[ENC] Gather Mana and Mind Crystals

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Vumad, Dec 27, 2023.

  1. Cadira Augur

    Take all the time you need.
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  2. fransisco Augur

  3. Verily Tjark Augur

    This is a good topic that needs to be addressed, but can we talk about another dead horse?

    When are we going to get a unity AA for our spell damage runes? It is dumb loading 5 buffs for the raid and waiting on tranquil. I don't really care if we have one for clarity/haste, but the spell shields would be nice.
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  4. Cadira Augur

    A unity spell that group buffs clarity and haste, and another one that does three spell runes would be cool for sure.
  5. Szilent Augur

    OOC-only button for "best rank you know of ~these", with Tranquil built in. FABULOUS idea
  6. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I would love to see changes to our unity and AA spells...

    NPT as a group spell or as an AA cast.

    Unity to not have a 4 hour shielding with a 13m mez defensive. Do something different with that.

    All 3 of our Shielding (Ogna, Dhakka and Auspice) on a AA unity MGB (requires OOC is fine)

    Unity Haste and C single target and group.
  7. fransisco Augur

    i would love a useful unity spell.

    Plus again, Chanters need better mana regen. If you are always in situations where you dont need it, thats great. However chanters in solo/group situatoins really need better mana regen. Our mana regen tools are a factor of 10 worse than other classes.