Enchanter DPS increase?

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  1. Oymentrubel New Member

    I have been gone for a year and a half. I have a level 105 Chanty that has been group only since his beginning on Oct 13, 2002. I return and log in for the anniversary quests with some friends and go off to help Fippy. I do my tash/slow/dot/dot/dot routine and the next thing I know I am getting a free trip to the mob. My buddy was parsing it and apparently Mind Storm Rk II critted for 427,932 on one tic. While that was high most of them critted for the mid 200, 000 range. SCS is maxxed and on but not helping enough. Now a tash/slow/dot is all I can do before getting the free ride.
  2. Xikteny Augur

    Things like SCS don't work properly on DoTs. The new chanter DoTs are pretty big agro, but they are not so large that tanks (or your charm pets) shouldn't be able to hold agro.
  3. fransisco Augur

    Pets totally cannot hold agro over chanter dots.
  4. Xikteny Augur

    Charm pets (totally) can.
  5. Tyreel Augur

    Charm pets and good tanks can hold agro over dots, any summoned pet doesn't stand a chance against more than one chanter dot and 2~ nukes. Even casting visages doesn't get us to a point where summoned pets or average/poor tanks can handle 2 dots running. As for charm pets if i burn against a named i build enough agro over the duration if the fight is going over 90s ~ 2min i have to use a fade. Charm pets have some amazing initial agro building but there is a cap where we out pace them very fast.

    An example of this is killing bridge keeper in chardok the wizard in group died at start(don't ask) the about 3.5min in to the fight both fades are down and i am sitting watching 2 dots slowly eat at the nameds hp while my agro bounces up and down between 80~95% while the charm pet is tanking.

    If our self stasis had a short reuse time the issue wouldn't be so bad i get why devs don't want us to be able to use it all the time but at least give us an upgrade to boggle or something similar to one of the wizards agro reduction abilities.
  6. Xikteny Augur

    I'd prefer they fixed DoT agro in general; it's more and more problematic as more classes get retuned DoTs. SCS (and other abilities) should be made to work on DoTs. This is a very, very old issue, so the chances of that actually happening may be low, but still...
  7. Brohg Augur

    This may be tinfoil hat stuff, but the rhetoric last year regarding class balance included language about reviving the "it's everyone's job" design philosophy for managing agro. Allowing broken dot agro to persist through the revamps is a sideways aid to developers in dealing with the fallout of upgrading nothing but +agro abilities for warriors from SoF through TDS.
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  8. tmplatten Lorekeeper

    who cares I love my dots dps
  9. Fian Augur

    As an enchanter, if you can't afford to be hit, then don't use mindstorm.
    Hint: Stock up on slot 5 heroic agility augs.
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  10. Chaosflux Augur

    I thought that was 2 years ago.

    Elidroth is the one who said that going into TDS, before he quit.
  11. Dysaio New Member

    Sorry to post here, not want to create a new topic.
    Me play on Phinigel server atm, with 65 enc. Now, as we can create free heroic char with 85 lvl me want to test how is enchanter on higher lvls (hear many things about charm nerf etc..), pop in new ferrott with cleric merc and try to test it :) Charm some mob and send to other - my pet die in 15 sec, target was 65-70% hp.. Sure me not use all AA, cus me not know 65-85 AA we got, but atm at 65 lvl me can kill with charmed pet 4-5 mobs easy, befor it die.. So me have a question, our dps at high lvls is DD and dots? we not charm good anymore? How enc at solo past 70 lvl?
  12. Tyreel Augur

    You might have had an issue with charming a mob that says 'relatively weak' when you /consider it especially if you attacked a mob that does not con 'relatively weak'.

    The way past the charm nerf of Omens of War+ for just exping is to root a mob(s) charm a pet send it in to get killed break charm at a low % nuke on the mob for full exp. As for strait up killing with a charmed pet you have to slow the other mob and dps maybe even adding in single target stuns. The nerf from Omens of War era means charm pets DPS is so low you would need 2 maybe 3 pets to kill a single mob with just the pets dps. Our dps with out charm pets dps does get much better over time starting around lvl 85.
  13. Gialana Augur

    The 400k tick you saw was due to twincasting the dot. The twincast aura can twincast dots, but it's not at a very high percentage, something like 10% chance.
  14. Gialana Augur

    When heroic characters were introduced, the mob population of the Feerrott was changed. There are mobs around the so-called starting area that were reduced in difficulty. As Tyreen said, if you happened to charm one of them and then send it on a full powered mob, the pet isn't going to last long.

    When HoT was current, I soloed with my enchanter in the Feerrott with a charmed pet. With my nuking, and slowing the mob I was fighting, my pet would last about 3 mobs before I would kill it.

    The charm nerf introduced with Omens of War reduced the damage output of charmed pets to about 50% of their uncharmed state. This is no longer strictly true at higher levels. You'll have to test it out, but some mobs will hit for a higher percentage of the uncharmed state, and other mobs right next to them won't.
  15. Oymentrubel New Member

    I discovered that my friend, who also has been gone for a while, forgot how to run his tank. Once he remembered/relearned, I was able to dps to my hearts content. Thanks for the comments.