Enchanter pet nerf

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kryshael, Jun 17, 2020.

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  1. chobits New Member

    The fix to the que timer, piss off the enchanters and they dont log in freeing up space. :p
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  2. Megazen Elder

    This x1000.
  3. Gnothappening Augur

    It will reduce the power of the Clr/Ench 2 box duo. That is probably the actual goal.

    If I had to guess, someone looked at the numbers and said, "wow, enchanters are like 25% of our classes on Aradune."
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  4. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    People getting one rounded aren’t vags like you using weak pets, try using one that quads 200s with two stun weapons and 70% haste, one resist or fizzle ur dead. Your just another person who thinks by lying and saying they play a chanter your can toss your neg 2cents in. Which means nothing.
  5. Fenixe17 New Member

    Yes I'm an enchanter and ill put on lfg and get a group in 5 seconds regardless of the nerf lol. 20% wasn't enough.
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  6. Kutsuu Augur

    Ok what about anyone else who isn't a Monk, Enchanter, or Rogue now that you've buffed rogues? I was just using rogue as a reference point b/c they do consistent middle of the road DPS that isn't an outlier like Monk (with epic) or Enchanter (with pet).
  7. Boats New Member

    The issue isn't really the nerf, its an appropriate nerf (I'm playing an enchanter right now, it feels justified).

    The issue I have is the state of communication right now with the community. I don't get why you can't say "We intend to nerf charm pets by 20%, we will do so at Kunark launch on Aradune/Rizlona". Especially given the state of the server queue, nerfing something that's been a part of every TLP so far, unexpectedly, in the middle of classic, on a highly played class, when leveling is slowed by 4 hour queues already... Its just lacking a real sense of what players are dealing with and how to communicate to them.

    Its not a big enough nerf to make anyone reroll, it won't effect class diversity, it slows exp (a little) for people that haven't been able to stay online all day everyday to avoid queues. The timing is just so wild to me.
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  8. Raisehell Lorekeeper

    You know who caused this? The enchanters that constantly use and abuse it to target other players. Blame them, not the actual victims of their ceaseless harassment
  9. Creedmonk Augur

    Basically this. My one round consists of pulls of 5 mobs while I toss my quad hitting 200 dmg pet to main tank while I try and mez to control the situation. Did I mention there's no tank? ... Once charm breaks it's game over in that situation unless it's under control.
  10. Fenixe17 New Member

    Are you really asking what would happen to dps classes if you made one of them not a dumpster fire? Rogues can do 1 thing and that's dmg. They should be comparable to other classes that do dmg. What is your justification for leaving rogues the dog crap that they are currently? My friend just rolled a new char because even with raid gear the rogue does so little dmg he would rather play a support class at that point.
  11. sirelothar New Member

    The people whining about a 20% nerf are the same fools that think charm duration this long is classic.
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  12. Blankman New Member

    You say monk as in outlier. lol. When a naked monk out can out dps a rogue, without any positioning. That’s not an outlier, it’s the problem.

    If the goal is to reduce the enchanter/cleric duo population, might as well fix the bottom 2 least player classes.
  13. Fenixe17 New Member

    So you are in a situation where you are the only person to control 5 mobs and that is the situation that you can finally die in? OMG you sound so weak this nerf is going to hurt you so much.I am talking about holding a lvl 51 rock golem in the hole hasted. There is not much that hits harder then that mob.

    You just owned yourself by saying that to be honest So you have groups where they forgo the tank because your charm is so strong? GG conversation is over already.
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  14. Xoner Baby Joesph Sayer

    Honest this doesn’t change much. With rock golems in the hole I give them aug instead of swift because they interrupt stun a lot when they have a higher haste. So now I’ll give them swift. It just means higher risk and I’ll have to pay a little more attention and be a little less lazy. Le shrug
  15. bord New Member

    I can't tell why you think this is supposed to be an argument against the charm nerf.

    You made a group where you're the only tank, main dps, and doing CC and being confused about a 20% damage nerf.
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  16. Green_Mage Augur

    I just want to point out -- no other class could have took a 20% dmg reduction as nbd. This is a fine nerf. Not really too much IMO.
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  17. Creedmonk Augur

    edit: Forget it, not worth the time. Thanks for your opinion and enjoy playing.
  18. Thalliius Augur

    but the risk vs reward, Buddi!
  19. taliefer Augur

    so much this. enchanters are gonna take this nerf and go about their buisness as usual. not sure another class could do that. even monks would feel a 20% loss pretty hard
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  20. Tucoh Augur

    clerics :D
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