Enchanted / Imbued armors on TLP servers

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hythos, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Hythos Lorekeeper

    When are we supposed to be able to craft enchanted and/or Imbued versions of racial-armors on either Phinigel, Lockjaw, or Ragefire?
  2. Anhari Augur

    Mass Enchant and Imbue came out just after LDON released, so I assume that the TLP servers should get these after that ex-pack releases. For Phinny that's a LONG time away!
  3. Hythos Lorekeeper

    Enchanted racial items were right around the start or a little into Kunark (originally).
    Currently, we can craft all non-imbued armors, some enchanted(?) armors (someone on LJ said that some Enchanted Feir'dal chainmail can be made now?), and of course some weapons that require imbued gems, like the Indigo Sabre of Innoruuk and the Karana(?) Sickle.

    Apparently some people knew/know when all Enchanted / Imbued armors will become available, but they're either FOS or are trying to keep it a secret for some reason.
  4. Finley Augur

    Less time on Phinny than RF/Lockjaw right? We'll beat them to Luclin I think, PoP for sure.
  5. Catashe Augur

    IF they do it like they should... the old old kunark cultural armor will probably be craftable in Velious and if they did their flagging right.. the Cultural 2.0 aka Heraldic, full mithril, etc should be craftable during Luclin thats IF they flagged the 2.0 armor to be craftable during the expansion they were released...

    Sadly they didn't mark the old kunark cultural armor to be crafted in Kunark let it was originally but.. no point crying over it now... they ain't going to change it now
  6. Buddi Lorekeeper

    Erudite Tailoring will not be in game until it is obsolete

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