Enchanter guides/websites?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Quik, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. Quik Elder

    I am boxing a chanter and cleric finally and would love a website that gives me really good info and some guides on basically everything for enchanters.

    Also I am playing on Aradune so it would be super helpful if it was a progression guide but anything is better than nothing.
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  3. Tucoh Augur

    I boxed a cle/enc on Aradune. I don't know about how it is in the current expansion or after whatever charm nerfs happened, but I'd say the best advice I was given for playing cle/enc is to implement road-trip protocols: empty your bladder before playing and avoid drinking anything during your play sessions.

    The key is being able perform a very simple sequence of stun/debuff/mez/charm actions very quickly and reliably. If you can do that, you're golden, if you're taking 5s to get another piss jug, you've just wiped.
  4. Quik Elder

    Yeah I learned this quickly. I'm not sure how EQ knows when I need to pee but...
  5. Hythos Augur

    Expect that charm-breaks will happen at about any time, and more frquently at the worst times...

    Gear the enchanter with HP & AC when you can. Even against mobs up to mid-50's - a buffed enchanter can face-tank a slowed mob.
    In my experinces, stacking AGI (along with augmentation or the epic), you can survive things you might have otherwise thought about running from.

    Pacify & mindblur = mobs walk away (when it works).
    You can use AOE pacify, color flux (not always needed), AOE mindblur, FTW.
  6. Accipiter Old Timer

    Slight thread necro.

    I agree on the charm breaks. One thing that can help a bunch is to stun with the cleric on charm break. Mine looks like this:

    1. Chanter casts color stun.
    2. Chanter casts Tash.
    3. Cleric casts stun.
    4. Chanter casts charm.

    If you have more characters or good groupmates then you have even more options. The druid can snare, the shaman/mage can malo, the wizard can stun, and the bard can mez for your bio break.
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  7. Genusii Journeyman

    I am not sure if this process is available nor viable. However, it was decent aa/exp for me from lvl 59 - 65.

    Use the caster shield before cleric shield.

    Dire charm at lvl 59.

    Make sure you keep up the buffs that maintain your mana pool.

    Before you start, remove group invis spells/aa from cleric and enc. Don't ever invis.

    Go to Nurga. Drop down to Droga. At the bottom of the drop is an NPC called a "Backbiter" or something that indicates backstab that you can Dire Charm (should be lvl 46).

    Dire charm it. Get highest rune and cast on self. Chain cast this rune on self. Make sure NPC is between you and charmed mob. If you need to, cast haste on charmed. Not sure if DC has it built into it. Slow the npc you're killing (never hurts); keep bashing it with the enc.

    Stay in Melee range and chain cast rune on self. The duel yield should still backstab. You can use the cleric to keep you healed. The rune should out agro the heals. If agro is getting on the cleric, use the hate visage on yourself at the beginning of each fight.

    Nurga is a bit safer as it does not have npc's that debuff; Droga has a paricular npc that will debuff the charm and break it.

    Another zone that has a great place to practice charming is Mischief entrance. It is an open forest with quite a few npc's and the named are charmable! Nothing is low enough to Dire charm; you can practice control.

    Always have an ae stun and an ae mez (PB quick). It is a wild place to pull but it will help in learning the enchanter.

    This strat works in all zones you wish to charm; dire charm just makes it safer. The charm aa's are beneficial as well; you will get them to get Dire Charm.

    Good luck and I hope this is still available to you on Aradune!
  8. Cailen Augur

    Enchanter's Enclave on discord has good info