ENC - Please fix Gather Mana

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Vumad, Mar 11, 2023.

  1. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Please fix gather mana. I am getting like 10% using gather mana. We used to get like 50%. I'd expect 10% from our mind stone, but that gives like 2%. We recently even got upgrades to gather mana AA and it seems that there is a complete disconnect between amount of mana we have now. We are the masters of the mind and we are falling way behind in mana recovery. Mod rods give more mana than our gather mana, can be used like 3 times in the time we recover gather mana and has almost no lore explaining why a mage can summon what is basically a necromancer item, while the ENC has every bit of lore justifying mana recovery. Please fix our mind stone and our gather mana. It's such an easy thing to evaluate and fix that there's no reason this has been going on so long and has got to such a terrible condition.

    Please also consider upping the mind stone to 3-4 charges.

    Edit: Mind stone should be something like 3 casts, 40k mana on click, not linked to mod rods, costs 120k to summon one. Same way it works now but more mana to cast, more mana to return and multiple clicks. Gather mana 50%. Want less, okay, but 2% and 10% is just not okay.

    Oh, and our life stone is in every bit as bad of shape, so please fix that too. I have over 500k HP.
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  2. Verily Tjark Augur

    50k mana return from Gather mana is at least more tolerable than the pitiful 13k from Azure Mind Crystal.

    Mod rods give 30k... I would like to see both scale with mod rods.

    Gather Mana = equivalent of 2 mod rod charges (60k)
    Azure Mind Crystal = equivalent to 1 mod rod charge (30k)

    Mana is only an issue if I die, and that's potentially 120k recoverable mana in 3 clicks. I don't believe this would be OP at least in the raid setting as most nights I don't die and don't need either of these abilities.