Encyclopedia Necrothurgia is not working correctly on Mangler

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ManglerNecro, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. ManglerNecro New Member

    I'm assuming this is due to the Focus Effect limitation on the server, but this is an item that always worked in Classic EQ and should be working now. I had the item on Coirnav and Agnarr at this expac, and is should be summoning at 1 level higher (42 instead of 41) and hitting for higher max hit. It is not working on Mangler. (Yes, I have it equipped....blah, blah)

    I always have played a Necro on TLPs and have had this item at this expac on multiple past TLP servers, and it definitely is not working correctly on Mangler.

  2. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    This begs the question if the below are working as they were all classic items (or near classic) I believe:
    Broom of Trilon
    Stein of Ulissa
    Shovel of Ponz
    Torch of Alna
    Staff of Elemental Mastery: Air
    Staff of Elemental Mastery: Fire
    Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water
    Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth

    I do not remember when you can get the fire staff though.
  3. Christopher84 Journeyman

    All I can personally confirm is that max damage per hit increases by 2 with the Encyclopedia, from 55 to 57.
  4. ManglerNecro New Member

    I'm going to login one of my other server necro and test for max hit. I 100% know it should summon at level 42 and not 41. It's not possible to test AC, but I'm assuming it's not working either. I'm thinking the max hit should be 61 or 67 from past memory. It was a larger increase than 55 --> 57.
  5. XevBard99 Lorekeeper

    So it increased from 55-57? Sounds like its working.
  6. ManglerNecro New Member

    Confirmed on Coirnav. The level 48 necro spell Invoke Death summons a level 42 pet that hits for max 67 when Encyclopedia is equipped at summon. On Mangler, it summons a level 41 pet that hits for max 57. I'm assuming AC and HP are bugged as well. Please fix this, thanks!
  7. XevBard99 Lorekeeper

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  8. jeskola Augur

    On an earlier thread, I confirmed via testing that the 4 Temple of sol ro focuses increase HP. Level and physical size do not increase. Max hit, proc, etc were not tested. It seems there are still issues with mangler's focus effects restriction and how that works on pet focus.
  9. Tweakfour17 Journeyman

    According to testing done Here the mage focused pets don't gain levels just increased HP. This was made well before Mangler and the no focus ruleset was done so it appears this has been the case for a while if not the entire time.
  10. Yarteb Journeyman

    The Encyclopedia Necrothurgia affects higher level pets for Kunark era. How did you test and find this is not working on Mangler without these pets?
  11. Gremin Augur

    That item was added in with the revamp of Hate, therefore not an original classic item? Maybe that is there reasoning for it not working at this time? They consider it to be a focus effect item added in at a later date like the BAM etc that was updated with focus effects.
  12. Jalen007 New Member


    The necro focus book was an original drop from Innys loot table in Hate 1.0, along with the mage earth staff. This was back in original Plane of Hate (which had a different map than we see today). Minis did not exist at the time. When minis were introduced, Innys loot table was moved to them and eventually Inny loot table 2.0 was introduced.

    Also, Minion of Hate works for level 48 to 60 summons. Not the pet level itself, but the level of the spell cast. The level 48 necro summon is focused by the book.

    On a side note, for Mage, Necro, and Bst, each possible pet summon has it's own table. If a specific spell level has multiple focus effects available for it, there is a table for each possible pet + the base unfocused pet. For example, for the level 56 Servant of Bones, there is a table for the base pet, a table for the pet focused with Minion of Hate and a table for the pet focused with Minion of Eternity. It is possible to change entries for a specific summon + focus. It gets crazy for magician pets because you have the four elemental types. So there would be four tables for the base pet + four additional tables for each focus - for each spell.

    I remember when LDoN was introduced the specific tables for mage pets summoned with the Cherished Companion Shard (Ritual Summoning focus) would only dual wield if they had two weapons equipped and would do less damage than the base pet because a specific entry in the table for the focused pet was turned off. However, the base unfocused pet would dual wield without weapons.
  13. SearingCorpse Journeyman

    noticed the magician focus items for classic pets Shovel of Ponz/Stein of Ulissa did not give the same buffs i remember.

    noticed the pets did not double their size from the focus until around lvl36+
  14. Bobbybick Augur

    Classic pet focuses are pretty garbage, not much more to say.

    I imagine if anything the rescaled pets from Classic->LDoN are messing up the calculations.
  15. ManglerNecro New Member

    This is incorrect and false. It dropped in Hate 1.0 because I HAD it in Hate 1.0 back in 2000 or so. The focus effect worked during classic on Fippy, this focus effect worked during classic on Phinigel, this focus effect worked during classic on Coirnav. This focus effect is not working correctly during classic on Mangler. When casting the level 48 pet, it summoned a level 42 pet that hit for max 67 on all previous TLPs during Classic. On Mangler, it summons a level 41 pet that hits for 57.
  16. Gremin Augur

    I was just theorizing, hence the ????s. To my knowledge the original Hate was never on Fippy, they havent used that original zone with that map in a very long time. I am referring to the map where you zone up inside a building and you had to run the wall and hope you didnt die to a roamer while trying to get what was considered the safe spot to start raids in OR did like my guild did and pulled to that building and kept yelling for everyone to stay in the box. Either way, sounds like they dont want that focus effect working until Luclin like other focus effects.
  17. Darkhain Lorekeeper

    To my knowledge this item was not present in the original Plane of Hate, but i might be wrong.
  18. Taladir Augur

    I've always wondered about the mage focus items. I got them all on Agnarr, and they didn't seem to do very much. It was hard to tell if my pet was bigger or stronger. You may want to put in a Daybreak Support Ticket with the data you have on this issue and link it here. I will upvote it.
  19. Hadesborne Augur

    FALSE! It was in original Plane of Hate. I owned one back then.
  20. Juzzo New Member

    It was in orig POH I still have mine on what used to be Prexus.

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