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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Darain, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Darain New Member

    My main is an SK with healer merc, then I box the enchanter with wizard merc. I have leveled both to 108, and stopped for a bit to grind AA while the exp is good. My question is regarding streamlining the Enchanter. I pull with SK, mez if I get an add, then Tash and slow, then Mind Storm, Strangulate, and Bewildering Constriction Rk 2. Then DD with Chromaweave, Mindcleave, and Mindsunder. Rinse and repeat. I am working on maxing the DoT AAs atm, one more level on Critical Affliction and Destructive Cascade to go. Are there more important areas I should be focusing on? Different spells I should be using? Thanks
  2. Brohg Augur

    Auras Twincast & Bolstering. You have to single cast Mana Repetition until you get to 110, since the 105 aura doesn't work on spells above 105. Yes, single cast Mana Repetition is worth it, it's much better damage than your not-best nukes; frequently it's better than even the good nukes, but there are burney times it isn't. Mana Re for SK & Enc.

    You haven't mentioned Night's Endless Terror, it should be on the SK & both pets, enchanter too then hopefully you get in the habit of turning on atk for "free" dps.

    You haven't listed Dichotomic Reinforcement, it's very good. Use on cooldown.

    On damage spells, you should focus on your highest level Mind[cleave, for now] because it triggers the Beguiler's Synergy besides being the biggest hit. Depending on the content, Bewildering Constriction may not be worth its cast time; that spell's primary strength is in its debuff, not damage, and that debuff is superseded by Deep Sleep & Somnolence the mezzing/crippling debuffs

    If you've trained full ranks of Pet Discipline AAs to get /pet resume enabled on your characters, using Chaotic Delusion in place of weaker nukes, to double up the stronger nukes, is a hecka nice boost to dps. Without /pet resume, there's a possible tradeoff in lost pet attacking damage, but with just sk/enc pets who don't have full AA on them -- eh who knows
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  3. Darain New Member

    Thank you very much. I was not using Night's Endless Terror, will start using. Yeah, the enc pet attack is keyed into my assist macro. I am mostly hunting in FM, does that affect using Bewildering Constriction?
  4. gotwar Gotcharms

    Hola, some things to consider:

    DoT usage is going to be impacted heavily by how quickly you are killing NPCs and how much mana you have. You're going to need to experiment a bit. Enchanter DoTs can be hard to justify in group content because they eat a ton of mana and don't necessarily have a great return on damage if you're killing things quickly. Don't use Constriction in group content unless you're fighting a named and really need the damage boost.

    For mobs in FM, I'd recommend a simple Chaotic Mez order like this:
    Chaotic Mez -> Mindsunder -> Mindcleave -> Chaotic Mez -> Mindsunder -> Mindcleave

    You can also try something a bit more mana intensive, but it may be more damage. I'm not entirely sure which of these two is best at 108:

    Mindsunder -> Strangulate -> Strangulate or Mindsunder -> Mindcleave -> Strangulate

    Once you hit 110, just upgrade your MindXYZ to fit one of the three patterns. Ex: Chaotic -> Mindslash -> Mindsunder.

    You can probably just run Mana Reciprocation Aura instead of Bolstering. It won't affect spells over level 105, but if both your character's are 108 it's likely you're not using many damaging spells above 105 anyway.

    And... I just read your thread title again and realized this is a box. So... Mez things and stuff, and click some buttons or whatever.

    Now I'm sad. :(
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  5. Spellfire Augur

    Enchanter is extremely fun class to play. I wish there were more mains :(.
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  6. Brohg Augur

    Heh, not for long. You know how enchanters go
  7. Darain New Member

    I’m sorry gotwar, I didn’t mean to make you sad hehe. Thank you so much for the advice and tips. I will try them out.
  8. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I must be different in that I like my box chanter because it is a cheap way to project all the cool illusions to the rest of the group cheaply. After all, who has the fundage to buy frost giant and brownie illusion for everyone in your 4 box group? :D
  9. kaedmon New Member

    Can a mage/ench box tackle current Content? I'm trying to decide between my bst (Ros t2 gear eok-ros augged almost max aa) and my mage ts Ros gear (max aa). I honestly don't like the return on my effort for bst sometimes, u always have to be busy clicking something or the other to maintain Mana etc.

    Sorry to hijack
  10. Vaeeldar Augur

    Tackle current content is subjective. My opinion would be no but the truth is you could probably slowly and ineffectively kill mobs. If you mean run through progression, which is my definition of current content, then no.
  11. Damezza Augur

    is there a mage combination that COULD?
  12. Vizier Augur

    I tri-box Enc Mag Wiz. I have a really slick set up, shoot me a tell in game I can give you some tips. cazic.vizier

    Simple Enc steps:

    1. Tash
    2. Slow AA
    3. Begin Nuke Cycle

    Auras: Twincast + Mana Rep for dps