Druids: Charming and Quadding

Discussion in 'Priests' started by ARCHIVED-Anconeus, May 17, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Anconeus Guest

    Hi All,
    After an extended retirement I am back... I Started playing the first month and a Druid has always been my main.
    I was hoping that some of the more expierenced Druids could help me out with some good solo hunting areas. I am level 64 with 130 AA and looking for the following..
    1. Where are the best places to charm kill (at 64 and as I progress in levels)
    2. Is Quadding a good technique still? ( where, what and what levels)
    Thanks for all your help :)
  2. ARCHIVED-Sliggoth-ES Guest

    Charming and quadding (quinting at 91+) are still good options for druids. Altho at some levels and in some zones you will find that killing single mobs via nuke kiting or root rotting will be the better way to go. This is partially because of the layout of some zones...there were a few expansions where the ground simple was not level enough to quad...little tiny surface features cause the mobs to split their pathing badly.
    At 64 steppes might be a good place for you. Possible to quad altho single killing may be better since that whole expansion the zones tend to have that uneven ground problem. Direwind cliffs (the roots) and then the spiders or bears in icewind are good as you level.
    Once you get a few levels you will definitely want to kill in loping plains, the crocs there are EXCELLENT for reverse charm killing, the worgs quad nicely.

    Once you get to the top end, voa has a couple new spells that hit up to 5 targets. Voa also has LOTS of nice flat zones that just beg for quadding.

  3. ARCHIVED-Starla Guest

    Welcome back Anco :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Tobynn Guest

    Karana's Rage @ 62 is the last of the quadkite spells. As mentioned, at level 91/92 we get some new spells that can hit up to 5 targets at once, but for the thirty levels between the only Targeted AE spells we get are the rain line. Charm will be your bread 'n butter throughout those levels, as that old quadkite spell simply won't be doing enough damage against higher level mobs to make it worthwhile.
  5. ARCHIVED-darchon Guest

    If you want to solo exclusively:

    Level 64-65 in PoStorm frogs charming.
    Level 65-70 mabye PoStorm frogs, likely rooting rotting is best here though
    Level 71-76 Icefall Mammoths charming.
    Level 76-86 Restless Alligators in loping plains, charming.
    Level 86-91 Animals in Al'Kabor (requires T3 HoT group flag) charming.
    Level 91-95 Alligators in Beasts' Domain charming.
    Level 95 Quint Kitting Windsong.

    Quint kiting is only faster than charming if you have decent gear though due to the mana cost.

    Level 65-71 is kinda rough iirc cause OoW, DoD, DoN and PoR didn't have any good charming locations. And by then Karana's Rage is pretty bad DPS. So likely you will want to root rot, or group for this period of leveling. 71-95 can be done solo charming though.

    Quadding is only viable at levels 34-65 and 95 IMO.
  6. ARCHIVED-Tarrin Guest

    I've never quinted in Windsong. Always went to CoB, and I'm about sick of it at this point. Is there anywhere in particular to quint in Windsong?
  7. ARCHIVED-darchon Guest

    Tarrin wrote:
    Request the Windsong 1 mission. Everything in the center. All the Braxi and Bats.

    You can do it in the static zone but the bats in static cast wizard spells which is annoying when they stop to cast.
  8. ARCHIVED-Tarrin Guest

    darchon wrote:
    Awesome, never considered the mission. Poked me head into the center a few times in static and those bats kept screwing with me too much, so I would always go back to CoB.
  9. ARCHIVED-Winnowyl Guest

    I think there's something wonky going on, in the charming grounds in Al'Kabor's. The last 4 or 5 times I've gone in there to charm on my druid, the snakes have been hitting me from forever away. I don't *think* it's latency on my computer, because none of the other flavors of animals out there are hitting me, just that stupid snake. =\ Has anyone else experienced this? Or am I just really cool in my inability to grind there anymore?
  10. ARCHIVED-Sliggoth-ES Guest

    I havent been in alkabor's for a while, but the snakes there always have had a longer reach than other mobs. Used to be able to skate very close to the wolves or bees but the snakes would reach out and hit from much farther away. If there has been any change at all you would definitely notice it first from the snakes, even a little lag would make them really nasty.

