Empty Guildhalls, now empty Guild Bank!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Cazmac, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Cazmac Augur

    I don't think this is a new problem but it is an ongoing one, from what I read in the general channel on Antonius Bayle. My less populated guild, Warriors of Thundercrest, and also a larger guild that I used to be in with another alt, New Dawn Ascended, suffered from the complete disappearance of all guild furniture and personnel from their Neighbourhood Guildhalls several weeks ago. The latest variation on this problem has occurred more recently, within the past few weeks - maybe three weeks. The entire contents of the Guild Bank have disappeared from the Warriors of Thundercrest's Neighbourhood Guildhall. This time, the NPCs are still in place. There were about 40 empty slots in the GB, the last time I saw it, and now there are 200. Can anyone please offer an explanation and, better still, a solution?
  2. Tugroka Journeyman

    And no one is taking anything out of the bank or hall? Like nothing on a record or file?
  3. Cazmac Augur

    We are a very small guild with few active players - a couple, if that! How would I find out from a record or file if anything had been taken? Clueless non techy here! :D
  4. Tugroka Journeyman

    Going from past games I've played, there should be some kind of record that an officer or your guild leader can look at, either attached in a tab with the guild bank, or a tab in your guild window thing.

    I'm new to EQ, so not sure where it would be, hope someone else can help with that.
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  5. Zaph Augur

    There is no ingame reference for bank useage, youll have to petition
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  6. Cazmac Augur

    Thank you. I did petition about the previous losses (NPCs, furniture etc.) but no concrete help was forthcoming. It has to be a byproduct of a patch but nothing seems to get done and our guild is not the only sufferer. I may be wrong but I feel that, if we were a larger guild, like Raging Fury for example, we might get results. Because we are nobody, we are ignored. If I am wrong, please tell me.
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  7. Tugroka Journeyman

    Yo devs and CS ... get this man some help!

    Not thing is more frustrating than to have things disappear for no reason.
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  8. CatsPaws Augur

    I think if your on AB then this is pretty common - doesn't seem to matter if your large or small guild. They have had ongoing problems for at least a year with guild halls and neighborhoods disappearing. Some even had guild members vanishing or losing membership in guild and no way to re invite them
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  9. Cazmac Augur

    I can only say that I hope something gets done once all this hullaballoo over Ring of Scale is over. The lag on AB has improved somewhat, so the next thing is to restore all the vanished items. After all, they are only pixels so therefore presumably have no cost to DBG!

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