the solution, yet, you and your guild collectively have the time to sit around and wait hours and hours on end for a raid mob to spawn while gloating in whatever voice chat you guys use that the rest of the server is scrubs.

    This is DBG's knee jerk reaction to your guilds behavior (And also in a large part to Apok). So stop whining like spoiled kids and accept it :p
  4. SqueeshSqueesh Augur

    He's just trying to get this post locked, please stop replying to him.
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  5. Marthisdil Augur

    lol riiight
  6. Vaclav Augur

    Single-handedly when I mention at least two other people that were part of such... not to mention as I stated it might have been that we had a good vibe of what DBG was already working on behind the scenes - frankly they got stuff fixed quick if it was in response to all of us.

    And I'm not whining - whining is saying "This doesn't work..." without offering solutions - I'm offering solutions, that's called negotiation/bargaining/mediation.
  7. Bryant Journeyman

    I don't think any 'poopsock' in the past 2+ weeks has been started by TL, but yes they have been finished by TL.
  8. Bryant Journeyman

    ask apok or ask Rosengard,
  9. Iateanegg New Member

    Im not saying it was aliends, but......
  10. Clawgrip New Member

    Bunch of BS
  11. Vaclav Augur

    Clarifies its unlikely in my opinion - and I get accused of conspiracy theories - awesome. Haven't used ignore in a bit.
  12. Sadsong Elder

    Telling someone you will let them kill a target if they give you certain loot isn't a rotation.
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  13. SqueeshSqueesh Augur

    To all of the people claiming no other guild than TL can kill raid targets on Rage. Why is this bothering you then? According to you guys there is no guild that can enter a rotation. Unless they prove otherwise? ;)
  14. Gloom Journeyman

    It's quite funny seeing people quote that DBG can change policy to reflect server status, such as "DPS racing is okay" Or "This program is allowed, see where it was amended in the policy"... but when DBG finally puts their foot down on something you don't agree with, they are the bad guys. The ones upset are the people that have been adamant about defending server policies changing, to better the server (as long as it suited them), called everyone else on these forums crybabies for voicing an opinion, and now your backlashing at people doing the same to you here. Doesn't feel good when the shoe is on the other foot, does it?

    They made a decision that they think is for the betterment of players overall. These servers are more populated than they could have imagined, and they were quick to open a second server in response to that.

    The line "Make this server this ruleset, and this one this" kills me. Saying that this (ragefire comes up more than LJ) server is specifically for you (we want 3 months, we want it now, let us monopolize and "dps race bruh") is absurd.

    Initially, these servers were made so we could police ourselves. It is completely obvious that this isn't happening, and anytime someone calls someone out for it, whether it be in game, or on the forums.. before they get deleted, all I see is the accused and his guild bashing anyone who doesn't want to play with an extreme toxic mindset, like them. This is the step that was taken, you simply can't argue anything logically here. The people that caused this enforcement to occur, are the people throwing a fit now. If you would have simply shared your toys, like you were told to - Mommy would have come and taken them and divided them among the other kids.

    Edit: Sorry for the sidetrack,I was seeing not much posted in response to actually setting up a rotation, instead just bashing those who are trying to get some agreements going, when its already been stated that it is happening.
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  15. Elkay Augur

    I also want to go on the record as saying that I did not want you guys to lose your competitive contested end-game. I wanted any solution that would affect that to be pushed to a new server. Only optional instanced raid expeditions would have allowed you to keep your end-game play on the same server as the "non-pvp" raiders.

    But DBG said they didn't have the resources for that. I'm sorry you lost the game you loved in this decision.
  16. Jezzie Augur

    Just pointing out that Vulak didn't have a raid rotation.]
    It was left to it's own devices by the SOE team who later admitted that it was a mistake.
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  17. Pixn New Member

    Funnest part of this server was competing and waking up to batphones. I'm pretty disappointed DBG is changing their rules that they put in place before the server was launched. Oh well, P99 back in the picture.
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  18. Bryant Journeyman

    It wasn't forced, they didn't have to accept anything. The agreement was offered to reduce the socking on the server and spread some of the wealth around. Isn't that a similar concept to a forced rotation?
  19. Iateanegg New Member

    Remember when you wiped to CT, vox, naggy? Remember when you tried to train CT to TL when you knew you couldn't kill it and died on the way, then got made when TL killed it?
  20. Asheran Augur

    If Ragefire were to adopt a rotation similar to Lockjaw, it would probably work well. We have a nice balance of assigned spawns and FFA, to keep competition going, and rules in place to require guilds to engage quickly.

    The only concern I see here is with RMT box crews demanding a rotation spot, or guilds branching off chunks of boxes into secondary guilds to try to get multiple rotation positions.

    I haven't read the whole thread, so maybe this has already been discussed.
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