  11. ARCHIVED-Winnowyl Guest

    Yeah, they've always had a longer reach than the others, but this was insane reach. I was no where near close enough to be getting hit. If you've spent any time there, and kite in the (kinda) middle front of the island, nearish the wall, you know you've got a couple bears on one side, with some halflings, and then some wolves and bugs near a fallen tree on the other side. That strip down the center is where I kite, and I *have* to kill that one snake that's there.
    I was taking a beating from the snake who was rooted in the center of that area, while running to the sides. I was nearly within agro range of the mobs on either side, and that stupid snake was still wailing on me. I ended up dying, because I couldn't even get out of range to get a survival off, before he beat me to death. It was nuts. I've given up hunting there at this point. My boyfriend, who's played a druid for 10+ years, has also been seeing the same, or similar, at that camp. And on his much better computer system. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed that our snakes there gave up their ability to kick, and gained the ability to reach like Stretch Armstrong. =\
  12. ARCHIVED-Bigc901 Guest

    I spent some time in alkabors... the snakes are the ones with the absurd reach!!!! i started to try to kill them first then continue with the swarm..

    I am interested in quint kiting in Windsong though.. using the hecla flare and the ice line? can some one explain a little?
  13. ARCHIVED-darchon Guest

    Spells for Quinting:

    Heliacal Flare (5 target - 12 recast)
    Lunar Chill (5 target - 12 recast)
    Crashing Hail (4 target - 12 recast)
    Wildblaze / Frostcloak Aura
    Harvesting Inferno

    AAs for Quinting:
    Entrap 4
    Storm Strike 15 (I think thats maxed)
    Veil of the Underbrush
    Improved Twincast 4

    These are just the spells / AAs I use often. You should have all your nuke AAs maxed probably before doing this but... basic premise is:

    Cast Aura
    Cast Entrap on 5 mobs then run circles to ball them up.
    Cast Heliacal -> Lunar Chill -> Crashing Hail
    Repeat til all are dead

    Always target the mob that has the highest health (this way your aura proc hits him). Use Storm Strike nukes to equalize HPs.

    If you ever get a mob to 0%, use Harvesting Inferno to finish it off. If you get the killshot with it, you get a short buff with 40% more chance to crit nuke + 10% more dmg from crit nukes, quite handy when you're casting AEs.

    Depending on your mana pool you can do it different ways. If I have Improved Twincast / Twincast up, I'll generally grab 10 mobs with Entrap and blow them up. I can usually get 15-20 mobs dead before I need to med. If you ever aggro an extra mob, its more efficient to kill 5 of 6, and fade off the 6th generally speaking. The way AEs work, is they seem to select the same mobs over and over so long as the mobs stay tightly packed, so the same 1 mob will keep getting missed from your AEs, so it will be at high HP at the end (same thing for our 5 target AE nukes vs our 4 target rain nuke... thats what the aura / storm strike are for).

    A normal lesson burn will involve 6-7 quints (30-35 mobs total), and while burning lessons in windsong each mob *generally speaking* is gonna be 1 AA. So 30-35 AA LoD burns basically. I know some druids are doing more, but I'm too lazy to mess around with my method to speed it up.

    Note, the bats and the braxi are different types of social. What I mean by this is, if you have 3 bats at 10% and 1 braxi at 10%, that 1 braxi will start to try to run (but because snared just stand in place), which means you will need to handle him seperately or plan your kiting / casting such that the mobs still chasing you are running on top of the mob who is running away right as an AE lands. Generally I will just sic my AA swarm pets and storm strike these sorts of mobs to death.
  14. ARCHIVED-Sumpe Guest

    Tarrin wrote:
    You say windsong. Do they not summon ?
  15. ARCHIVED-darchon Guest

    Nothing in the inner ring summons except named and the humanoid models. The animals don't.

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