Enchanter - All spells in the Color Flux line now share the same timer

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    Whatever the motivation I think it is a poor decision. A few people in the thread have hit on the same theme I mentioned earlier re the real problem is regular XPing is tedious and slow. Providing a radically more engaging XP process is probably too much to hope for on a TLP but surely there are some improvements that can be made here? I never got past POP myself previously - did LDON take strides forward in this area?
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    It's hard to provide a better more engaging XP process because EQ has always and will always be gated by its archaic combat system. It's one of the reasons many people don't enjoy the later era raiding. EQ is hindered by its combat system so most attempts to make things "harder" really just come across as annoying. It's understandable that EQ is going to have a bad combat system since it was one of the first of its kind, but EQ never really gets hard no matter what people try to tell you, it just gets more and more tedious and annoying. The standard group game definitely picks up GoD+ but I mean it's really all the same thing just better looking zones and mobs.
  3. Gnothappening Augur

    For the most part I like EQ's combat system. Modern games are more action game than RPG. I personally don't like that. To me constantly slapping buttons is annoying. I can understand why it is boring for some classes though, such as warrior.
  4. Kiaro Augur

    Early era warriors...simple enough you could type paragraphs between pressing slam/kick.
  5. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I know this change is a shock, and there are legitimate complaints (Mearatas, and so forth), but I feel like it's getting blown out of proportion (across all the threads) with people acting like it makes Enchanters useless. I've played one to level 52, and then Heroic'd another one and have been playing it in EoK from 105-109, and even with 12 spell slots, I'd never have room to use two of them for stuns.

    When I went looking for "what is an Enchanter in the modern game" I found that they are ADPS and DPS, along with the traditional CC when needed. If we didn't have things like the cone and single-target versions of Beguiler's, and didn't have Beam of Slumber and Noctambulate, I could see some concern. But we have so many tools, so many kinds of Mez now, both spells and AA. And on top of that can drop 3 DoT's and 2 or more nukes, some of which feed our group mana.

    The high level stuns were already on the same timer, so the argument at high level really only revolves around banes for raids or whatever. That sucks, but I don't raid, so from my end, this affects nothing. That's not to say I don't care that others are affected, I do, but the people acting like this change makes Enchanters useless are going overboard. Hopefully the special use stuff will get addressed somehow since the raids where this stuff seems to matter are also some of the hardest ones.
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  6. yerm Augur

    In FG they added a few abilities that have difficult to resist stuns and/or roots. The thinking there was to make it so you couldn't pull everything into a corner to swarm it down, you had to crawl, but you could slaughter alright if you were constantly moving. In effect, you can still ae here, but you have to either do small pulls and relocate each time, use fartaunt, or avoid roughly half the mob types.

    In ME they changed some of the mob levels and locations so that 56+ would end up in a pile. This is a really basic change and isn't hard for devs to do again elsewhere. You can still AE in ME but you'd need to actively avoid level 56+ mobs, which can now come from roamers and traps.

    Having mobs with stuns/roots like FG or occasionally being >55 like ME would make it prohibitively difficult to mass ae in a zone. Better yet, it makes it only possible if you are attentive, which I would hope is a good change - botted autopulling nerfed, human beings who deliberately look before they tag ok, perfect!
  7. yerm Augur

    This is a particularly disgusting attitude to have and it really ruins what was otherwise a great post until your last paragraph. This section is chock full of people who say "it doesn't effect post-pop so..." and are rightly regarded as toxic by the rest of the eq community, much like we tlpers are rightly upset if some live player says "I don't play on tlp so I don't care if..." about us.
  8. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    You literally quoted me saying that I care that others are affected, and then accused me of saying that I don't care that others are affected...

    My point isn't that "I wasn't affected, so who cares." My point is that outside of raiding and AE groups, this change affects nothing, so it can't "make Enchanters useless" as some have said. Again, I don't want Mearatas to be impossible, or whatever the other recent raid was that was affected. I think it's good feedback to point those things out, and I hope adjustments can be made, either by players in tactics, or by devs in game mechanics.

    Others have pointed out that AE groups will need more Enchanters now, so that's good for Enchanters right? Like you can still AE with some adjustments? If that's not the case then please explain.

    In the end, I was just sick of the piling on of "Enchanters are useless now" across several threads, and figured I should call it out. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe they are useless now, if so then make the argument and show me why.
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    Just read the patch notes
    - Enchanter - All spells in the Color Flux line now share the same timer.

    Can't believe Daybreak went through with it. Totally killed off an activity that I for one enjoyed with my guild-mates.

    So let me get this straight the Krono PLers are just going to add more chanters but that AOE door is now closed to any "normal" player that god forbid wanted to XP in a way other than the prescribed tedium of a Grieg's End / Velks group.

    Well done Daybreak you have driven down engagement with this ill conceived decision. Now, for example, leveling up an alt for a guild Main change for the purposes of raiding is that much more of a chore. I was at the point of only XPing when there was a server XP bonus and coupled with AOEing I could minimise the grind and free up time to do more interesting stuff (raids, quests and even tradeskills).

    Do you even understand the motivations of your player-base?
  10. Faydra Augur

    Now that's funny, but most likely true as well.
  11. RPoo Vox.Dandin told you, 'your better then me =D'

    Most true, logical, calm, and relatable post I've seen yet!
  12. Gnothappening Augur

    I'm probably wrong but I thought the change was to the FG events. Like before people would use the events to spawn a hundred mobs to aoe down. Am I remembering that wrong?
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  13. Fred_Bear Lorekeeper

    Ranger Hail of Arrows went from "Hits Unlimited and Procs Headshot" to "Hits Unlimited" to "Hits 8".

    It went from Fun and Situational, to Situational, to bleh.

    Please don't give them MORE terrible ideas...
  14. Entice New Member

    What a terrible fix to something that was not broken, just the few that were abusing it. Should go after the afk RMT farmers, not punish everyone else playing the game as intended. Change it back before more people do what I did...hurt them in the pocket book...stop the recurring subscription.
  15. Accipiter Old Timer

    You got it.
  16. Gnothappening Augur

    I mean, they don't want it to stop, they just want people to shut up about it. This could all be fixed by killing the people playing more than 2 on Aradune.
  17. KrakenReality Augur

    No, Aradune just has a very large Mormon population. Those are all very loving and tight knit families.
  18. Rhythar Augur

    Those Deep 6-12 boxers are still at it. I don't see what this accomplished. I wish they spent more effort on enforcement.
  19. Aiona Augur

    Is this 10 pages of hypothesis on why they nerfed color flux? Give me the TLDR version, please. I haven't been following the conversation and don't care to go back through and read 10 pages of the guessing game if that's all this is, ha-ha.

    One of my friends plays a chanter though, so we are curious what the true reason for it was too.
  20. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Hypotesis / General Consensus is the change was to kill ae groups, however it only kills normal guild/friend ae groups and the commercial ae bot farms will just add an extra enchanter or two.
    2nd hypothesis is this was to reduce lag across the game. No dev response so just guesses.
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