[Enchant Palladium] Are you KIDDING me!?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by guado, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Chartrusejello Journeyman

    I agree with that Edrick, but I'll play devil's advocate and mention that the completion of Hero's Journey results in a reward just like a quest.
  2. Draego Augur

    And unfortunately with todays SOE that is just something we will never see. It is like they hired every underhanded unscroupulous accounting dirtbag in the world to try to figre out ways of bilking players for money. What is worse is, for the majority they know most people will continually be sucked in by the new tactics they have employed.
  3. Draego Augur

    Or Joseph Dagmire's skeletal hand Aug quest

    and /Agreed
  4. Ratbo Peep Augur

    That was Joe's brother - Jonas. :p
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  5. Grelthur Elder

    Or the face aug, or the extended quest lines from SoD, or any other similar one like that. I agree though with the fact that the Hero's Journey is more of an umbrella and an achievement not really a quest.
  6. gcubed Augur

    If you take a close look at the Hero's Journey, you will notice that the majority of it just leads you through TSS progression. There is some additional stuff in the Challenges section, that points you at progression in older expansions. On the whole Hero's Journey is progression.

    It is a quest, if at the end you obtain some reward you want. It is not a quest, if you have no interest in the reward it offers. To say it isn't a quest because it has other quests embedded in it is, like saying that none of the epic 1.0 quests are quests because they have sub-quests.
  7. Grelthur Elder

    Re-read what I posted and felt the need to clarify (posting before coffee is bad, LOL).

    BiC and the Hand Aug I know for sure each gave you small pieces that were usable, but were significantly better when combined/finished. Some of the others you had to complete a longer series to get any bonus.

    Also, I agree that yes, by definition, the Hero's Journey is a quest, but to me it is more of an in depth guide with a bonus for completing it. I don't recall specifically, but was the final reward originally part of the Hero's Journey achievement?
  8. Draego Augur

    Only bothered doing the quest once..... and once was enough......... I really hate all those collect 500 pieces and assemble......oh well at least someone knew what the heck I meant...... lol:p
  9. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Bayle's Heraldic Crest line in SoD is kinda the same way.
    But if every newbie Heroic started out by doing that one first, they'd learn a lot.
    (and all about progression and /ach 's etc too)
  10. Draego Augur

    Since we're gonna go into all the long combine Aug quests, which might be helpful to all the "New or Returning" Heroic Newbies..........

    Let's not forget Blood of the Fallen
  11. Beatslayer Journeyman

  12. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Hero's Journey by definition are achivements nothing more. They are in no way a quest or any kind of quest.
    Quests are given by in-game NPCs not by the UI of the game.

    That said, unless enchanters get some special Enchanter only version of the Shawl 2.0 quest; you don't have to enchant the Palladium yourself; you just need to have Enchanted Palladium. Now if somehow there is an Enchanter only version of all of the Shawl 2.0 quests that is weird.
  13. Beimeith Augur

    Yes, clearly it is a plot to make people buy bigger bags that a key to a door 90% of the population will never even need to open, that others can open for you, that you can illusion through ( I assume), that you can campfire/banner past, and that you can be dragged/rezed past, doesn't go on your keyring.

    It's totally the same thing as traditional keys that were required to -enter- zones. (And yes, I know not all the keys on /key are required to enter a zone, but that was the primary factor for making /key in the first place).

    EDIT: Hrm, strange, this thread showed up as a new post for me at the top of the forums, yet the last post before mine was like 3 weeks ago.
  14. OldCa61 Elder

    Totally agree, stop complaining and pay the dang $15 a month, it's like the price of a couple packs of smokes or a cheap burrito. Really tired of hearing all of these complainers, if you don't like the game....Go Away Please :)

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