EM on LS T3 Summoner's earing

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  1. Grizzly New Member

    In NoS the T3 ( group trade skill ) the Summoner's Earring had EM 25 now in LS it has just EM 26 the same as the T2 earing I believe . Comparatively the Blood-Soaked ( chase loot ) earring from ToL/NoS has EM 29 and the LS Summoner's Earring of Memoryforged has EM 31.

    I know it may seam like a small bump to some but shouldn't the players made T3 earring for LS have at least EM 27 or 28? Maybe I'm missing some balancing issue here but I was rather disappointed to go through all the work to make the LS earring to just get 1 EM better
  2. Szilent Augur

    Summoner's Earring of Perpetual Reverie, the craft earring from LS, upgrades Summoner's Phantasmal Luclinite Earring, the craft earring from NoS. It upgraded the Luclinite Ensanguined, which upgraded the Velium Threaded, which upgraded the Velium Infused, which upgraded the Secret Dawn, all in a line. EM XXI-II-III-IV-V-XXVI, +1 every year :)

    Ultra rare drops are raid loot, they should be compared to other raid loot.

    Ultra rare drop Summoner's Blood-Soaked Earring from ToL/NoS zones is a clone of the Drop of Klandicar's Blood, from CoV raids. Hp/mana/stats all the same, and their EM XXIX is the same.

    Ultra rare drop Summoner's Earring of Memoryforged Desolation from LS/SKU31 zones is a clone of the Meeko's Malachite Masterpiece, from NoS raids. Hp/mana/stats all the same, and their EM XXXI, ditto.
  3. fransisco Augur

    Really don't understand why there are soo many levels of EM. Most of them are never used. You either have the top 1-2 when raiding, or the bottom 1-2 as a grouper. The 4 in the middle not only don't see use, but they also waste dev time because pets need to be designed for them anyways.
    Truncate it so that there is a group focus and a raid focus per expac. Its dev time and complicaton which are totally pointless. This current method adds no fun or optimization to the game, and most of it is never used anyways.
  4. Brickhaus Augur

    Why do addicts continue to use? Can't help themselves.

    Same with game developers, particularly for EQ.
  5. fransisco Augur

    Naw, with eq developers, its lack of personel, lack of managerial direction, and lack of time.
    Mindless copy and paste is easy, and it continues for a number of reasons. Mainly because:
    1. They don't have the staff to do alot
    2. They don't have management organizing them well
  6. Szilent Augur

    There is a group focus and a raid focus per expansion. This year's group focus is XXVI. This year's raid focus is XXXII.

    The numbers between them are the ones that were "this year's raid focus" (i.e. that year's raid focus) for Night of Shadows, the one for Terror of Luclin's year, Claws of Veeshan, Torment of Velious, The Burning Lands. Eventually each of those in turn will be overtaken by the group focus as it advances year on year, just like the raid focus does.

    Should those expansions just not have had pet focus items? Should there be no growth year on year for the group focus? Or are you saying there should be some different work done, to add a bespoke group focus for Laurion? Would it stop focusing older generations of pet spells? How would it be different than the present work of adding new generations of pets to the existing focus?

    Is it a naming issue you have, that you want more information hidden? like should the group focus for Laurion be called MemoryEmberPetHugGroupLaurionFocus on its items instead of EM XXVI, just to obfuscate that it's really the same focus as the older raid item? That could be the way it goes, some worn spell focuses do that. Like magician conflag arms have "Breath of the Scorched II" on them but under the hood it's just "[50578] Fire Damage 60-75 L115" , which players would have to dig for to suss out whether it is an upgrade or needs upgrading. That's the situation with historical pet focuses (now TLP ones, I suppose) in the 5-75 range, and it is a *tangle* indeed.
  7. Alnitak Augur

    In theory, EM focuses could be rolled into just 2, say "Group Minion" and "Raid Minion", and those could follow the concept of Cleave and Ferocity focuses or arms and Legs. Cleave and Ferocity scale OK with expansions, as it has %-based effects, but EM would not be such, as more factors involved in scaling.
    I would expect much effort would have to be spend to properly balance a "universal" EM focus to properly (as in matching current EM focuses) adjust to pet spells/AA's levels.
    And as such the assesment that "Its dev time and complicaton which are totally pointless." made by fracisco is not valid. Making a universat EM would perhaps take even more time from devs to balance it to the same extent.

