Druids are worthless?

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  1. Elskidor Augur

    Playing one myself on Mischief but ultimately I'm doing it for ports and PLing my future box and some friends. I'm enjoying it for the most part but still prefer Cleric or Shammy. It's a fun class and capable of a ton of things, just a master of nothing, but there's nothing wrong with that if you're having fun. Screw the min/maxers. I may play a Rogue next or an Enchanter that refuses to charm.

    Thanks for the necro thread. I find it amusing how some people get so upset over a good old fashion necroing.
  2. SleezerGeezer Elder

    The one reason I'll never play a Chanter, is because I'll be expected to charm, and I think the tactic is cheesy and tedious.
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  3. SleezerGeezer Elder

    Quit gatekeeping.
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  4. Demetri Augur

    1) I'm guessing in your world, Paladin tanks don't exist - Paladin + Druid compliment each other perfectly. Just like SK + SHM and WAR + CLR tend to all deal with the pros and cons of each alignment. PAL/SHM really doesn't function as well. SK-WAR/DRU functions comparatively poorly as well, etc. Groups are built on bolstering synergies and/or covering weaknesses of your partners - not swiss army knife status. (If ONLY that was a concern, Clerics are even more one note - only shamans have a ridiculous number of constantly useful roles to fill)

    2) Charming is a nice bonus when it's available - but completely unneeded to be a primary asset. But a heck of a bonus when it is.

    3) Root CC - Check on this - it's not really practical for group CC without a push.

    4) DPS nonsense - there's a MARKED difference in the mana cost against shaman - there's also a free cast time duration to get that dot on when the shaman is likely slowing for anything significant instead - while the shaman is blowing through extra mana and canni-dancing to match the druid's mana situation.

    Bluntly, the biggest plus for a druid is that they get ports in addition to their other benefits (which IS diminished to almost nil after PoP and greatly diminished in SoL) - and the biggest negative is the lack of rezz - and that's literally it.
  5. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Trevalon's Druid rants used to push my buttons, we had this out long before 2019, probably right before the Agnarr launch. The highlight was an exchange where he said if a Druid tried to join his group when he wanted a Cleric, he'd logoff and use his time more wisely, like to mow the lawn. I laughed for days on that one, still do once in a while. No hard feelings of course, I think he's chilled out a bit now though, but probably not enough to group with a Druid yet. :D Druids will always have a special place in my heart, being the first class I got over 40 in the early years. I specced Alteration and healed for every group I was in, did just fine. Sometimes a Snare and a Heal is all anybody wants out of a group member, and Druids do that very well, plus the Damage Shield. Great class.
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  6. nagash101 Augur

    you have been playing with BAD druids. On Raids they can parse very high with DoTs and DDs. They can charm animals, snare mobs, put DS on the tank, regen the tanks, Str Buff, SotW, cancel magic and fair dps in group content. They have the same heals as shamans but also have evac and ports. I personally like having a druid for support heals and all the utility they bring.
  7. nagash101 Augur

    Wrong, Monk out DPS enchanter unless you are in HATE or the HOLE and then its just close.
  8. Ebine Augur

    So a monk can out dps an enc with a charmed pet now after they nerfed it?
  9. Green_Mage Augur

    Druids are much better DPS once they have a lot of gear and AAs (assuming no pet). Kind of like how Wizard isn't that great classic but eventually is best or tied best for group DPS. Their healing likewise, gets very close to that of cleric after awhile. They are better healers than shamans.

    So when you plowing through easy or moderately difficult content in later eras -- Druid/Shaman often out-preforms cleric/shaman (or BST). You shouldn't be needing rez anyway. Even if it doesn't, so what? It's good enough. No reason to hold out for cleric when a druid is available.

    Some people are just a slave to this theory craft version of the best possible group. To me, I don't only log in when I have some perfect preform lined up.* I log on and form a group with who is available LFG. Druid might not be best -- but often its a lot better than waiting an hour to start so you can get that class you "need" to do content... Which you almost certainly don't.

    *which easily can include druid with charm pets, or in a later eras on easier content.
  10. nagash101 Augur

    Yes. In most cases. Some zone have mobs that have huge DPS out put, HATE is one of those places.
  11. TLP Addict Augur

  12. zleski Augur

    I play a Druid on Thornblade. The following has happened in the past few days:

    Sitting in Commonlands, /roleplay, and have someone put plat in my trade window asking for a teleport.

    Sitting in Commonlands, NOT /roleplay and NOT /lfg, and received a tell asking if I wanted to join a group in The Ruins of Old Paineel.

    From my point of view druids are doing just fine.
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  13. Thraine Augur

    Jealousy is a hellova drug lol
  14. Accipiter Old Timer

    They dropped charmed pet DPS by something like 20%. I forget the actual number. So can a monk out DPS a charmed mob today? Not unless you pick a really bad pet.
  15. Dune New Member

    Seven pages now and not one mention of Skin of the Reptile. Paladin/Druid works for me on Aradune.

    Falstaff of Aradune
  16. John Redcorn III New Member

    to put it simple the server is rigged for evil races and classes to succeed. Daybreak gaming company actually encourages monster stealing and abuse as it drives up sales of krono and subs.