Early Mischief/Teek item prices

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  1. Manian Vineheart Lorekeeper

    Missed Mischief and plan on giving Teek a go, how were item prices during classic/kunark/velious on the server compared to other TLP servers during those eras?
  2. Kahna Augur

    For most stuff, low. For the very tippy top high end raid gear, those remain pretty high, until an expansion or two has passed.

    For group stuff like GEBs or Ancient Cyclops ring, we had so many drop in exp groups we had to let the rings rot. And we had GEBs on all our alts without paying a dime.

    Having Kunark open right away will alter prices too. Can't really predict how that will play out, but prices should be fairly low. Stuff drops everywhere and in large quantities.
  3. Manafasto Augur

    Only downside with the Kunark start in my eyes is no inky mask for them big boi's.
  4. Kahna Augur

    Masks will drop, and they will be tradable and common as dirt.
  5. Indigo_Quarmite Augur

    I gave away / vendored more group loot then ever on Mischief. Always joined new players channel and just gave away freebies to people starting. Obviously for a few weeks there will be some demand but yeah loot is abundant to understate it.
  6. Lineater Augur

    Yea masks should drop for 90 days, along with fungi tunic and CoS.

    Items like GEBs started out comparable but dropped to under a krono pretty quick. I recall getting around 1kr for an FBSS in the first few weeks. I expect the market to be a bit more savvy so people probably won't overpay for stuff early. Impossible to predict though, all depends on server pop and supply/demand. With everyone crammed onto 1 server, the market could be different.
  7. Larsen Augur

    I only played for the first month, but in that timeframe, most things very quickly became nearly worthless. I made a bard, and by level 40 or so, I had pretty much full BIS just from buying the stuff with plat I earned while leveling. Certain rare items were still valuable (bone-clasped girdle, cloak of flames, stuff like that) but almost everything was so common that prices were a joke. Like 200p for planar pieces within the first month of the server, 1k plat for selo drum, stuff like that.

    I remember joining a group somewhere, probably efreeti. Saw like 5x FBSS drop in a few hours. Several mithril 2h. Several pegasus cloaks. Rares dropped up to five items from their pool of named mob loot, so the server was so oversaturated with gear that only raidboss drops of the highest caliber had any real value. I went on one Vox raid and she dropped something like fifteen items, including four dragon haste items. Everyone in the guild was full BIS after a handful of raids, and then all further drops were just bought with DKP and promptly sold for kronos. To me, that's a farcical way to play Everquest.

    Don't know how it was in later expansions, I quit playing because I didn't like the ezmode funserver vibe where everything is handed to you with minimal effort and 98% of items are worthless. Last I heard, people were farming Grummus (entry-level PoP raid boss) for PoTime drops. I never understood why everyone thinks this ruleset is fantastic.
  8. Manafasto Augur

    I thought they only dropped so long during classic, did they drop on Selo?
  9. Kahna Augur

    All that extra loot kills the greed and FOMO that drives 95% of the toxicity and conflict on the server, making for a much more enjoyable place to play. I don't have to play stupid games against the mages farming COS's in Kunark, I can just go kill another mob that also drops it. There is pretty much always another option to get what you want. I can play 100% found only loot, my preferred playstyle, and still do just fine.

    I play this to relax, Mischief loot is relaxing. Some people like cozy games. We are only in these expansions for a few months, not a year like they were intended to be experienced. We like actually getting enough loot for everyone in the guild. This game and killing things in it was never difficult, just tedious. Mischief keeps the fun parts and gets rid of the tedious ones.
  10. Kahna Augur

    They drop for a set period of time, 90 days. Yes, they dropped on Selos. The Classic and Kunark restricted items will drop for the first 90 days on this server too.
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