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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Deserx, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Deserx Journeyman

    What are the mechanics where after a charm break the pet will quickly regenerate back to full? I noticed this happened a couple times last night in The Hole and I'm 90% sure it was not from npc heals. It seemed that when I was in a group of only 3 people he would regenerate quickly while mezed, waiting to be charmed again. When we had a full group it did not seem to happen. I possibly was not waiting long enough.

    Is there an easy way to get you pet to regenerate back to full?
  2. menown Augur

    Now I am not an enchanter, but I do play a class that charms and has done often in the past.

    NPCs will start to regenerate fast if they have lost all agro for ~6-12 seconds. Your mezzes come with a chance to Memblur the NPC. This may be causing the regeneration. Hopefully other enchanters can perk in and help out.
  3. Deserx Journeyman

    Ahh. It could be a "memblur" mechanic. I'm playing on Agnarr fyi. It looks like "Glamour of Kintaz" a level 54 spell has a 30% chance to memblur at a cost of 125m. When I get it, I will have to experiment with the spell. This could be a mana efficient way to full heal a pet. I wonder if there is a notification that the memblur triggered.
  4. Deserx Journeyman

    Reoccurring Amnesia has a 25% chance to memblur for 100 mana. This seems to be the most mana efficient one I will see on Agnarr. I read that you can root your pet and cast this until he changes directions. That is the indicator that memblur worked. He will then regenerate 5% a tick. Going to give this a try!!
  5. Scorrpio Augur

    Agnarr does not have extended targeting, aggro indicator and HoTT?
  6. Brohg Augur

    I think when your pet gets low you're supposed to just knock it out with your own nukes for a bit of easy exp, then get a new pet :)
  7. High Voltage Augur

    As Brohg said the goal is to kill the mob with pet at 1% health left, release, memblur + kill pet. This way you basically kill two mobs at the same time.
    Mobs ooc regen used to be like 10%/tick in my experience, might be different (EoK is like 30-35%/tick).
    Without Xtar and the other tools, the direction the mob faces is the best indicator for aggro. And the best memblur for me was the aoe one (live, not tlp).
  8. Thorondor Augur

    Mezzes have their base chance to memblur plus a % chance added by their charisma stat up to a threshhold of approximately 25%. However theres also a mobs level vs your level check that skews the numbers in favor of memblur being less reliable the closer or higher the mob is compared to you, which is why you will see memblur on mez being much more common on mobs that are trivial to you (grey). On TLP servers when youre running through a grey zone and agro a mob, mez almost always procs a blur and simply remezzing the target is often enough to proc a blur if the first mez doesnt proc it. As you navigate dungeons with mobs closer to your level you will notice blur procs on mez become much less reliable, and loading a memblur or aoe memblur spell becomes necessary for sneaking to camps with frequent see invis, if you dont want to bother with pacifying and reinvising all the time.
  9. Thorondor Augur

    You will also notice that sometimes when charm breaks, even without a blur, or even a mez for that matter, the mob will jump from critically low hp to upwards of 30% or 40% hp. This is caused by the fact that the mechanic which lowers the total hp of a charmed pet, has a chance to be restored upon charmbreak. The % by which a charmed mobs hp is reduced while theyre under the effects of charm (see charm nerfs that reduce mob hp and dmg potential) increase with the particular charm spell in question where later charms nerf mob total hp and max hit by upwards of 40%, so the chance to heal that nerfed hp pool becomes much more pronounced in later levels where a mob can randomly surge from 5% hp up to ~40% hp instantly upon charm breaking. At lower levels (classic era) this nerf is only 10%, so the restoration of that nerfed hp, if it does randomly occur, only brings a 5% mob to ~15% upon charm breaking