Easiest Class to play in EQ?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Yinla, May 20, 2020.

  1. Tuco Elder

    One of the most merciless people I ever played with was an 11 year old girl who played vanilla WoW. She played a hunter with her druid mother and would relentless pursue any horde she could until they were murdered.
  2. Nadisia Augur

    Yeah Tuco ;)
    And same for sometimes being rude, saucy and naughty haha.

    No, we're not «made of sugar and spice».
    Not always that spice :p
  3. Yinla Augur

    If she takes after her father she will pick a class play it for a bit then switch to something else, switch again and again until adventually giving up.

    If on the other hand she takes after me she will want to do every quests, every mission, every zone, every class, every race..... I've been at it now for 19 years, I have at least 1 of most classes and I still find more stuff to do.

    If I can get her interested enough I'm sure she will want to see most of the game, not sure about raiding as that is when she spends half the night chatting to friends she was at uni with who live 100s of miles away. So I would imagin it would be more grouping, mainly with me and my partner, but she has met some of our other guild members when we met up for a meal.

    I think she would enjoy a vah shir beastlord, but every once in a while she surprises me.
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  4. kizant Augur

    If you want her to quit playing then go with the Wizard recommendation.
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  5. Andarriel Augur

    MAGES by far easiest class target mob tell pet to attack rinse repeat. People stop giving wizards a bad name!

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  6. Cuuthbert Elder

    Zerker, just accept the rez
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  7. Marton Augur

    This was going to be my suggestion.
  8. Yinla Augur

    I've mained a wizzy for 19 years there is no way I was going to let her go this route! If I didn't have some much time invested in mine I would switch.

    Well our plan to create a char tonight went a bit sideways with the servers still being down, but she has had a play on tesk and has created a beastlord..........a wood elf!!!! :rolleyes: She did consider a mage, but went for the beast.

    Oh well her choice.

    As she has done the tutorial on test tonight we can remake it tomorrow on AB and start in Crecent Reach and do all the quests there, should keep her quiet for a little while, now I just need to find something to play to complement her beast. :)
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  9. Fohpo Augur

    Trader, hands down.
  10. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    She is now the only wood elf beastlord serverwide in the entire game.
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  11. Magneress Elder

    wizard, mage, zerker, rogue, warrior, w/e when you duo u can get away with a lot too

    so ranger, bl fit the bill too imo

    if she likes helping maybe cleric, druid or sham, i mean there isn't a ton of complexity to buffing and healing either

    being unique and able to rp will probably be more interesting than being 100% efficient with little effort, in that vein, wood elf bl is cool )
  12. kizant Augur

    For real. Some people clearly have no idea what they're talking about when they recommend wizard to a new player. Just because they box one OK by pushing 1 button to do bad DPS. They're just not a good solo or group class.

    I've been leveling a necro recently and just for fun I wanted to see the simplest/easiest way to just kill normal xp mobs. If all I do is click the 110 swarm pet I can kill yellow cons in EW and there's zero risk. I don't have max pet AAs and no merc is required. Pet classes are the way to go for sure. Or a healer if they just want to hang back and help out.
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  13. Herf Augur

    Wizards have to manage agro or they get slurped. I'd go with mage or maybe SK. Cleric might be ok if they can learn how to use fast vs complete vs HoT heals.
  14. Chopin.Xegony Elder

    Run a bard with the Beastlord! Bards pair amazingly with Beastlords.
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  15. Ninelder Augur

    Everything pairs well with both those classes. I do upvote the Beastlords. Have seen at least a dozen "kids" pick up the game over the years. The ones that went with beastlord seemed to have more fun and an easier go at learning the game.

    Kids love pets, if your daughter is into cats then Vah Shir Beastlord is purrfect!

    The class is honestly OP, they can function as melee or a pet class especially at lower levels. They are DPS, ADPS, and mana pump. They are the only class that remotely comes close to filling in for OP shaman buffs while also bringing plenty of class only stuff to the table. They can pull like a monk, melee like a monk, fast cast like a ranger, and do more neat things with their one pet than mages can with their four pet types.

    Played by a pro, they are almost always near the top of the DPS parse. But played by an idiot, they can still functionally progress through the game; while bringing enough perks to be a valued addition to most groups. It's a no fail situation for her, at least until her friends at school make her stop playing EQ so she can play whatever flavour of the month GTA is in fasion(this is what happened to my nephews.)
  16. Triconix Augur

    Wizard is definitely the easiest to play, but they are also one of the classes with the most dependencies to actually play. In other words, they need other people or another char in order to actually do anything. The actual playing of the class isn't all that difficult.
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  17. SleezerGeezer Journeyman

    Magician is easiest.
  18. Cuuthbert Elder

    Just let her read through the different types of characters and answer her questions about them. Which toon fascinates her the most will be the easiest because she will be interested in it.
  19. Fallor_FV New Member

    Beastlord is a fun class but they are very boring starting out till they get their first pet at level 8.

    Having said that you would probably be at level 8 in the tutorial in 30 mins to an hour of play on a live server so may not be an issue.
  20. Yimin Augur



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