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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Allayna, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. Allayna Augur

  2. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I don’t even know....

    Also a couple of other really minor things that have annoyed me lately.

    Nature Walker’s Behest - This Spell, or any pet honestly, I’ve found to be very useful in niche roles in the game. However I am irrationally upset over its 30 second recast Timer. I cannot fathom why a pet spell needs a 30 second recast Timer to begin with. But I’d like to see it removed.

    Preincarnation - After the great AA culling of 2018, a lot of AAs which had unique spell data for abilities we already had spell scrolls for, they decided to remove the spell data and instead maker the AA autocast our highest spell. Doing this for fire Debuffs was fine since we get a new one with more power every level increase. However Preincarnation if we want to reach maximum benefit on we have to do a bunch of SoF quests and max an SoF faction.

    Currently Preincarnation is 25 / 29 / 33% divine save chance. I’d like to see a new spell in this line that increases that to 35 / 39 / 43. So that we have a reason to grab the new one. Also make an additional rank of the Preincarnation AA to autocast this new buff.

    Communion of the Cheetah - I really don’t see any reason this shouldn’t be a permanent buff to be honest. It’s something can easily maintain and have since HoT. But it’s just one of those extra buttons you have to continually hit that doesn’t impact power at all. There’s a reason we get perfected levitate and invis. Go ahead and just make cheetah another thing we can perfect at this point.

    Also a new AA idea I had:

    Invigorating Inferno - This would be a passive AA with 5 ranks. This would simply be a killshot AA. Whenever a Druid lands the killing blow on a non-trivial creature they have a 20/40/60/80/100% chance to trigger Inferno Harvest (Spell IDs 14482-14484 or 18522-18524)

    The buff already exists, we had spell lines in SoF and SoD that did this already but it should be made into a passive AA. I’m a bit confused why there are 6 different spell IDs for Inferno Harvest, they are all identical. But yea we should be able to passively trigger it on a kill shot.

    Mnemonic Quickness - This would be a passive AA with 1 rank. This ability would allow you to instantly load a spell set. Even if it involves 14 different spell gems from your current spell set. We have been meditating for 20 years and 110 levels, we should be able to fast Scribe every spell in our book by now. I know this is likely a code change but I know many classes *cough* Necromancer, would love this ability
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  3. Ninelder Augur

    That might be believable if you had not done it in every thread you have trolled in.

    I have never played on Xegony.

    Calling you on your BS is not directed hatred.

    I do not hate crazy people. I once knew a woman who told everyone she was Queen of the United States. No one believed her, but she never accused us of hating her for our doubt.

    Your people have tried to recruit me dozens of times just in the last few years, I have never fallen for it.
  4. Brohg Augur

    Hey there crazyperson. What are you objecting to? What part of anyone's suggestions for what they'd like for the druid class do you not like? Is there anything?
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  5. Ninelder Augur

    Preincarnation's one of our "Lobster" submissions(like spore spiral,healing rain,reptile.) Created by a Druid to compensate us for being the only class with useless armour.

    As with the other Lobster submissions it was deemed to good for us or a version of it was given to another class who didn't need it. They then abused the ability and caused the devs to punish us alongside the offenders.

    They gave the Shamu this spell too. Both classes were near unkillable if they combined this spell with the Second Chance tribute effect. Shaman have fully functional chain armour, parsed they take less melee damage than other priest classes and crazily the 3 other chain classes as well.

    In EQ a combat round is 3 seconds, its possible to have 3 seconds of action go by without being hit even against raid mobs. Most Shaman DPS spells have under a 3 second cast time, one of their best is 0.1 seconds, you can literally cast it while full out running.

    Combine their "tankability" to their exploitable DPS abilities and they were able to solo current raid bosses. Most notably in CToV. I do not know if they did this in other places.

    This wasn't possible for druids to do, as they are(still!) one of the only two classes remaining tuned with the presumption that they will have a buff neither class can cast(Cleric Spell Haste.) Druid worn armour might as well be Kleenex, we are the only class that can still take max damage from grey con mobs.

    So the spell was nerfed punishing druids alongside shaman, repeating the reptile fiasco from a couple of years before. Unlike reptile its still a pretty powerful ability, you should be glad we still have it.

