Enchanter Tips and Tricks for new TLP?

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  1. Sillyfish Elder

    Hey folks. As I'll be starting Enchanter+Cleric box on the new TLP, I was wondering if any of you experienced Enchanter players had any Tips and Tricks that you wish you knew when you were new to the class that you know now.

    Don't be shy, any information is helpful. Maybe it's going to a place to get a spell ready so you can learn it when you level up, or little spell combos or anything at all.

    It'd be great if you could share some of your knowledge. :)
  2. Sillyfish Elder

    Some ideas for suggestions:

    Items an enchanter can farm that other people find valuable.
    Encounters or Camps a Chanter+Cleric box could grind at for either experience or Loot while leveling
    Spell combos
    Strategies for playing

    Things NOT to do as an Enchanter
    Mistakes you may have made and how not to make them
    Things you enjoy doing just because you're able to as an Enchanter.

    I'd love to hear all of it!
  3. CyryllisFenninRo Lorekeeper

    As long as your agility is 75+ don't worry about it. The dodge increase is barely noticeable- seriously just focus on hp/magic resist/ac. Max mana pool doesn't mean much, its all about mana regen 99% of the time.

    Use your lowest level mez during charm breaks. Alternatively use ae stun and then mez.

    Give your pet negative MR items to keep charm more reliable.

    Keep rune on yourself.

    Mez and then mem blur great pets to heal them if needed.
  4. Ebine Augur

    If your just going to duo
    Root the mob your fighting
    Put up stuns on the cleric and enc
    If your not high lvl ask if someone can parcel you the enc pet spells
    If you do go get enough plat so you can buy all of them at once.

    Collect items that have -magic resist.
    You can give them to the charmed pet

    Find a mage friend that will group with you
    There magic debuff helps also
  5. Ebine Augur

    For Kunark era make sure and get the ring of stealth
    Also get the player made blue ceramic band

    Ring of stealth is for breaking charm
    Blue ceramic band is for breaking mez
  6. error Augur

    Expanding on that, make a macro to alert your party to pet breaks, chances are the mage won't reliably notice the pet break otherwise and thus won't have a chance to malo.
  7. Sillyfish Elder

    Excellent posts so far. Learning a lot! Keep em coming. Especially you Glow - thank you so much.

    What is the Primal Shield that Human/Good clerics can get mentioned by @Glow?
  8. Protagonist Tank

    1. Make an audio trigger for charm breaks
    2. Don't be an afk-ing ramp turd

    You'll be ahead of the curve if you manage only #2.
  9. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Adamantite bands and rusty spiked shoulder pads are really the only pieces of gear you need.
  10. Sillyfish Elder

    Shoulder pads for charm pet to help recharm I'm guessing and the Ring for me? Okay.

    Checking out those quests now Glow. Thanks again friend. <3
  11. Tuco Elder

    It's this shield, right?

    I was planning on rolling dark elf/dark elf just for convenience, but this clicky kind of gives me pause. Is it that good?
  12. Ultrazen Augur

    Consider going druid instead of cleric. I've duo'd both of those extensively, and for me I'd go druid.

    The only thing the cleric brings to the table is complete heal, to get that you give up:
    1. Str buff
    2. Damage shield
    3. Ports
    4. Evacs
    5. Snares
    6. Druid debuffs (highly under used and under appreciated).
    7. Run speed buff

    You will kill mobs much faster with a druid due to the damage shield. As far as complete heal goes, in most situations it's a complete waste, because you want to kill the low hitpoint pet with a new charm, not waste mana and time healing it. Your charm is going to break, and you're going to recharm anyway, when your 20% hit point pet breaks charm, mez it and go grab a new tank, kill the 20% hit point old pet. Not only is this much more mana efficient, it's much more experience per hour. You'll be killing that low hitpoint pet about every 3rd or 4th mob, and it really adds up over time. Spending 20 seconds killing a full exp mob vs 2 minutes is a big deal over the course of a couple hour camp.

    Once you play a chanter for a while, you'll see that the hit points that your charmed pet has, very often line up with when their charm is going to break. In the event your charm is still good, the druid is plenty capable of keeping the pet alive if need be.

