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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Bloodyatoms, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Bloodyatoms New Member

    I'm reading on AA, and I am totally new to this. What I understand is if I am gold member which I am, I click autogrant and it will give me all AA for my level. Otherwise I have to grind for them.. my questions are:

    A) do I still need to put % xp in AA?
    B) what if I loose gold membership, do I return to my previous grinded AA?
    C) Overall what is the best AA strategy for a enchanter lvl58 with AA? I might not keep gold membership in the future. How do I noobproof myself from shooting in my feet if I loose gold membership?
  2. twotoneska New Member

    No. While you can to bank AAs, you do not have to. Autogrant works without you actually gaining AA experience.
    No. Any AA gained will remain. You most likely will not be able to gain any more AA until you resub, as FTP is limited to 1,000 AAs, and autogrant will have most likely taken you beyond that. But you keep any AAs you have already been given.
    In my own opinion, you would be better off leaving autogrant on and putting all experience towards leveling. You won't lose any AAs by losing Gold, and it will fill out some base AAs you'll need to be effective. Beyond that, you'll find more groups as you gain levels.
  3. Treiln Augur

    Auto-grant feature works up to level 100 and the AAs up to and through Rain of Fear. So as twotoneska said, best plan is to just have your experience go into leveling.

    You can make it to 105 just fine with auto-granted AAs and still be effective/productive and an outstanding member of society. So just level away! But for each level, look into the new AAs you get so you're familiar with them :)
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    You can be level whatever - and click on auto grant and you will get all AA for that level. If you leave it clicked then you will get them every time you level (may have to zone first) You do not have to earn any AA % although some people do as there are some AA that you do not get in auto grant. Mostly tradeskill ones but here I am at level 95 needing to earn AA so I can get stuff not covered in the autogrant.

    I would never do auto grant again if I had a choice. There are so many AA that you are granted all at once that it is just confusing. That being said at level 58 you don't have much and won't have much in the way of AA benefit until higher levels.

    I would go free for now and when you get to like 75 or 80/85 then go all access for a month and do the auto grant then and get all the AA for your level (75- 80->) then when you go free again you have them all. But remember if your banking AA for those non granted ones that as a free account you are limited to 26 AA in your bank not the 2x level bank that all access accounts get.
  5. Anhari Augur

    At 58 your AA's are quite limited, but very useful for that level. If you are doing tradeskills you need the 3 AA's per tradeskill to "unlock" them. These are all available at level 58 so if you have the points, then go for it. If not and you need the points, by all means set your AA experience to at least 10% so you don't leach too much level exp.

    Just watch your aa screen when you level to see what new AA's you earn as you level up, and if you need to get them then, go ahead and sub and Auto Grant, the unsub. As you level up to 100, then rinse and repeat.

    Also after you Auto Grant, check the AA screen to see what AA's were NOT granted, and see if you "Can Purchase". If so, get then, if not, get AA exp.

    Welcome back to the most addictive game ever coded.
  6. Scorrpio Augur

    AA gain speeds way up at higher levels. I.e. at 95 with 20% towards AA I was getting a point for every 3% of level xp. So it definitely makes sense to go all out leveling. Unless you are a tradeskill junkie. TS AA are not auto. What you generally want to do now and then is check what AA you got auto'd when you leveled. Msinly cause you want to set hotkeys for useful click AA.

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