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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Allayna, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. smash Augur

    There no reason for druids to be special with extra spell slots, you have to prioritize your spells, just like everyone else.
  2. kizant Augur

    You dr00ds can have the Wizard Strong Root AA if you really want it. Doubt anyone would miss it.
  3. Renotaki Elder

    I wouldn't mind donating Ward of Destruction either :D
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  4. Raeff the Druid Lorekeeper

    Well, I have specifically proposed a long recast Strong Root that would allow us to root previously root immune mobs. Certainly not overbalancing if it is on a ten minute timer. Just seems like druids are the original root class - as implied by the name itself (root-roots-rooted).
  5. Raeff the Druid Lorekeeper

    Why not? I often hear folks espouse the 'strength' of druids as their utility. Well, utility means little if you really can't use the various kits we have. Other classes lose nothing if druids have the most options at their fingertips - since none of our options can lead to tops in dps or healing. It would only mean that we can actually debuff, heal reasonably, and do some dps at once. And believe me, even with 4 more slots, we would still need to choose between several possible options.

    No reason anyone should be against this....
  6. Brohg Augur

    Druids have been gaining spell slots over time. Entrap AA is a spell slot, Evacuate AA is a spell slot, Blessing of Ro AA is a spell slot, Paralytic Spores(that one needs some hastening) & Spray AAs are spell slots. I agree that more could/should be gained, but plain blank spots on the Spell Casting Bar that other classes don't have isn't an option. That's why there are proposals like a "Blessing of E`Ci" AA for Glistening Frost, and for attaching Skin to Vines & the Frostx Breath debuffs to their respective debuff buttons. That would be another three "spell slots" for druids to gain.
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  7. smash Augur

    Shamans got same problem.

    And necro have to swap spell sets all the time to be efficent.

    And like Brohg says they do not make exceptions for class, i am sure any class can come up with a reason that they are special.
  8. Warpeace Augur

    Your better asking for more, new usable AA abilities, combo spells or clickies than a "I'm special" spell slot. You can only cast so many spells at one time and then have to deal with the global cool down. Look into other options to maximize the spells you do have and supplement them better maybe?
  9. Brohg Augur

    Well, different versions of special, not all spell gems special. Shd, wiz, mag, enc, rng, bst, brd, cle, shm(?) (8-9 of 12 classes that have spell bar) are all mostly fine on spell slots atm. All will be happy when the 14th slot currently buried in UI data is finally enabled, of course, but aren't hamstrung so much by the current scale of the thing.

    Shm version of the problem would be close to druids, most especially in how it's the shared(ish) combat buffs that are typically the direct victims of their respective spell gem squeezes (Growth, Sloth/Reptile, hp buff, alliance), but Shm don't have the same debuff whole category deal hanging out not even loaded most of the time. But also the general populace is prone to forgetting Dru have six debuffs to get going if the target is big enough? I don't think widespread ignorance is a game balance issue, per se…

    Necros have to do the active multiple sets swapping thing just to get the one job of dps done versus high hp raid mobs, which is a whole different concern. Any one job for druids just takes 3-8 spell gems, the problem arises from there being four jobs :p There is some parallel to look at with how big chunks of the spell book don't apply in group content, alleviating the concern pretty entirely when the venue changes.


    By my reckoning, just Paladins match druids in the nature of their spell gem squeeze problem right now. Between agro spells, nukes, stuns, heals, hotts & self buffs, there's north of 20 spells a good paladin could wish were ready options for fighting with most of the time …and then several more spells the not-so-good paladins might want :p Like druids, there can be sections of the class that just aren't there or aren't strong based on the spell load out. Can't be the whole class all at once, which is definitely a per se game balance issue.
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  10. smash Augur

    Would however not say bst are good, since serving as spell casters (dd/dot ) 8 in total, buffers, debuff, pet owners, so 3 - 5 more really needed, need 3 for pet buffs, 1 for pet heal, 1 for swarm pets.
    Add 3 spells for when pet dies, have to swap spells there. Resulting in downtime of around 30 - 40 secs. Almost all spells are personel, while druids debuffs are shared, so druid 1 debuff A druid 2 debuff B, decreasing the actual numbers needed.

    This to show situation vs how druids got it, so druids not special in that regard
  11. Rolaque Augur

    An additional decrease in the base cast time for Vida would be very useful for both raid and group. For group healing especially, druids only have a limited number of fast heals (either single or group), and when those are all greyed out there is only Vida left to use.

    But that's just my opinion.
  12. Brohg Augur

    This is nonsense.

    Bst spell set is Dicho, FrozenToxin, Maelstrom, Chill, Blood, Covenant, Salve, Mending. Eight spells and already Mending is super questionable, like I wouldn't even blink if a bst told me they didn't bother loading it.

    Sometimes Feralgia comes along, it's relatively small potatoes. Sometimes Endemic is worth a spell slot, but usually not. There aren't debuffs no idea wtf you mean there. Pet spells aren't fighting spells. It's convenient sometimes to keep Fero around for folks that die during long battles, and may as well because there's so much slush space on the Bst spell bar.

    Beastlords have some of their own special issues, but spell gem squeeze is not remotely one of them
  13. Brohg Augur

    Agree. The parallel cle & shm spells are Merciful Light & Eyrzekla's Mending, all of them ought to be moved to 3sec base cast instead of their current 3.75s. That way then when fully hastened they're only slower than two combat rounds, instead of slower than three.
  14. Raeff the Druid Lorekeeper

    While I concede that devs are not likely to add spell gem slots just for druids, I remain convinced that would, in fact, be a fair way of handling the problems druids are faced with currently, and would be a path toward really creative and interesting exploration of our 'utility' as our class-defining characteristic. Of course, I am sympathetic to the problems faced by Necros and Pallys, and could imagine that those classes might also be granted some extra spell slots to alleviate some of their challenges.