    The other major thing you are going to be without, that truly sucks especially in classic, is snare. Root gets resisted, and you very often only have one shot at it in places like guk. Line of sight, resists, breaking, all of these things will wipe you if one gets away. Snare is one of the best spells in classic, as once it's on, that's it, you never have to worry. It's an easy part of the druid macro/rotation and is really a pain to be without if you're in any dungeon.

    If you go cleric you'll be fine, because enchanter is so ridiculously strong in early expansions, but you are giving up a ton of quality of life not to mention faster killing.
  13. Tuco Elder

    Isn't the merit in keeping your pet alive that you've got a particularly valuable pet and you've given it a bunch of gear that you'd then have to loot and give to the next pet?
  14. Stratka Lorekeeper

    You're right. Also, not all pets are created equal especially at higher levels.

    In a duo environment, swapping pets works just fine and can be solid exp. However, most full groups will have pulls coming in constantly so a max dps pet is the single biggest factor in exp.

    In terms of tips, I highly recommend putting your charm pet on your extended target window and have the shaman/mage do the same. This makes it very easy to target on charm breaks.
  15. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    This is the worst advice i've ever seen anyone give on these boards.
  16. wade_watts Augur

    This is generally solid advice but just look at starting stats. Generally play what you like however if your prime stats are INT, CHA, STA, and AGI - unless my math is wrong, HE's start with 27 more points in those categories than humans and 13 more than DE's, not counting the 30 assignable points. Over time it won't really matter but just FYI.
  17. Tuco Elder

    What are those #s if your prime stats are int/sta/agi (not cha)?
  18. wade_watts Augur

    Not counting chamina.. HE's are ahead by 22 points at start.

    High Elf Human
    AGI 85 75
    STA 65 75
    INT 107 85
    CHA 90 85
  19. Tuco Elder

  20. Overcast451 Augur

    Get comfortable with key-bound targeting. Click targeting can be slow for locking down mobs quickly. Closest NPC and Next/Cycle NPC are uber helpful for me getting targets fast. Keep up two mezzes so you can mez fast and not have to wait on cooldown on a single mez. Once the extended target window is available, that might be better - depending on what you like. I basically do: Mez, Next NPC, Mez, Next NPC, etc.

    Often, your spell bar might just be stuns, mezzes, tash, root, slow.. no damage. But that's ok, Enchanter outside of charm, isn't efficient damage compared to other DPS for sure. When I was 'newer' it never felt right having no damage at all on the spell bar.. but having root there, stun(s) or two mezzes can really 'save the day'.

    Three color stuns can usually keep mobs stun locked the whole fight, barring resists. But that's a lot of spell bar space. I'll keep up two for a normal pick-up group or one if I know the group's good. Later on though a lot is immune to it (PoP+).

    Also - keep your level 4 mez. It's PERFECT for quick mezzing a charm break. Gives time for tash/malo and then re-charm without having to wait a minute for the mez to drop so you can control pet again. I've seen some enchanters use the low level mez as long as they can, because it's so little mana. Personally, I don't like having to stand and cast it non-stop though. But for re-gaining control of a charmed mob - it's excellent.

    If someone keeps breaking mez - root that thing right next to them. Don't write off root as crowd control! It can also be quite helpful to root a mob right before mez break - depending on your tank/group.

    Enchanters can pull like a real pro too, provided you can pacify the mobs. Pull a single, lock it down by the group - repeat. You can pull while they are engaged, no problem.

    Put some starting points into Stamina and maybe even a few into strength. You'll gain gear with INT and CHA pretty easily as you go. While CHA is debatable on it's impact - it still helps with vendor prices some. I wouldn't give up INT, Mana, HP, or even AC for CHA though. I know with my DE cleric I put a lot of points into STR, since they have metal armor. Never regretted it and have easily made up for the Wisdom with gear.

    Jewelcrafting is expensive, but it can make a lot of PP. Research is less expensive, but more involved. Prior to PoP, you can make good PP with it too.
  21. wade_watts Augur

    Be authoritative with the group. Make sure an MA is set and people are assisting and not breaking mez. Don't be rude but if someone is breaking mez over and over, call them out by name.

    Charm DPS, Mana Regen, & CC is your primary contribution to the group. If memory serves, haste takes up a lot of mana and I usually wouldn't make buffing the melees a priority - especially if it puts you at risk. Hire a shaman for melee buffs if that's important.
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