Duo Spots ?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Kendiian, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Kendiian Augur

    Hey I was wondering if neone knew some good duo or solo spots from 50-60. Was thinking of doing velks as usual but a camp would be nice, have considered sebillis and have been told GE is good but duoing GE is a pita. I know Chardok, SG and PoV are good at 60-65. If nothing works I'll head back too velks, also PoJ doesn't seem like my kinda thing.
  2. SteelToe Elder

    PoI was a hot zone and pretty good xp for 50-57 IIRC. What duo and with what mercs, if any?
  3. Alilion New Member

    I went to The Hole and then Veksar for those ranges on my box duo/trio. I took a few hard knocks but learned the lessons they taught... walked away with tons of gems, level ~65 and some earned aa.

    Old Seb (snare!) and Velks are also old standbys, though the former has a wider level range and is easier to manage boxing.

    PoI, PoN, BoT, and then PoF can take you 46-70+ if you like the planes. Depending on your duo, you could also try Hate.

    I'd suggest GE for Luclin, but it sounds like you've considered that.
  4. catcattank Elder

    Barren coast, torgiran mines, nadox, mesa near roost ZL, roost (55+), blood fields, acrylic caverns.