Empires of Kunark Livestream: Thurs, Oct 6 @ 10AM PDT

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Sep 28, 2016.

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  1. Tevik Augur

    Was not! She was reborn!!!
  2. Fortunbas Lorekeeper

    Having a casual beer during a reveal session is not a problem with me, hell I cracked one open myself. As someone already said it wasn't a share holders meeting and I reckon it was also a message on how that meeting was planned, expected and the pace was set on purpose. Not everyone would appreciate it and that's also fine. Maybe that will change tomorrow. /shrug no big deal in my book.

    I didn't see any disdain in the body language of Holly. I thought she portrayed a great message of casual management but had a firm respect from her team. I read it as dedication to producing good content and quality but above all making it fun for the team and us the player base.

    As for crashing.....I have crashed out once in the last two years. The rest of the times its been the server AB and its hamsters running the dynamo ;)...... Drivers and patches - that's all I can say about that.

    Level increase......well the focus on a lot of items has changed to 110....not sure if folks have noticed that and lets not forget that Kunark was a 10 level jump in its day.......maybe a red herring but personally I'm fine with both situations. Content and AA and spells will be challenging to say the least if no level increase but I was pretty happy with the new content and 5 and 9 aug slots for armour.

    I think the future gimmicks for EQ will be to introduce a form of low level multi classing like the old D&D did. 105 wizard and lvl 50 mage/clr/brd/shm etc..... :) Could be an interesting dynamic to rummage for the devs.

    I still am waiting for nesting of the door to anywhere.....and being able to have more that three plots!
    I have a standard 3 room house Ivy bridge point 102 market street with a door to my Evantils Abode 102 Market street. This tree house has two doors - one back to 101 Market street that works fine with another door that is SUPPOSED to go to 103 Market Heights to my Bixie Hive house but instead sends me back to 101 .........please fix the nesting of the door to anywhere.

    Also...please fix the wizard spell teleport group.....if its cast in the same zone, it bugs all other ports....only the fifth or so year I'm mentioning this.

    How about opening the manastone to all zones now for lvl 100 plus? It returns such little mana that its only in dire circumstances that it can be used by high lvl players.

    Translocate hero - a spell that mages should get. They target a player and they swap positions. This can be helpful for wizards that need to set binds in tricky places. Not much to exploit but can be a major time saver for high levels.

    And who's idea was it to charge mana for aa abilities like the wizards force range!!?? That's just nonsense. We've been here many times before so please read this slowly...... If.....its.......too.....powerful...don't.......friggen...... give it in the first place. It would have been better to lower the dmg than make it take mana. Those who use them and have skills with mana will not be affected....much except with an annoyance factor now. The bulk of other players will just not use them.....way to go to design something that now wont be used.....just plain daft in my book. Of course if the new expansion brings them back in some form not using mana we will just say.....typical pre- expansion nerf ;)
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  3. Toxicaust Journeyman

    Looking forward to it! Been having a lot of fun with TBM and can't wait to see what you guys have planned for EoK.
  4. ZenMaster Augur

    Can any ask if EoK will have global rare loot?
  5. lagkills Augur

    No more level increases. 100->105 was already a mistake.
  6. p2aa Augur

    TBM group gear was overpowered, as it was equal or beating TDS raid gear.
    I lol at many things you tried to find, to not speak of the massive advantages it had, massive advantages that counterpart easily the things you said. And some of them listed are really "minor". One more delay on a war weapon ? woot that's a big downgrade.
    It's the first time ever that a group current gear expansion was as good or better than former raid gear TBM group gear tanks having same AC than TDS raid gear tanks, something is wrong.
    I have never got sympathy for people that complained that legs and BP was less good than TDS ones, when all the other slots were way better. Of course, never been mentionned by these people.
    So yes, TBM group gear was overpowered compared to TDS raid gear.
  7. Hellboy007 Augur

    yea then look at TBM raid gear fully auged.. talk about overpowered..
  8. p2aa Augur

    TBM raid gear better than TDS raid gear ? Well yay that's intended. Did you know that it's the rule that a new expansion raid gear is better than former expansion raid gear ?
    Never been the rule that new expansion group gear was better than former expansion raid gear though.
  9. Hellboy007 Augur

    so many people have like these blinders on.. if your only looking at HEM. more importantly either HP or Just Mana you will think OMG this gear is so good..

    Dont kid your self and dont lie. just cause you a big bag of mana or HP dont mean your anywhere near as good as TDS raid gear.. or even CoTF raid gear.

    Seriously look at other stats other than one..

    Then take a look at TBM raid gear and how many alts of alts of a mains pet dog have TBM raid gear.
  10. Hellboy007 Augur

    if you are wearing TBM group gear over TDS raid gear.

  11. p2aa Augur

    I posted before in a post 9 months ago that a set of TBM non visible group gear had 248 more AC than a set of TDS non visible raid gear.
    The Heroic also in total on TBM group gear is better or at worst equal to TDS raid gear.
    What does the fact to have alts geared with TBM raid gear have to do with balancing group stats ?
    In how much time you can gather a full set of group gear versus a full set of raid gear ?
  12. Forcallen Augur

    Are necro dots being revamped or was this entire process scrapped after completing it for a few classes?
  13. ZenMaster Augur

    I am on EQ Facebook page. I don't see a stream.
  14. CrazyLarth Augur

    refresh its their
  15. ZenMaster Augur

    Ok. It works now.
  16. Toxicaust Journeyman

    Did they they confirm whether or not there would be a level increase?
  17. Shaantara Elder

    No level increase.
  18. Zachton Soulstriker Augur

    Which is very disappointing.
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  19. Endless Augur

    Paid for the pre-order, cannot see beta forums to download beta patcher. Refreshing does nothing. Yep, working as intended.

    Sure, I can go to eqresource, but why can't they get their **** done right here?
  20. Zachton Soulstriker Augur

    Same issue, only got the e-mail on one of my accounts too. Trying to boot up my laptop because it has the old patcher on it, but Windows 10 is updating... of course.
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