Echo Of Chardok

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Clonkers, Jun 20, 2018.

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  1. Clonkers Journeyman

    You need to despawn him also before GoD, he is out of era, can wipe groups and has been used by people to wipe other raids on royals
  2. Whipper Journeyman

    Yes, please. It should have been removed a few years ago on Ragefire/Lockjaw but never was
  3. Numzan Augur

    It has been used on the new TLP too, I dont know the details in seb, as i wasn't there.
  4. That One Guy Augur

    You can't expect dbg to possibly think there was more than 1 echo. If they seriously only got rid of the sebilis one... it just shows how little they know about their own TLP servers.

    Would take 5min to pop across zones and check for out of era mobs
  5. That One Guy Augur

    Hmm what's this level 70ish mob doing in place of a trash mob in a zone full of level 50 mobs... and oh look it drops an item that is used for a quest not even close to in game.

    So much work.
  6. Fumi-chan Augur

    That One Guy I think you forgot to switch alt accounts before responding to this thread twice. =p
  7. Lupercus New Member

  8. That One Guy Augur

    Nah too lazy to edit. The 2 posts clearly fit together. The 2nd one is a continuation of the 1st one...
  9. Lupercus New Member

  10. That One Guy Augur

    Tldr: they didn't have "time" to fit the chardok one into this patch so it will be in the next patch.

    I'm thinking they didn't have enough time because they just realized there was another echo.
  11. Clonkers Journeyman

    I'm not in TFC. Echo killed me once during my premade first weekend and was trained on a few of us while killing king by a box crew pissed at us for interrupting his krono farm
  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Um... we don't zone that much faster than you... there are 28 zones in Kunark. (Before you consider alt versions) It's not possible to zone to 28 zones in 5 minutes much less look at ALL of the mobs in zone in that time.
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  13. That One Guy Augur

    5min per zone was what I meant sorry. The point being that it's not very difficult but the GMs are giving away cookies and harassing boxers all the time. Yet we have echoes in game for how many servers and we have permanently afk toons at popular spots the entire length of classic.
  14. Clonkers Journeyman

    Thanks Ngreth, will be too late to have much impact on Corinav but I guess the next one will be better
  15. That One Guy Augur

    Let me clarify that the slight isn't at you, at all. But, there HAS to be GM's that play on these TLP servers and I guarantee you that if they play on these TLP servers, they know about so many of the things going on. Maybe they just refuse to forward this information. I don't know. But, it is impossible to play through these TLPs and not know about specific things. Like, permanently AFK toons. Or out of era mobs that AoE for 50% of your life. These are just things you know about by being part of the community. Again, if there are GM's that actually play on these TLPs, they are just not forwarding information that you guys might want them to.

    If 0 GM's play on these TLP servers... well then it makes sense why they are so out of touch with what goes on and what game mechanics are available on these servers. One GM didn't even know that pets auto attack when their owner is attacked. This is a very basic thing that a GM should know when they are trying to determine if a player is AFK botting.
  16. Numzan Augur

    You dont put up a test TLP server prior to releasing it? having beta testers see if there is anything wrong with it. Exploits included.
  17. Punchu Augur

    It's ok Ngreth. We love you. Ignore these p99 locust.
  18. Dythan Augur

    It's also telling that these mobs have been on every TLP. The rest of us big boys just sacked up, played around them and dealt with it. Not a big deal. But now the children who couldn't hack it on real servers are all in one spot on cornaiv and it's a problem.
  19. Maze New Member

    This statement is highly inaccurate.

    You technically don't even need to zone.

    Select * from npcmadeuptable where zone = "chardok";

    Or if you group all the npcs by zoneid like p99

    Select * from npcmadeuptable where id > minzonerange and id < maxzonerange;

    Can easily make thousands of edits in an hour with simple queries.

    Just need to know the game you work for.

    90% of database changes should be immediate with a repop of the zone....
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  20. ExoticCheese Journeyman

    While in many/most systems, this is possible, it's generally not wise to update a database of a system as large as EQ with Update and similar SQL statements. The most benign typo or misquery could wreak havoc on the entire system. If you work for any major corporation, Fortune 500/etc, you'd probably know that their IT department will avoid using SQL queries to do bulk updates, and instead, will use the in-app process manually (ie: Log into EQ, and zone somewhere to make the update)
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