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  1. Myric New Member

    Can they solo 95+ ? Weird class to solo with, but with limited play time it is just easier to do things on my own at times. Helpssss!
  2. Gigantore New Member

    I am new to the class but I have seen many enchanters solo current zones. with the runes and charm abilities they can solo almost anywhere.
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  3. Clabuk Journeyman

    Charm is pretty much irrelevant end game. The way i do it on my enchanter is obviously keep Veil of Mindshadow up as much as possible, Enticer's Unity in spell slot, and i use a Wizard Merc. Rune Tank and hold agro on the enchanter with Runes,Mind Storm and Nukes, while the Wizard Merc just nukes the mob down. but just gotta make sure your Rune is pretty much always up otherwise the mob will chew through you. keeping Eldritch Rune and Mind over Matter in your back pocket.
  4. Myric New Member

    Thanks! Should be an interesting experience.
  5. Clabuk Journeyman

    if i remember correctly there is a video on YouTube of an Enchanter soloing in Arx Mentis as well as a Plane of Health HA, and she explains how she does it and what shes doing, may be worth checking out.
  6. Lily Augur

    I solo the same as Clabuk, but I also keep a single target stun up. Most TBM mobs I've seen are stunnable.
  7. Xikteny Augur

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  8. Ravengloome Augur

    Just throwing this out there... You can do all of that with a charm pet...
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  9. Vance Vargson Lorekeeper

    Enchanter soloing is easier than ever! Purchase the Scintillating Beam AA line which works great with charm soloing. It will mez, root, and then snare mobs. It is instant cast and can hit up to 5 targets. On charm break, instant cast mez/root/snare is obviously pretty handy. You just need to damage the mobs to wake them up with gorilla prod or shallow breath or something so you can continue killing. Reverse charm is a piece of cake as you can break charm and immediately mez all mobs. I usually have 3 mobs slaughtering my pets for super fast killing. Try it and have fun!
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  10. Ravengloome Augur

    IN MY DAY we used a blue ceramic band to break mez! Gorilla prod! psssh.
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  11. Lily Augur

    I guess we're not talking about the same zones. I rarely see anything lower than yellow.
  12. kizant Augur

    It's what's cool about enchanters. There's a bunch of very different but equally good ways to play the class.
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  13. Teferi_Zebuxoruk Master

    I still have one in my bank.
  14. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    Yellow or white cons is pretty much the standard for TBM zones so charm isn't that usable there. But it's a pretty insane way to farm AAs in certain areas.
  15. gotwar Augur

    You're going to get 500 different answers from 500 different Enchanters of varying skill. The best thing to do is experiment and learn your way around (like with any class!). Group vs. Solo vs Raid Enchanters do something different in each (well, sorta. You need a really good tank to hold aggro over an Enchanter in group content).

    All that being said... when I was learning to play my Enchanter I went into Chapterhouse of the Fallen at level 97 and stayed there until 101. At 97 you get a charm spell that will charm most/all mobs in that zone. It's a difficult zone to solo in at that level, and will develop all the tools you need to solo. Don't be afraid to charm (you don't *need* a charmed pet, but it's endlessly useful), experiment with different spells, and recognize that the chaotic mez line is the only single target mez you need. Don't rely on scintillating beam AA because it doesn't work against even con+ and learn the situational uses for Enchanter punt.

    I did Chapterhouse from 97-101, then went to EWK and farmed COTF HA's solo/group until 105, then knocked out TDS progression/boring island farming to max AA. You can get AA's incredibly quickly in boring island because you don't need a merc and can get up to 5 AA's a kill with lesson running. I didn't hit autogrant until 105, so I'm assuming an autogranted Enchanter will have an easier time than I did.

    Enchanters are... incredibly powerful in the right hands. Don't be afraid to make friends, people will love the way you can carry a bad group. Just remember the first rule of Enchanter club!

    Also... Charm doesn't work much in current content - it's entirely broken in Demiplane of Life, there are only a handful of dark blues in demiplane of decay, and there's nothing charmable at all in Crypt of Decay and Sul (without using edict, and pffft). You don't need a charm anyway ;)
  16. Vdidar Augur

    Enchanters can do it all is really the only answer.
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  17. Ryanxp Augur

    took awhile finding the vid. Was cool informative and in depth
  18. Xikteny Augur

    There are charnable mobs in every open zone in TBM, including both Crypts. Charm is broken in demi-life though.

    One doesn't HAVE TO charm obviously, but it's just straight false to imply that you can't charm in current content.
  19. gotwar Augur

    This is true.. completely forgot about the Jello Shot cubes/ratmen in Decay, and the random dark blue con spawn in a couple rooms in Crypt of Sul.

    It's good to get used to playing with both :)

    Edit: ... and why is charm broken in life? is there some piece of lore we missed, or is it just the broken mirror?
  20. Sindaiann Augur

    Nothing to see here, enchanters suck!
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