    In lieu of that strategy, then I heartily advocate for the various suggestions to consolidate and combine our debuff kit with our DOT debuffs. I would very much like to use my debuffs but current design makes it nearly impossible to fully deploy them with any real purpose.

    Moreover, I continue to advocate for rebalancing of our mana regen, general DD and DOT casting times/mana cost (DOTS not DD), and DD/DOT damage. Even with GMM gear and 5 rares, my mana is depleted far beyond the BSTS, SKs, Rangers, and Mages I group with. And, once I get behind, I have few options other than to med through several pulls. (Don't even start with me about our summoned mana bear!).

    Increasing our mana regen by 15% or more, and lowering general cast times by 25%, and lowering DOT mana costs would be a great start and would help revitalize the class without displacing other classes.

    Lastly, I still hold out for some really creative ideas in regards our class. Why not something entirely new like a short-term buff that allows resistance to summons? Or some kind of global enhancement to druids when near the druid circles, or certain other outdoor spots? Or give druids a permanent bane damage to certain creatures (or better yet, increase the amount of mobs that can be nuked with our summoned mob nuke which currently sees little or no use).

    There are any number of ideas in this thread that would do much to help druids gain traction again, and would add flavor to everyone's gameplay experience.
  15. Allayna Augur

    Your resist to summons idea would be highly exploitable.
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  16. Tucoh Augur

    If anyone is getting resistance to summons it better be my warrior that gets bounced around by mobs at effective melee range.

    Getting summoned by a punk mob who only got damaged by my riposte is humiliating.
  17. Coas Lorekeeper

    Admittedly, I suck at trying to quote one specific part of a post..I'm sure you can tell where Raeff's quote ends and my post begins.
  18. Spellfire Augur

    I agree 100%.

    I thought it was hilarious when Raeff asked for more dps.
  19. menown Augur

    Raeff was very ineffective at making his point, using an interpretivist approach instead of a positivist approach. It is true that druids do need to consolidate their 6 debuffs into 1 cold and 1 fire debuff. There would be 0 DPS increase other than saving time not casting spells that do no damage. Look at the table below for what druids are suggesting.
    I for one am a fan of this idea. Druids will more likely to cast their debuffs and it saves them prime real-estate spell gem slots.

    However, I do believe that Necros deserve spell consolidations before any other class. Druids are not in such a poor state that they can't wait in line for a spell change.
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  20. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Started with a druid way back and have played it through every expansion. Overall, I love my druid and think she's okay … could use help in certain areas, but would never consider swapping her out of my group for the latest flavor of the month.

    I'm not sure which was worst … Raeff's dot damage claim or the necros trotting out raw damage comparisons before the gazillion additives/multipliers. I'll call it a wash.

    Druid dots and overall damage are in a pretty good place from what I'm seeing on raids. Mana costs are bit too high still after the druid dot re-nerf when you consider what a druid can realistically pull back in. But if you refuse to use mana bear, then you probably aren't using your spec aug, shawl aug, and primary/secondary mana return items or augs. That's what being a druid is all about … getting a little mana here, and a little there. ALWAYS having a version of wolf on yourself. Not casting dots in a speed group when less than half the damage hits. Boosts to Mask line and Skin line would be great additions, but you still are going to have to work at mana.

    Death is still a huge penalty for druids … but they are not the only caster type screwed upon death. There needs to be a breather type assist where we can not do anything offensive for 15-30 sec and at least build a base to go from (but that would be for all caster types) … or let us all cast fake pets for ridiculous mana reclaim ...

    Debuffs are a big bane of contention for me as druids lost so much of their great attack debuffs in the changes...but unfortunately there was very little uproar from the druid community. Skin to whatever will never be consolidate as it's a target issue. You are almost certainly never going to see a dot damage spell combined with a heal either as druids have never had that capacity (no matter how small). Plus anytime a heal other ability is involved, the devs tend to think that it's THE MOST POWERFUL THING IN THE UNIVERSE (tm)… and you end up lagging behind others (see pallies vs sks). I do think asking that Glistening Frost be given an aa like Cowl of Ro has to free up a spell gem is a simple, quick, and realistic ask that I could see getting done.

    As an aside, necros don't need to be first in line for anything. Unlike druids, they bawled like little babies and got perhaps the single best debuff aa for themselves in the game in the new Scent of Thule back. It's a shame druids didn't cause more of an uproar when all their debuffs got gutted ...

    Speaking of spell slots, all casters could use more … it's not just a druid thing. Personally, I think we should hammer the point home how melee/hybrids get to use ANY disc they want at the click of a hotkey at any time (yeah, there are still timers … and still only 1 "active" disc in the window … but have you seen lately how many actives vs other discs m/h have these days?). Casters have to pick and choose 13 AND deal with cooldown timers AND deal with linked timers. The early tradeoff of combat abilities vs spells really has almost flipped and really hurts every casting class. But in no way should druids only get more spell slots.

    I pretty much agree with the early consensus in the thread that druid healing needs attention, either faster base times, unlinking lines, etc. Don't really have anything better to add on that.

    All classes got *zero* new ideas last go. There's been an Anniversary zone since last expansion launch. The new expansion has a level bump. I am hoping all classes may get one real change specific to them, but I won't be surprised if it's just extensions of old lines. Folks need to stop asking for the sky and focus on 1-2 things that will make the class more fun. Mine would be druid healing (shorter base casts, unlink timers) and the frost aa.
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