    Your other suggestions are awesome, but as always; do not hold your breath.
  6. Ninelder Augur

    Everything posted by real druids, I thought I mentioned that. My bad.
  7. Brohg Augur

    Is there an interviewing & credentialing process? Are you arbitrating that qualification? Orrrrr are you just sniping from the cheap seats, having contributed… nothing? no ideas? sec rereading the thread… yep, nothing to a discussion that what you style "real" druids (since whatever that means appears to specifically exclude a person you've made a pattern of attacking in the Vet's Lounge, the Tanks section, couple other spots) didn't have the energy to kick off.

    It may be notable to others that you haven't exactly presented your own bona fides, but that ain't my style. If you wanted to throw in 2¢ on wishes for druiding going forward, I imagine I'd like to read them. This other stuff you're doing just isn't germane, or even interesting.
  8. Allayna Augur

    Real druid: Liljit....too legit to quit....as it were, tanks just fine and has since DoN expansion. Would I love stoicism, yes, does that make me a better priest....not really.

    There were an amazing amount of good suggestions, off the top of my head, Darchon, Kuvani and Rolaque have all brought to the table, even if Kuvani and I disagree on the Druid direction.

    What I’ve seen echo’d throughout the thread, improve/remove the restriction on loading more than 1 spell from a line of heals. Un-link the remote line, new aura, a splash....and stop giving Druid abilities to shaman...

    @Ninelder: stop derailing a legitimate conversation about class improvement suggestions.
  9. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Aye I’m aware of why Preincarnation got gutted originally. It used to allow for 100% divine save chance because the second rank of Preincarnation was 60% and Covenant of Spirit I think was 36% at rank 2?

    After the nerf Preincarnation just casts our highest version of the level 80 spell which is 33% and Covenant of Spirit is at 16%.

    The reason I think a new spell and additional rank of the AA to cast the spell, granting 35/39/43% is reasonable is it still puts us under 60% divine save chance. When they introduced new Vinelash it was so that you wouldn’t have to go back and raid TBS for Rank3 of an invaluable spell. You shouldn’t have to go back and do tons of SoF tasks and factioning for an invaluable spell. Therefore Preincarnation should get updated in the next expansion.

    Also since this is the wish thread....

    Seeing AA lines to reduce the recast on Cyclonic Roar line of Nukes would be amazing. 3 ranks 1 second each to end at a final recast of 6s would be cool to see.

    I’m not sure why we keep getting a Chant group corruption cure spell. We already have that covered with our group breeze cure spell.

    Mysterious ways is a shaman buff there’s no reason Druids should’ve gotten it and it sucks, just like Arboreal Absolution did when it was released. If you want to give us a proc ToT Heal buff, give it a lower proc rate, remove the counters entirely and make it an hour long buff. Look at Enchanter’s Manastorm Group buff from HoT Era. They had higher power Aura with a higher proc rate and higher damage that did the same thing but this buff was nice in that is was long duration set and forget. Meaning it provides a smaller power benefit but doesn’t permanently consume a spell slot. I would mind seeing this spell line converted into a caster based proc that fires a ToT Heal whenever Detrimental spells are cast.
  10. blood & gufts Augur

    The preincarnation has never been near the number you come up with.

    You cannot cast spells with cast time of 0.1 sec while running. It detect you have moved and stop casting.

    Shaman nukes have between 1 - 3.5 sec cast time, found 1 that was exception with 0.5 sec, which one is the 0.1 sec ? You also gotta remember that shamans are actually considered priests that can melee, which is why some of their are faster than druids, because when melee their spells would not be effective and would stop casting, and their abilities are more based on melee than druids.
  11. blood & gufts Augur

    I disagree the loading more than 1 spell from a line of heals, they need to be like they are, otherwise druid spell bar will be full of heals, and druid are more than just healing. Instead they need to give druids some spell focuses that reduces the recast by 1 sec per rank, as 12., 15 + recast are too high. and survival got 180 recast. There already some of the reduction in recast but it need to get further down.
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  12. Allayna Augur

    You misquoted Darchon. The last paragraph, the one the majority of your rebuttal is directed at: was Ninelder.

