Enchanter pet nerf

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kryshael, Jun 17, 2020.

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  1. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    The way you talk and troll and try to one up people and saying things like you got owned. You are clearly a troll and probably a 15 year old cry baby with mommy issues, the way you lash out at everyone who doesn’t agree with your distorted and pathetic view.
    You been crying about charm for over a month now, maybe get a girlfriend?
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  2. Kahna Augur

    Giving your pet two weapons is a sure fire sign of a newb chanter. You do realize the charmed pet will quad with 1 weapon while charmed but then only double attack when it breaks.
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  3. Ruiner Lorekeeper

    Should have been 70% damage reduction but 20% is a start. Lol @ the crybabies.
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  4. haaaalp Augur

    Enjoy getting kicked from group for being lazy and incompetent.
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  5. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    My parses prove other wise, aww name calling right out the gate, well f you to kid.
    lots of mobs that don’t dw with fists and need 2 weapons to be able too.
  6. Acidjunkie New Member

    seriously people are complaining about this? I've mained a chanter for most of my everquest career

    Everyone knows that the best possible XP group setup is something like:
    ENC - ENC - ENC - ENC - CLE - MNK

    This continues to be true with a 20% nerf. It would even be true with a 50% nerf.

    Good call DBG (for once)
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  7. taliefer Augur

    I actually did not know this, seems kind of weird. I havent seen the need to charm on rizlona at any rate tho, im always waiting on respawns anyway
  8. Thalliius Augur

    It won't reduce enchanter demand in groups at all, they are still the most OP class in the entire game

    It will definitely increase the level of whining from the OP enchanters tho
  9. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    I’ve never met a group who wanted a chanter for a pet, it’s always for crack/haste and to CC.
  10. Creedmonk Augur

    It seems weird because it's an exploit that gets openly used and abused, that's why.
  11. sriraxa New Member

    Did this nerf bard charm? Necro and druid, too? Because none of those classes need charm nerfs, especially not bards. You've already screwed with us for 2 weeks with selos and zoning.
  12. Kahna Augur

    I think it has to do with their status as “pets”. They appear to inherit the skills of the animation. When it can quad with one weapon so can a charm pet. That is my theory anyway. It is level based to some extent.
  13. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    Says the kid crying that it should be 70, ironic or low iq?
  14. Thalliius Augur

    but but but.. THE RRIIISSSKKK!!!
  15. Glororhan New Member

    Does the 20% nerf apply to Classic - Luclin zones or is it only in effect during the Classic - Luclin eras? I assume zones?
  16. Tanthalamon New Member

    As someone who has played an enchanter since 1999 on multiple servers, I honestly believe the % dmg reduction should have been more, a lot more!

    Enchanters were meant to be in groups for CC / Buffs, not as the main source of DPS!
  17. Kahna Augur

    More likely will it is eras not zones. This stuff tends to be an on off switch kind of thing. Like the mage/necro pet nerfs
  18. Ishbu Augur

    Oh no, what an outrage now enchanters will still be the defacto best dps and utility for all xp groups just like before. Literally no change to overall usage and desirability.

    The ONLY thing this would truly affect is trying to grief other players by DPS racing everything using charmed pets, and even then they are still better than players so forgive me for not crying over enchanters not being able to monopolize entire zones and just half of them now
  19. sumnayin Augur

    Look at all the tears dropping in this thread lol...I was pretty neutral on the charm thing because I really just don't care, but after watching every zone I go into on Aradune have enchanters camping everything with or without a healer...i'm glad they got a tiny nerf. I also watched a dude on Coirnav make thousands of krono because he was a clr/enc combo, no other combo could have done what he did.
  20. sriraxa New Member

    The patch note does not say that this is enchanter-specific.
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