Enchanter - All spells in the Color Flux line now share the same timer

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  1. ForumNugget Journeyman

    What a terrible change. Part of the allure of EQ was being able to find different ways to play the game. The devs are one by one taking away all the fun nuances just to appease a few forum Karens who say, "you must play the way I want to play or I'm going to throw a forum tantrum."
  2. ForumNugget Journeyman

    This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, this is probably going to benefit RMTers more than regular pugs because RMTers are going to find ways to circumvent this (probably just box more enchanters.) Now more average joes are going to run to the RMTers even more because they can't form AoE pug groups any more.
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  4. Xeris Augur

    Ya unfortunately this will just hurt legitimate players. Big box armies will just add 1-2 more chanters to their crew. It's insanely easy to perfectly automate the stuns using AHK.

    Meanwhile legit players, and actual raids that utilize stuns are impacted terribly.
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  5. Montag Augur

    I really hope this doesn't go live. Unique stuff like this is what makes EQ great and nerfing it after 20 years is just alienating players.

    The customers are asking for stuff for years, like making DPS casters competitive again in TLP eras, Wizard/Mage aggro fixes, 1-65 Necro DoT consolidation, not taking away one of the very unique things that this game has.
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  6. a_librarian Augur

    it definitely incentivizes bypassing truebox and using MaQue to sequence casts across X number of enchanters all day long with no input required
  7. Machen New Member

    Too late for that. I don't think they've ever backed off a big class balance change once it hits test.
  8. yerm Augur

    I'm guessing whoever pushed this change through has no idea who or what Ukun Bloodfeaster is and had to double check Sendaii because it merely sounded familiar. I don't care if any devs get mad at me again for my comments. This is a BAD change.
  9. Glowerss Augur

    If they didn't want people aeing in Deep/Seb/PoI just add unstunnable mobs in there and call it a day.

    This is a really really stupid change and will affect gameplay far beyond groups aeing.

    More to the point, I'm not even convinced it will stop people from aeing. Instead they'll just bring a boatload more enchanters.

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  10. CyryllisFenninRo Lorekeeper

    Well, that puts the nail in the coffin for me. Active enchanter main since 2000, played many of the TLPs, and with each passing year they screw my class over more and more.

    Never thought I'd miss Sony, but here we are.
  11. AtabishiWoW Second best guild leader you'll ever have

    Jeeze calm down karens. They've been going through and nerfing different classes abilities to mass AE for years now. People still play all those classes. It's not the end of the world. You will survive. Stop over reacting.
  12. Krizem Elder

    Adjusting the level cap on each stun would have been a better way, but the abuse of this over the years has gotten a bit ridiculous. True, people evading true-box will surely come up with some other method and just use more chanters. As others have said, mixing in unstunabble mobs in The Deep, POI, Chardok and Seb would be another method to address the issue...or easier, just cap each spell at a different level so the level 3 stun can't affect the higher level mobs etc.
  13. Zinth Augur

    add in:
    Your faction standing with Raiders has decreased by 1000.
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  14. Piznut Angry Gnome

    Leave it to DPG to nerf a fundamental part of the game that has been in place for 22 years; instead of just handling the toxic ae plvlers who are disrupting zones and abusing it for RL cash plvling.

    Seems par for the course.
  15. Lejaun Augur

    The forum Karen warriors: "Yes ! Down with the boxers ! Die die die !"
    Meanwhile boxers: *shrugs* ~logging in another enchanter or two~
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  16. KrakenReality Augur

    1) This will add more value to those that are willing to skirt the rules for the PL groups. So, DPG once again makes the game more profitable to those people.

    2) It creates problems with later eras, that use bane damage in the form of stuns (TBL-Mearatas).
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  17. Vedian Journeyman

    Another nerf to something unique from this game. While a handful complain that these abilities can be unbalanced, many people play here because of the variety of mechanics that exist in the classic experience. Every time these nerfs happen there's one less reason to play here. It's too bad the devs can't figure out how to address problems without just deleting aspects of the game entirely.

    This will push the balance even further in favor of krono PLers. Why does every nerf help the automaters and box armies at the expense of the average player?

    This was also one of the remaining methods of farming utterly tedious trade skill mats from lower level mobs. Obviously the intended gameplay for this should be so boring that people refuse to do it.
  18. Belcasor New Member

    I’m really disappointed with this change.

    1. It is heavy handed and lacks consideration for the way many encounters on TLPs are handled. The mechanic has been like this for 22 years, people come back to play a TLP for the gameplay they knew. There is merit in preserving that gameplay. There is merit in not changing the balance of a dozen encounters from classic to velious where overlapping ae stuns are critical for the dominant meta.

    2. Many changes have improved this game, i.e. aocs, but good changes reduce toxicity without changing the gameplay. This change addresses the symptoms but not the cause, i.e. for profit powerlevellers.

    3. Chain stun is one of the things that makes enchanters interesting, and useful. It’s one of the only things that separates them from being buff bots in velious and luclin on raids, where there is nothing to charm, when raids don’t let them nuke because their nukes have a large knockback component. If each class were equally desirable we’d see 5ish enchanters on a 72-man raid. Good luck with that on the next TLP.

    3. AOE pulling is an extremely enjoyable part of the game. It’s not just for PLers. I know there are people who dislike it, but for every person who vocally complains about it, there are 100 who enjoy it and have no cause to complain. This mechanic is what brought me back to this TLP personally. Levelling as a wizard is awful compared to meelee dps classes, we don’t have the sustain. AOE pulling isn’t easy, there’s a high skill ceiling. It’s one of the best examples of interesting mechanics compared to other games.

    4. This nerf, like other nerfs, will make some classes less desirable, homogenizing the game.

    5. Just because people complain doesn’t mean something needs to change. Sometimes the mob is wrong. There isn’t “a correct” way to play the game, and that’s what makes it exciting. If there is only one way to play, you’re in a theme park.

    6. This change will kill some zones, increasing the contention in other, already hot zones. For example, in luclin on the next tlp, instead of some aoe levellers going to the deep, they will go elsewhere. There will be no exp groups in the deep.
  19. No.2Guild New Member

    Not suspicious at all that most of these “oh man this change is terrible” posts are from new accounts. To the people saying it’s a detriment to bloodfeaster/Sendai- who stuns these anyway? Ae mez works just fine.
  20. ForumNugget Journeyman

    Actually it is not suspicious at all. This change benefits RMTers who will just circumvent the rules and have more customers, while Average Joes lose another fun thing to do in the game. So, Average Joes come posting on forums. I guess you are so used to seeing the same forum warriors that not seeing them looks suspicious.