Enchanter mez (and bard) - when do non-mezzable mobs start?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hateseeker, May 2, 2015.

  1. Hateseeker Augur

    I'm trying to decide on my classes, and while I have played both an enchanter and bard to 80+, I did it after 2004 where I blew past all the early levels and eras.

    So - one thing I'm curious about, is at what point do a lot of non-mezzable mobs start showing up? Are there any in the Planes? Or mezzable, but their level in-era is too high.

    What about Kunark, Velious? There's got to be some in Luclin and definitely PoP?
  2. kamikazeheart Elder

    Un-mezzable mobs are rare and are usually only found in zones designed for raiding. I'm not sure when exactly they show up, but I almost never encountered any on P99 with my level 60 chanter. IIRC most un-mezzable mobs in Classic/Kunark/Velious are raid dragons, and after that its usually only certain raid encounters in Luclin and PoP.
  3. Coldsore.Fippy Augur

    You can't mez giants can you?
  4. Hateseeker Augur

    I think that's right, and dragons too. Shardwurms and drakes I can't remember, though! I'm kind of thinking more about raids, as xp zones are hardly going to be difficult with or without it.
  5. Blingx Augur

    For Classic bards mezzing stops when mob level >45. So starting in Lower Guk(Lord/King) -> SolB(Giants, Imps, lava guardians. -> Planes(Pretty much everything except npc pets).

    Kunark: It stops at mob level > 55.

    Velious: Mob level > 55. (Unless you have Vulak mez which stops at mob level >59)
  6. Hateseeker Augur

    Ah yes I had forgotten that bard spells stop a few levels earlier than enchanter...

    I might as well piggyback a new question without creating a new thread - I use allakhazam for spell info, but the damage and mana seem out of date. Logged into my old druid, and starfire shows 634 damage, while alla has less. Wizard conflagration 900, alla has less. Is all that going to be the same on TLP 3.0?
  7. Lokero Elder

    I want to point out, for additional info, that the rules above generally apply to fear spells in the exact same manner.

    Also, side note, Necromancer mez(Screaming Terror) dies off at 54 and doesn't get replaced with a pure mez, but with an undead only mez somewhere around 60+(?).

    If I recall correctly, in Classic, Wizard's conflagration did around 640 damage or so. I can't speak for the druid spell, since I didn't play them much. They beefed up all of those old spells to make lowbies more powerful later on.

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