Earhoop of the Eighteen Eyes

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Imukai, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. Imukai Augur

    Earhoop of the Eighteen Eyes, drop from Keladrix in Inktu'ta (Gates of Discord)

    Item says it has Improved Dodge I which "Increases your dodge rating by 10."

    It does not. Dodge does not move. 305/305 before and after putting it on.

    Another Dodge-type item (Signet of Might, tradeskill quest from PoP), says it improves Dodge by 8% and raises me to 329/305. That's not Improved Dodge I however.

    So Improved Dodge I on the Earhoop of Eighteen Eyes does nothing.
  2. Riou EQResource

    Dodge Chance = (((SKILL + 100) + [((SKILL+100) * SPA(174).Base1) / 100]) / 45) + [(hAgi / 25) - min([hAgi / 25], hStrikethrough)].

    the "10 rating" on that plugs into spa 174 base 1 value of 10

    it doesn't direct touch your Dodge skill that a +x% item does
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