Enchanter pet nerf

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kryshael, Jun 17, 2020.

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  1. Accipiter Old Timer

    TLPs have massive changes vs. how EQ was back in the day. You should indeed go back to P99.
  2. Bosshog New Member

    So you've just made my point... I'm gonna let you figure that one out though.
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  3. Tronin Evenshade New Member

    Im a warrior but it seems rather counterintuitive to nerf the ever-living out of any mechanic some worthless sack of wants to complain about. Headshot was one that makes absolutely no sense to me, barely procs once an hour now? Give me a break.

    Killing your own game at this point.
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  4. Repiv New Member

    Sir it sounds like you are playing the wrong game. They make a game for people like you its called World of Warcraft where they have stripped any unique class's from the game and now everyone is just Tank, Healer, or DPS.
  5. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    Haha I thought same thing, these kind of players are just toxic and spread it like the rona.
  6. Adonhiram Augur

    Dear enchanters, I feel sorry for you. /comfort

    Even if charmed pets are very powerful in the early expansions, the real point here is not if it yes or no you should have been nerfed, it's the malevolent joy of the nerf callers which makes me /shake head.

    Us casting classes (priests and silkies) should start a Trade Union against the Nerf Committee secretly run by the Melee Mafia ;)

    Solidarity with our Enchanter comrades !
  7. Runes Augur

    The people complaining about a small 20% reduction on NPC that can hit for more than 200 a PoP so now they only hit for 180 a pop are being drama queens. Ya so now chanters in places like Rathe mountains may have some minor increased competition when they charm Tholia or that other level 50 mob and may lose a few more giants rather than just sitting at one end of the hilltop and mass slaughtering anything that moves.

    Please emoquit now
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  8. Repiv New Member

    If you are gonna make a point at least do the math right, 80% of 200 is not 180.
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  9. oldkracow Augur

    Good change as an enchanter I approve.
    Not like 20% reduction is a huge thing.
  10. Thalliius Augur

    lol they could completely remove charm from the game and Enchanters would still very much be a unique class that brings a ton of utility to a group

    Nice try tho with that nonsensical analogy
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  11. topple Elder

    clearly 20% of 200 is 20

    Please emomath now
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  12. Thalliius Augur

    I haven't lost any enchanters in my Hole groups healing as a Shaman.. clerics are even better healers, so maybe your healers need to not be afk. I was in the Hole for 8 hours the other day, we had an Enchanter that was on for nearly a day straight and FELL ASLEEP AT THE KEYBOARD! We were able to keep him alive and kill the pet.

    Love these stories tho.. you listen to enchanters you would think they're on the front lines in WW1, barely hanging on trying to survive! These hyperbolic stories from enchanters are getting old. "Oh noes, I farmed Hole for 10 hours, getting ungodly amounts of XP, plat and items.. but then my charm broke on a golem and he almost killed me! This is outrageous! This is incredibly risky and we deserve a higher reward!

    The elite skill and concentration to charm pets is unparalleled! It is so dangerous, we should actually start giving Enchanters hazard pay! DPG, please start sending $1500 a month to anyone playing an Enchanter to compensate for the insanely risky play style they have chosen in the game, i cant imagine the intense amount of stress that puts them and their family under during these trying times!
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  13. Geshp New Member

    They get plenty buffed in Kunark. One of the best parts of EQ is that classes aren't meant to always be balanced and their relative power shifts considerably in each expansion. Make friends with rogues now you'll be begging them to join your group in a few months.
  14. Kobra Augur

    Well the whiners win again.

    At least its only 20% it could be worse.
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  15. auto21 Elder

    This is true as I have personally done it many times.

    People get easily/quickly confused and have extreme (and rather emotion) opinions about charm.

    Chanters aren't gods and never have been. My definition of god-mode is being able to turn it on at any moment - NOT in very specific circumstances with consequences. Chanters have strong pets (before/after nerf) but only SPECIFIC pets in SPECIFIC zones could be considered OP; these pets will rip your a$$ apart in a few rounds. Heck, even a hasted capturer will BS you for 383 with 3-4 additional attacks within the first 1-2 secs.

    I personally believe this was a good change. Chanters will still be needed for C, buffs and CC. Their pets will still be very strong.

    If you are whinging that you will quit because of this 20%, then you obviously joined for the wrong reason.

    Finally, lots of people jump onto the enc hype train as if it would be charm-quest with millions of enc, especially with a cleric. The fact is the upper levels are not filled with enc. I consistently logged in and got a grp instantly. When people realise all the required maintenance, they quickly change to one of the lazy classes such as druid, necro or wiz.
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  16. Gnothappening Augur

    Bard swarming never left. Then again, I'm from long enough ago that swarming for bards was rounding up a group and charming one and having it nearly killed. It wasn't until like PoP that the pbae kiting they did was called swarming... unless my memory fails me.
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  17. Demondred New Member

    I play a paladin...can argue how good or how crappy that class is another time. The people that play them, love them. When pets were nerfed in 1999, I was sad because that ment lower damage output from my friends and groups. Yea, as a paladin I was envious of my mage and necro friends being able to destroy things but at character select there was always a choice there for me to pick my paladin or roll one of those OP classes. We did this to ourselves...now charmed pets do less damage in our groups. Thats how I see it.
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  18. Gnothappening Augur

    Nah, will still have charmed dogs in chardok or illis/reet in sebilis. Also, monk life baby!

    I only invite rogues when I know them and am helping a guildmate or friend.
  19. Protocol Augur

    You mean to tell me Enchanter pets are now only 320% of the dps of an equivalent level mage pet? Oh the tragedy.
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  20. Jeggred Baenre New Member

    Yes! The tears, omg the delicious salty tears.

    ...and ya go crying back to p99 lol. With their now custom ZEM xp zones, rooted raid targets, recharging vendor bug with click'able items from inventory, rampant boxing on their no-boxing server. Just left there, live is closer and harder to lvl than p99 now
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  21. Troutfest Augur

    Used to be you could run in a circle singing your pbaoe dot songs and chant mobs to death, no charm or anything, just your best pbaoe dots and a selo. You could do it afk once you got your circle going in areas with social mobs. Unlimited numbers with no mana if you ran around gathering the zone.
    That got nerfed hard during LoY I think, Dirge nerf is the latest of the many bard nerfs.
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