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  1. Allayna Augur

    Where mah druids at?!?!

    I mained a Druid for 15 years but played a paladin the last 3. This choice was made easier by a widening gap between druids and other priests.

    Untie the single target heals....like every other priest.
    Hasten the cast time of the longer single target heals and the group heal through AAs.
    How about an update to bobo? Or make him into more of a blur pet similar to the shaman cat. Our blur options are very limited to evac/egress or veil.
    A viable way to regen mana.
    A splash. I’d even be okay with it being tied to the ice rain nuke....each time it rains on the mobs it also splashes around them.
    A HoT. Via spells or AAs that’s more on par with the damage output of mobs and AEs.
    Combination of the debuffs, Ro, Sumac and the rest of the fire debuffs with 1 spell gem or AA. Likewise with the cold debuff line.
    Aura of the Dire Wolf - permanent until death similar to the shaman AA Aura. Increase to incoming spell mitigation, increase to crit chance, increase to mana regen/pool.
    Untie the remote lines, at least let it work so that you can do both the fire/ice version if you choose.
    Now that you cannot TL during combat is there any reason for it to take 15 minutes to cast the spell....(slight exaggeration).
    A new Vinelash spell that also places a short duration slow on the mobs.
    Take the counters off mysterious ways or make it only use counters on successful procs of the heal...
    Combo growth and reptile spell or AA.
    Quested type 3s that are significant enough improvements to a line of spells....hasten cast of purvida line by 1 sec as a type 3 aug for example, something lasting. This should be done for all classes that would make a noticeable improvement in their weakest aspect.

    Many more ideas I hope will come from the remaining Druid community. I look forward to reading what you all have to say.
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  2. Brohg Augur

    I feel like accommodating asks for better healing runs a substantial risk of encouraging bad play and would indulge wrong expectations in those that are around druids. The "druids are just shabby clerics" crowd gotta be sent packin', not rewarded for wrong thinking by making druids less-shabby shabby clerics.
    Class is pretty super, but I'm totally with you on needing debuff consolidation. More spell gems, like lots, or buttons displaced off the spell bar, so's its possible to be more parts of druidy all the time, instead of having to pick before even beginning to fight what parts of your class you're completely leaving behind in the Guild Hall.

    • Blessing of E'ci(?) AA casting highest rank of Glistening Frost, to mirror Blessing of Ro AA
    • Add Frostreave Breath & Skin to Vines to their respective Ice/Cold debuff AA buttons. Those are the ones that don't themselves deal damage, they're the parallels to Malo magic enhancement
    • "handle" the body type restriction on Skin to Vines, preferably by making body_types addative, or by splitting the body transform off to its own debuff
    • Combo together Winter's-style a spell to cast the Sunray & Moonbeam debuff dots. Like shm Chaotic Poison maybe have it cast Winter's nuke same time but have a chunky (30-40s) cool down as a trade off versus loading the dots individually
  3. Rolaque Augur

    Whatever happened to the druid fire aura? The last update was Wildspark Aura (level 97) which has a max level of 105.

    Partial restoration of the dot damage to Sunray and Moonbeam, so they become worth using in some situations.

    We'll probably never get an inherent reuse timer reduction for the remote spells (not counting the BP focus). But give us a focus effect that works off Preserver's Synergy that lowers the Remote recast timer, so we have that choice to use.
  4. Raeff the Druid Lorekeeper

    I would like to advocate for some significant changes for druids in an effort to repair what has become an unpopular and broken class.

    I often hear that the 'strength' of the class is in its utility. If that is the case, how about making us the 'utility caster' by a giving us 4 or 5 more spell slots than other casters? That would, indeed, allow us to be able to quickly flow into different roles - spot healer, nuker, debuffer, DoT-er etc....- without so drastically limiting our dps. Likely this is a challenging change, in regards coding, but could really be an asset to remaining druids. And really, given our toolset, it would only make us more flexible....it wouldn't suddenly;y increase our potential dps or healing rate.

    In conjunction with that change, I can see a variety of adjustments that could help us reach a reasonable balance with other classes.

