Duo on live..anything viable

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  1. Rayvorn Elder

    Is there any duo on live that is viable to do group content (2 characters 2 mercs). I don't care if it's a bit slower but is it possible without massive deaths ect. Not looking to exploit or anything just enter zone, kill mobs, kill group bosses, get chest. Assume at some point we are raid geared as the purpose would be join a raiding guild that is active on live.

    Reason I ask is I know classes changed a lot with the new expansions and classes like SK's and Beastlords have some videos of them soloing some pretty hard stuff, if my wife played a shaman or something would that be enough? Interested in other duos outside of healer tank also but only if its just as viable.

    We want to be able to farm augs, get flags, complete missions without anyone else (will add people if available but don't want to be stuck if unable to find anyone).

    Thanks, haven't been past HoT to know if this is possible.

    Only two I could come up with is Shaman/SK or Shaman Mage.
  2. Vumad Cape Wearer

    There are 4 roles in the game. Tank, healer, DPS and support. Take damage, fix damage, do damage and modify damage.

    Duo is plenty with mercs. Mercs can fill any role except support. They will not slow, pull, crowd control, etc. So it is best that one person in the duo can do these.

    Cleric mercs are the most powerful of the mercs, so a healer is the least needed role of a PC player.

    Tank mercs are pretty weak. They tank like chain classes and do almost no damage. It's a pretty good idea to have a PC tank.

    Rogue mercs are good DPS presently, but they suicide, while wizard mercs are poor DPS and usually live.

    Examples of good duo/merc combos are...

    MAG(pet tank)/ENC - WIZ/CLR

    Any class combination that can fill the 4 rolls however works. For example...
    BST/RNG covers pet tank, slow, puller and DPS, add mercs.
    Using a SHM or druid can help keep a merc tank alive if you dont want to box a tank class.
    Necros can do everything an enchanter can do against undead, so if you seek out undead a necro can be your support class.

    Etc etc.

    Ultimately, almost any combination will work, it's just a matter of how optimized you want to be. Picking classes you want to play is more important than picking the best classes.
  3. matouoli Lorekeeper

    mage can serve 3 of them , tank ( pet ), dps and pulling ( with COH --->> call of the heroes )

    COH spell is level 55 , i am nor sure when the aa coh start tho,

    coh pulling is easy when used to it, ( coh clear all agro if you are not too close to the mob agro range ).

    so you can pull with the other toon, you can root , snare , ect and being coh not too far from the group to clear agro,, then you just have to pick the mob.

    my top duo would be mage + shm . shm specially at higher levels can cc pretty well with aa { ae root and single root } * and good heals, and all.
    real tank can be good with a well equipped tank , but it can be hard to equip a tank when you can't tank nameds .

    what 's good with this duo is they can perform decently if having to be FTP here and there . a real tank going ftp and very gear dependant would be a weak tank , with no prestige armors and specially missing augments.
  4. Vumad Cape Wearer

    CoH pulling is a work around for a lack of pulling. Saying a mage is a pulling class because they can CoH is like saying a wizard is a puller because they can evac. Yes, but no. The mage isn't even pulling, they are just coordinating a work around with another player who is attempting a long pull.

    And the mage can heal their pet, so arguably they fill all 4 slots, like a Paladin I guess. Paladins are support because they can slow because they wear a nifty belt right? But neither is a puller or a support class.
  5. matouoli Lorekeeper

    well , i was gouped with a good bard several years ago, but when he was not there i was pulling ( with coh ) almost as fast as him, ( sometime faster ), i was pulling with my druid, at that time , with cheetah run speed ( shm have it as well ), i was pulling many mobs , snaring one after the others , and being coh.ed , and all the mobs were stading there doing nothing, i just had to pick them,..work as well with shm . cast coh ( followed with ae root from shm ), can repeat if needed, then you can kill whatever without much trouble, can reapply root if needed,

    you should see when someone is good at it what they can do :)
  6. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Fair enough. I box a mage so I might have to give it a try.