    Just as a note - my pet class characters actually wear a variety EM raid earrings from CoV to NoS, and those are better than LS group earrings, which is what I have expected. Perhaps next year expansion will force my hand to upgrade from CoV raid earrings (unless I have already upgraded those to LS this season).
  8. fransisco Augur

    My point is they should simpify the system, as its large and unwieldly and has no upside. Just like spell focuses don't change every expansion, they just up the level of spell they focus. Same thing. You have a group level focus and a raid level focus.
  9. Szilent Augur

    So, Cleave & Fero are kinda problematic as analogies, but a great parallel to examine, since they're a huge problem for ex-raider melee. As it stands, arms & legs from old raids cannot be upgraded, ever, through group play. It's objectively correct for melee characters to wear tier1 RoF pants with 3khp - forever, if they can't loot newer raid ones. I had trouble clicking back far enough on sleeves, since the stats on them dropped below modern *augments*, but group arms armor from Laurion are upgraded by SoD raid with under 1/10th the base stats.
  10. Szilent Augur

    That's not true. Laurion group focuses are +115-130%, NoS ones are 105-120%, ToL was 95-110%, etc
  11. fransisco Augur

    Analogies are never perfect. The idea is that a single group and raid focus for pets can suffice like they can for spells
  12. Szilent Augur

    but there *is* a single group and raid focus. EM XXVI, and EM XXXII
  13. fransisco Augur

    No there is not. There are like 7 different versions of EVERY pet. There is a new group and raid focus each expac, but all the old ones inbetween remain. Plus older group ones hang on for a couple expacs as well to allow for groupers to upgrade. Hence each pet has MANY different versions for all the different focuses. Most of these are never used. They could just have "group focus" and "raid focus", and then just have 2 versions of each pet (plus an unfocused one). No need to iterate and have numbers.Its just useless complication that gives no fun or optimization potential.

    The game loses nothing by dumping all these alternate pets, nor does it "simplify" the game, because to players, there is only 1 focus anyways (the group or raid one they can get ahold of).
  14. Szilent Augur

    There's been focuses available to group players and to raid players for the entire history of EQ. In the model you've presented, the raid tier of focus would be a permanent fixture? Focuses advance in power because the natural consequence of the alternative is there being no tiers at all, since every mag/nec/bst would just be wearing the good one, as I've described for Ferocity/Cleave. A new character would solo their Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water by level 55 and just …be done. Whenever they can be bothered into doing so, they solo some new generation of raid ten years behind current content. "Group" focus would be the same as raid focus, just with 9500 less hp, 10500 less mana, 39 less hInt, etc.

    An option would be pet focuses stopping working entirely based on, I guess, a level cap? Just an A/B situation: good focus is on, level up from 115 to 116 (or whatever): boom focus is off, better go get the sux version, and you turbosux until you get that. That doesn't sound super, either.
  15. fransisco Augur

    Think about it. The focuses "increase in power" because thats how they display it. Why? It serves no purpose. Each pet can be made to have 3 states - base, group focus, and raid focus. No need for this complicated 30+ different ranks that no one cares about.

    Your spell range focus isn't getting better every expac, yet you still get new items that have it on there. Doing this with pet focuses would be a legitmate improvement.
  16. Szilent Augur

    I'll pass over the trivial caveat that no one actually cares about max spell range in EQ. For the purposes of discussion we can treat it as remotely as important as pet focus tiers:

    Range focuses decay based on spell level. New focuses work on new spells better than old focuses do. A CoV mask is ripe for upgrading in 2024 not just for stats, but because the focus is no longer working at full effectiveness. The sort of granularity in scaling that regular spell focuses have baked in is an order of magnitude beyond what's currently in pet focus tiers. If pet focuses could work the same way (they can't), there wouldn't just be 8 different 121+ pets keyed to EMs XXV-XXXII, there would be power levels for current 125 raid, for current 125 group, for old raid (decaying from 120), old group (decaying from 120), oldER raid (decaying from 115), oldER group (decaying from 115), oldER2 raid (decaying from 110), oldER2 group (decaying from 110), oldER3 raid (decaying from 105), and oldER3 group (decaying from 105) … AND, those would calculate differently on mag & nec different pet options, since the spells are different levels, so if someone has an older focus then their water pet gets less focus than their air one!

    Which, honestly? It's a mess devs would probably be super on board with if pet power were exposable to plain multipliers. After all it's way easier to dev behind a system with exposed plain knobs & sliders like that. But that's what it would be: a mess.
  17. kyong Augur

    Do we really need this when a thousand days played toon with full raid gear, countless weeks spent raiding has 1/3 the HP of a mage pet made even more powerful with a single piece of jewelry?
  18. fransisco Augur

    Yup, mage pets are SOO powerful compared to your SK....

    1/10 for trolling
  19. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    I want pet focus to be determined by total Heroic Charisma, instead of a single piece of gear. make 'Pet Power' a heroic mod stat like 'Spell Shielding' or 'Strike Through'
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  20. fransisco Augur

    it would be wonderful if it was stat based. That would make any stat matter for mages