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  1. Crystilla Augur

    Definitely add Mykaylla.

    I can link info from the old charisma discussions with devs on the lower level cap for when it is/was effective, but as said that's mostly irrelevant now and Mykaylla already summarized some of it.
  2. Dandin Augur

    I also stated it was irrelevant.
  3. Silv Augur

    I skimmed over this thread and I'll just clarify since I was quoted, etc.

    Base charisma up to 255 affects several Enchanter spells (Charm, lull, mez, etc.; ^see Myks post above for more). This fact was stated officially in a patch by a dev from the early 2000s (although no actual "numbers" were revealed at that time). And no, I'm not going to go look it up. I will make the assumption that this has not changed in the many years since then, likely because they don't want to touch that kind of code with a 10 yard pole. Again, that is my own speculation, however, the preceding about base Charisma is fact (based on dev comments).

    In a PM conversation with me, Chandrok stated that hCHA did not have an effect on Enchanter spells. Given the change that hCHA was not counting towards our heroic allotment starting in/after VOA, I think it only reinforces the thought that it's more or less useless. Now, I will admit I used to believe hCHA was important and went after some augs with it. Turned out I was wrong, and I have since adjusted my stance. It happens.

    I agree that getting foci and spells is important (as Qest said), but more or less trivial to accomplish. The gains from raid foci are not so important for most Enchanter functionality aside from a nice DPS boost. Therefore, you are left with very little room for "customization" and ultimately, that is mostly in the form of augs. I recently went out and redid my aug set to favor hAgi. I'm quickly approaching 450 - some of that is possible due to raid gear but the majority is due to augs. That will be +18% to dodge based on what I know of heroics (please correct me otherwise). We've been told almost all defensive abilities are null on raids so that means you only consider the group game / trash mobs. To me, survivability is paramount. Officially, hAgi directly adds to dodge, therefore, improves survivability. So I do disagree with the assertion above that foci / spells are most important.
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    It's all important if if it matters to you , there is no magic set up, there is no "best chanter ever" soooooo many times I have wanted to open my trap and call people out but that is futile and I know it. this class is so amazing with the way we work. It really boils down to how you wish to use your toon. some of us are agressive some of us are reactive some are groupers some are raiders some are solo/moloers and some are buff bots and many are a mix of any combo. gear the way you want and play the way you want the info is pointless unless you know how to apply it. Learn to expierience the class and take it in and then apply what you learn that is how you become better. I have been on many diferent servers I have been in many of the greatest guilds in this game also been in some of the no name guilds. 1 thing I did learn after all these years of meeting and watching many of my fellow classmates is I want to be what in my mind is my interpretation "thee best chanter I can be for how I want to play" and I gear/aug myself to further that interpretation I have and use the real experiences I have played through to decide what direction to go. no numbers on a piece of spreadsheet ,no parses,only through play do I base my decisions. do yourself a favor and just experience it then change if the result is not what you hoped for.
    Another thing I learned many years ago that I try real hard to follow. just sit down and drink that big ole glass of that is allways in front of me the stuff is nasty and vile tasting at times but it never gives you a belly ache besides it'll never bring about that bad side effect that not drinking it has "Trolls"
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    I am glad the raging on people stopped. This thread was out of control for a while.

    Reading Mykay's post made some of my awe from how frequently my clerics blurs landed pre-success AA diminish.

    I should have known I wasn't lucky.