    1. Adjust cast times on the whole druid toolkit. It is unreasonable to have so many heals and dps spells on 3 second casts (or higher). Not going to get into comparisons (and yes, some of them can be lowered via focus and AA), but it is clear that many other classes have multiple powerful spells that can be cast quickly. Druid? Not very many. Simply re-evaluate the whole spell lineup and lower cast times in general, and give us some nukes, heals (or recursive heals),debuffs/DoTs that are instant or nearly so.

    2. DOTS - lower mana costs across the board by 20%, consolidate the low damage/debuff dots into one cast per focus area (fire, cold), and make these new consolidated DOT/debuffs fast cast. They really don't do meaningful damage in modern content, so that is just a minor bump, but allows more utility in terms of our debuffing role.

    3. Increase base mana regen for the class, and increase the mana regen of mask and skin line. This should be around 20% or more (before using Wolf form AA). It seems crazy that my druid, with reasonable AA (22K), a decent mount, 5 rare items, and mostly GMM gear still has significantly lower mana regen than my BST with similar gear. Druids are ONLY casters - to melee is to die - so we should be ahead of hybrids in terms of mana regen.

    4. Develop some kind of mechanism to give us an advantage in outdoor zones (since we are really disadvantaged in close quarters while inside - without mount regen, without space to root). What if we received a boost in dps and healing when in proximity to stationary artifacts in the zone? Or perhaps create an outdoor only spell that, when cast, blankets a certain area with Druid's Blessing, giving us increased dps and healing when in that area? Give it a 15 minute effect and a long recast, and it could be helpful. That could create some interesting scenarios and strategies.

    5. Make our HP regen spells and DS spells meaningful by creating some kind of interactive quality to them. Perhaps make it possible for the HP regen to have a 'super tic' of 10 times the healing (or more, depending on the chance for this to occur). Or make it a triggered effect - a super tic whenever spell damage in a round is more than X amount with a 1 effect where super tics could occur. Happy to hear other ways to make this and our DS valuable. Certainly some kind of triggered effect or % chance of an additional effect (not 1% please!) should be considered. Happy to have that be some mechanism that encourage interaction between druid and other players.

    6. Give us an AA that allows our summoned MOB nuke to work on any kind of mob for a short period of time. This would create value out of an existing spell that is rarely used.

    7. Conversely, simply allow druids to have constant bane damage on certain kinds of mobs....perhaps Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, that kind of thing. That would allow us ways to contribute more significantly in some scenarios but not all. Make this a decent increase (15%) and paired with some of these other ideas, we'd be back in business.

    8. Increase the healing of our Reptile skin. As it is, it is too weak to make any difference to anyone.

    9. Reduce resist, reduce cast time, and increase damage on our Roar/stun nuke. This thing gets completely resisted frequently, and if the stun has ever worked, I'd be shocked. I have never seen it work.

    10. And, now for the most controversial request....give us one thing that no one else has....a new class defining ability. I think we should have an AA that allows us to resist being summoned. This could be attached to one of our existing spells lines - Reptile, or temporary HP buff - or be a stand alone AA. Despite what you might imagine, this wouldn't make us the automatic Named killers that some might imagine. Even is the recast on this is not that lengthy, it would be very situational, and if it is only a temporary buff (perhaps 30 seconds) would still make killing modern Named mobs iffy. But it could make for some interesting tactics.....cast buff, burn as much as possible for nearly 30 secs (not an elite toon here, so guessing, but my reading of some related threads here suggest the best raid druids can do 450k dps on a burn....which means in 30 seconds they could manage 13.5 million damage in 30 seconds) then cast all your defensive and try to hold on until the buff an be refreshed.

    This is solo, of course. The beauty of it is that it doesn't become OP in group (not sure about raid utility as I don't do that much) other than allow a strong burn. But most of the time druids can't out dps other classes for long, so likely they would not have been summoned anyway (while in group play) no matter how hard they tried to nuke. For me, this would definitely bring back some joy to solo play, and perhaps allow me to save group once in awhile on tough named mobs, when the $&^%&^%*^% hits the fan. (Raeff kills NAMED by knocking off NAMED MOBS last 6% of HPs using his anti-summon AA, even while surrounded by the corpses of his cohorts). Would be fun! And would only work if I had saved the AA and timed it correctly.

