Enchanter pet nerf

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kryshael, Jun 17, 2020.

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  1. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    How does a chanter doing more dmg then you cry baby’s effect anything? Are you just jealous? Or is it just envy? My epic monk out dpsed my charmed pets all the time, if anything needs a nerf it’s monk fists.
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  2. Creedmonk Augur

    Can we nerf AFK mages who just AFK with their pets at every single money camp? Seems like that would be a good place to start, too.
  3. CyryllisFenninRo Lorekeeper

    What a f*cking joke.

    Good job listening to the people who call for nerfs constantly instead of fixing your failing infrastructure.
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  4. Geshp New Member

    You mean having the best CC, best buff for both melee and casters, the best stuns and still having the ability to have the top DPS even after the nerf still makes enchanters worth playing? Shocking.
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  5. Xoner Baby Joesph Sayer

    It takes about 15 secs for a charm pet to take a mob from 100 to 50%. Then about 5 secs for a wizard to nuke it from 50 to 0. I don’t see rogues being able to do that kind of damage. Time to nerf wizards methinks
  6. C3lowz Augur

    Idk what you guys are all tripping out for

    Charm pets are going from overpowered to very powerful. Your 20% nerf is going to inflict a small change.

    Your mobs will go from dying in 10 seconds to 12 now.
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  7. taliefer Augur

    good first step. dont care if charm is "classic" anyone with half a brain knows charm pets are seriously out of whack.

    that said, not sure 20% is even enough to move the needle.

    maybe enchanters could get the ability to tell their animations to actually attack something in exchange?~
  8. Thalliius Augur

    because people want to enjoy playing other classes and have them be viable in group settings, without all of the constant clamoring for Enchanters

    Enchanters have become a MUST HAVE in all groups, and its gotten out of control. Just look at the population numbers for enchanters, just look at all of the Enchanter/Cleric boxes all over the place in high level zones camping spawns

    Enchanters, even with this 20% dmg reduction, are STILL the most OP class in the game by a long shot.

    nerf monk fists lol... A monks sole purpose is to do DPS, that is what they bring to a group... and an enchanter pet can out DPS them by A LOT, as well as tank, on top of providing CC and 2 of the most highly desired buffs in the game (haste and clarity)

    poor enchanters... its like being sad that Bill Gates dropped a $20 bill down a sewer drain, how is he ever going to survive now!?
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  9. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    I just don’t get it, this is not pvp, the more damage anyone does helps everyone in the group so why cry tell it’s nerfed? I’m guessing to many failed players are jealous. To many kids coming from wow expecting it to be easy, same thing ruined wow, nerf after nerf until every class has the same damage spells they just have different names and visual effects.
  10. Thalliius Augur

    Yup.. which is what makes all of the overly dramatic crying and violin playing from the Enchanter crowd so hilarious.. a great way to pass the time while server patches

    I hope they nerf them more to be honest, but this was a great start. Well done, DPG! You do listen to your players!
  11. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    They can’t, my monk on agnarr out dpsed my charmed pet all the time on parses, both having full shaman buffs including primal avatar. I did have over 1300 attack and full time gear but still lol.
  12. Thalliius Augur

    Its because enchanters have become this super meta where everyone HAS to have an enchanter. That is complete and total BS, there are lots of classes in this game and so the rest of us who actually want to play something other then Enchanter get pretty sick of it.

    All classes should be viable and wanted. This 20% dmg reduction doesn't even address that, Enchanters will STILL be king of the world

    Maybe learn how to play the game without your charm crutch.. not that you have to anyways, the charm crutch will still carry you thru the game with the 20% nerf
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  13. Trox2010 Augur

    So what you are asking for is that instead of nerfing the pet damage by 20% instead the pet should have to afk for 20 minutes after each kill.
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  14. Vindar Augur

    Really enjoying all these enchanter tears, thank you devs!
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  15. Alekyne Journeyman

    Lol give me a break.
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  16. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    I’m a necro who likes to charm so try again with your hollow insults. And everyone is gonna want a chanter with our with out charmed pet for crack and haste so your argument is mute. I’ve never seen anyone only take a chanter for pets, it’s always for crack or to cc.
  17. Creedmonk Augur

    It's fine, nerf what ever you see fit. You'll just see a lot less Enchanters going forward and many more AFK mages in groups.
  18. Kutsuu Augur

    20% less than 3 rogues worth of DPS is still well over 2 rogues worth of DPS. This won't stop enchanters from being the best DPS.
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  19. Blankman New Member

    Buff rogues?
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  20. Dragonsyph Journeyman

    Bring back bard swarming.
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