    Did you play/raid during RoF? It took forever to wipe out a raid because the last men standing were the Druids and Shaman, spam clicking OFF the DA fired proc from preincarnation. It was impossible to NOT get it to fire.

    As for your response to me...some Druids would load more heals, the smart ones would load less, faster casting heals from the same line.
    Beautiful thing about a Druid, some will nuke, some will DoT, some will heal, some will debuff, some will CC...the truly great ones do it all.
  13. Brohg Augur

    +vida and luna if the raid's real healers aren't reliable. total 5, there aren't more to load

    with unlinked timers:
    +maybe luna still. four spells to replace one they might not be loading now, with the aim that (yay?) druids can now be expected to be captains of the shabby-cleric squad & lose 3 spell gems they didn't have spare to begin with? paaaaass
  14. Ambition Apprentice

    I actually played a druid on fv during RoF, before I main changed to Sabreinah. And your statement is 100% true. I think I remember a shaman had it fire into the 20+ times. And even after they nerfed it during RoF it still wasn't too horrible. Because at that time mobs didn't hit too hard compared to current content now (imo). So you could still have a mob beating on you, and have time to recast it...giving more time for your group to save you, or wait for evac to come up, etc.
  15. Allayna Augur

    In RoF you didn’t have to recast it....it would chain fire.
  16. Allayna Augur

    Revi line x2, maybe 3, no adrenaline or vida and survival/luna....4-5...again bringing up the argument that Druids are played various ways and would continue that because I would neeeever load 3 adrenaline lines if the linking of heals were broken.
  17. Brohg Augur

    Your whole big plan is to replace the one Adrenaline with Resurgence and have no heal spell to cast for 12 seconds instead of the current no heal spell to cast for 11 seconds? What are we even talking about?
  18. Allayna Augur

    I’d have to play with it, parse out the differences, 3 burst heals, etc...currently it’s not an option.
  19. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    If unlinked Druids would probably do 3-4 of the Revit line and rely on Survival/Wildtenders for the 2-4s gap in available heals.

    Or you could trade off speed for more healing power/mitigation potential and do 3-4 Adrenaline and rely on Survival/Wildtenders for theeither 3 or 0s gap in potential heals.

    The point is you’d have the option and finally the Vida line would be slain like it needed to be long ago.

    Alternatively just change our Vida line to have a base cast of 1second and we are good. Problem is this line has been in since PoP and I don’t see them changing it even if it is basically useless at this point in the game.
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  20. Raeff the Druid Lorekeeper

    Seems to me that this thread is getting derailed by hyper focus on healing.

    I'll say again - I think the druid class is broken. Someone else earlier suggested that the druid class was in a pretty good place. I strongly disagree with that statement.

    While I agree that our healing needs attention, I think the whole kit needs significant revamping.

    Again, though we may have potential utility, that means very little when we are dead or when we are out of mana. I won't again post all the various creative ideas I posted earlier, but will simply say that druids needs major attention in the following areas: mana regen (both base rate and emergency recovery), spell cast and recast time (heals and dps spells are on the long side, with long recast timers that don't match current content or what other classes have), linking (outdated spell linkages really hinder our ability to really use our most class specific spells), debuffs (takes way too long to use them - consolidate now!), damage output and healing throughput need significant gains throughout the kit, and finally, unless root and snare are improved to become useful again (doubt that will happen!) we need new, class-defining ability that sets us apart again. Oh, not to mention the various buffs we have that are worthless (DS and health regen) - can't something be done to make them valuable again?

    I also suggest that devs consider one of the following:

    1. Allow us to REALLY be the utility casters by giving us 4 or 5 more spells gems than anyone else. It wouldn't improve dps much, but would allow us to fill all those utility roles at once.

    2. Some kind of long recast SUPER ROOT that could work on root immune mobs.

    3. Give us something new and compelling....like an AA or buff that allows us to resist summon for a period of time. Could be really interesting for game play, and allows us to hunt some mobs that we can only dream of hunting now.

    None of these would infringe on other classes, and certainly none of these would make us tops in dps or healing.

    Please help us out, devs!

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