Not A Bug Earring of Rallos Zek #3, The Foundation

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Mayya, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Mayya New Member

    Step 18 of this quest is "Create 2 Powdered Glowing Crystallized Velium using tradeskills".

    When I did this, I consulted another resource for information, since oftentimes the instructions in the task are somewhat cryptic. I combined 4 Glowing Crystallized Velium, got 2 Crushed Glowing Velium, then combined those 2 and got 1 Powdered Glowing Crystallized Velium. I am now left unable to complete the task, yet I failed nothing.

    Do not say anything about my not mentioning the hammer and the padding. We all know they are part of the combines and I used them.

    I understand that this was an incorrect recipe. Ok, fine. What usually happens when you fail a TS combine or do the wrong one? You go get more materials and try again. However, this task does not let you go get more materials. You cannot mine more than the 7 crystals that the task requires. I know a number of people who have redone the entire task. One person used the correct recipe and still got only 2 crushed. This inability to get more materials is, in my opinion, the bug, or a failure in how the task was designed.

    If you are not going to let us get more materials, then there should be only one recipe that works at each step, and each combine should be no fail.

    More in the spirit of TS, though, let us mine more crystals and try again.
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  3. Duder Augur

    That can happen. And is why the recipe for combining 4 exists. If you fail/partial fail the 7 component recipe you still have a partial success and receive 2 of the crushed and are returned 4 crystals which you combine for the remaining 2.

    Step 17 - Collect 7 glowing velium from the deepest mining cave taken over by the restless dead. You'll need to use your Velium Wood Chisel to break off a chunk with the correct fracture line and
    you'll only be able to get one from each crystal or cluster of crystals

    This earring is a tradeskill quest, having no-fail combines wouldn't really make it a tradeskill quest would it? Regardless, the instructions are in the quest. Complaining about the quest when the walkthrough you used is what failed you in the first place isn't right. However, I do sympathize with you having to redo that quest. That isn't fun and its not a great way to learn to be careful.
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  4. Mayya New Member

    As a 'tradeskill' quest, this task is a failure. Only three of its 19 steps are to create anything using tradeskills. To fail any of them and be left with insufficient materials to complete the task requires doing all 16 of those non-tradeskill steps over again. Tell me again about this being a tradeskill quest. Between the mobs required to be killed in task steps (58), and the evolution of the finished product (estimate ~500), the earring is a kill quest with a little bit of tradeskilling thrown in for spice.

    Was it not clear in the last line of my post that I thought getting more materials and doing the tradeskills over was a better solution than no-fail combines? Perhaps, in a tradeskill quest, doing the tradeskills over for screwing up or failing at the tradeskills is a better response than doing a lot of non-tradeskill stuff over again.
  5. Duder Augur

    Yeah but that's like a weird ultimatum type thing? Ngreth already stated that it is intended to be this way. Your feedback is valuable but it isn't a bug is what I was getting at. Sorry for lack of clarity.
  6. MiataDriver Elder

    You went to a different site to look it up, had you read the text of the task, it is quite specific.

    Crush all the glowing crystallized velium until you have four measures of crushed crystallized glowing velium. Crush those again until you have two measures of powdered crystallized glowing velium. You'll need to do this in a forge with a smithy hammer. Use superb leather padding to help be sure you don't leave sharp edges. If you fail any of these steps, you might have remaining parts. Crush them as well using the same method until you have two powders. Do what you wish with the extras, especially if you salvage some of the velium.
    Having said that, I agree, the task should allow you to go back and get more crystals. It's not like the statement that you can only get one from a crystal is actually correct, you can camp out and back in and mine the same crystal multiple times.

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