Enchanter Epic 1.0 roadblocks on TLP

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Spleen, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Spleen New Member

    Is there any chance the multiple chokepoints on the Enchanter epic 1.0 can be addressed on the TLPs ?

    I can see on the test patchnotes the monk epic has been tweaked so it be nice if the following could be looked at for Enchanters,

    Ground spawns are 24-hour windows and you need several
    Wraith of the Shissar is an up to 36-hour window and is not up forever, depops if not killed and only spawns in Open World main pick.
    Cazel 7 - 24 hours
    Vessil is 36-hour window
    Verina 48-52 hour window
    Tangrin is up to 24-hour window
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  2. Vaer New Member

    I agree the ench epic could use a small upgrade, but a lot of these are fine. The only 2 i would consider looking into are :

    Verina and Wraith
  3. snailish Augur

    Done chanter 1.0 twice now. Took me years to get Wraith on live servers... because my main live server had people farming fear for other things and they kept the zone perma dead.

    Making this mob a triggerable spawn would be a good thing.

    Others... if people are sitting on it afk on mass for weeks, the spawn/respawn rate needs to be increased. Verina for sure.

    Spoon still tradable? Never heard of that one being hard for someone. Tangrin could spawn faster I guess, but also never heard of that being the problem someone was stuck on.
  4. FattyBearsteaks New Member

    Didn't end up finishing my chanter epic on Corinav until velious was about to come out, but from what i've experienced, Vessel Drozlin is easily the worst part of the epic, and should be changed in my opinion. Our guild actually got Wraith a few times because people just didn't wanna go through the hassle to get to him, but Vessel was always camped.

    And to answer, yes, spoon is still tradeable, i had 3, and couldn't even sell them for 1500 because people thought i was over charging, lol.

    I do agree that ground spawns could be better. I got The One Key pretty easy, and i found the sky book because it was glitched into the table and people didn't look close enough, but the scroll in dalnir was a pain.

    Really i think the part that should be nerfed is Snow Blossoms /s
  5. Evade2019 Lorekeeper

    Completely agree. Please fix it
  6. Pikallo Augur

    We've seen this thread about 2-3 times per TLP, I wouldn't get your hopes up. Ground spawns, Cazel(lol) and Tangrin are fine.

    Shissar can be a pain, I wouldn't be upset if they made it spawn in an instance by either 1) Shortening the spawn so it can pop as normal in an AoC version of fear or 2) Spawn instantly when you spin up an instance or 3) Spawn instantly after CT dies

    Verina and Vessel would benefit from shortening their spawn times a bit. I'm still an opponent of making these overly trivial(aka very short respawns) but would be nice if they were closer to 8-12 hours spawns or something. The fact that they are in zones that can't get /picks makes it tougher.
  7. Brumski Augur

    I gave up on my chanter 1.0 on phinny because of the wraith. I only got the other parts because of constant checking spawn points late at night and early in the mornings, and even then I just barely beat other campers by a hair who showed up right after I got them (with the help of some quick responding guildies).
  8. Smakk Journeyman

    I agree, if they can fix the roadblocks on other epics not sure why making the wraith have a chance to pop in an instance is game changing, or have Verina on a 24 hour'ish respawn, or change Vessel Drozlin into a turn-in type spawn.
  9. Arrk Augur

    Can you please fix the enchanter bottlenecks.

    That is all, thank you.
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  10. Fizon Elder

    You can get a fix when wizards get the broken golem fixed
  11. Dabrixmgp Augur

    lol whats the point of this. even if u did it in era years later would be like PoP. Why even bother at that point.
  12. snailish Augur

    For a non-raiding low playtime character it was a thing to do I had never done an epic 1.0. Personal content goal --the reason many still play on live that aren't in endgame raiding guilds.

    I've since done it again on a different live server, I just like the snake stick I guess.

    If you're trying to make the point that I would have better gear by then, well yes of course I did. It's the quest...
  13. Nyvlag New Member

    This is on page 14. Shouldn't be. Wizard or Enchanter epic. Can we get a fix? Pick one. I don't care at this point. It's been on your public bug tracker for like 4+ years. Please; saving wizards or enchanters *DAYS* of camping a single mob seems far more meaningful than saving shamans an hour on one of their turn ins.
  14. CartoTLP New Member

    Complaining about ground spawns, Cazel, and Tangrin takes away all of your credibility. Epics are just that: epic. They are not for everyone. If you want to get your epic you need to put some extra effort in. Sure, some classes such as rogues have it far easier than enchanters, but you knew that when you made your class. You also knew that you are OP for the entire projected life of Mangler, if they keep releasing servers at the current rate.
  15. SirLord Journeyman

    This same thread gets posted multiple times every TLP. Hell, I've created this same thread. Revamping 1.0's is not a priority so they are just going to keep it as miserable as it is.
  16. Tierdal Augur

    Selos is available, highly recomend.

    otherwise enjoy your classic content

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