    11. Design mobs to be partially resistant to snare and root (break root sooner) than the old 'immune' thing. Geez!

    12. Give us a long recast AA SUPER ROOT that sticks on all mobs (non-named) once per 10 mins. Perhaps lasts 3 mins or so?

    OK - these are just some ideas. I don't expect all of these (or even any of these) to be implemented, but really believe that a judicious combination of these ideas would be great, and would not detract from the success and viability of other toons.

    I know that I'd certainly like to enjoy playing the druid again, be able to solo a little bit, and contribute decently to group and/or raid. Right now, that is not really the case, at least not in new content.

    Thanks for listening.

  5. Kuvani Journeyman

    I'm not going to retype my entire post from the thread I made a year ago because not much has changed, and I put a lot of time and effort into that post; but I will link it for those who wish to have a refresher:

    I also will quote the suggestion I made for our BP click in another thread.

    I will add that although I posted an idea to help conserve our mana through either a new spell or the Pearlescent Moonbeam/Overwhelming Sunray spell lines, I think that updating our bear (Nourishing Growth) to actually make it useful or giving us another way to regen mana faster would also be very practical.

    I also think that a HoT would be good for us to have (either single target or group), but truthfully as far as group healing goes, I posted what I would prefer in the thread I linked: a new group heal with a recourse effect and a recast reduction on our Lunasalve spell line.

    It'd be really nice if this year we could actually see some of these much needed changes implemented for the Druid class.
  6. Fluid Augur

    If not these suggestions, more animals in zones that can be charmed. It should be tied to zones that are the 1) most popular and 2) Hot Zones. It would be nice to have a debuff like Tash that increases the likelihood the pet won't break charm w/o killing it.
  7. Wulfhere Augur

    Heh, try memorizing level 53 Glamour of Tunare, although it could perhaps use an upgrade.
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  8. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    AA ideas:

    Existing AA Improvements:

    Blessing of Ro - Starting with Rank2, have this AA autocast both our Fire Debuff Spell (which it already does) and our Skin to XYZ spell (Group ID 5X11). This would make the Druid skin Debuff far more used in all types of content and provide more value to bringing a Druid with you. Spell slots are already extremely precious, having to dedicate one to the Skin Debuff just isn’t worth it currently in 95% of scenarios so please give us the ability to cast it with an AA.

    Group Spirit of the Black/White Wolf - Improve this AA very slightly so that the values of Group version and the Single version are identical. It would provide more power to our group buff increasing Druid desirability and from a Druids perspective it makes the ability more user friendly so that if I’m already under the effects of the self version of the AA I can then use the group version if a burn or boss fight demands it for everyone in my group to benefit without having to worry about either the ability not landing on myself or having to remember to click off the self version before casting. A minor change but would be very helpful IMO

    Advanced Tracking - Additional ranks to allow for tracking down Ground Spawns. This would likely be a code change so I won’t hold my breath but as trackers and foragers we should be adept at tracking down items left on the ground.

    Spirit of the Eagle - Add a Rank to cast Flight of the Falcons

    Improved Lunar Healing - 3 New Ranks. The three ranks each reduce the recast time by 1 second each. Ending with 9 second reduction and 3 second recast.

    Protection of the Direwood - 1 New Rank. Increase the mitigation value from 45,000 to 200,000. 45,000 was good 3 expansions ago, not so much anymore. When this AA is consumed in a single hit or two hits, it’s too weak. It should take at least 2 rounds to break through it.

    New AAs:

    Wizened Spirit - Available to all casting classes, this Innate AA offers a 5-10-15% increased chance for Clairvoyance to successfully trigger on a spell cast.

    Magical Mastery - Available to all casting classes, this Innate AA offers a 5-10-15% chance for your spells to use a Spell Damage or Healing Amount value 10x your actual worn value when calculating the final value a spell heals or damages for.

    Blessing of E’ci - This activated AA should be available starting in Underfoot with about 1 second cast about 5-10s recast, and it will autocast our Breath Debuff (Group ID=5X09) and our Frost Debuff (Group ID=5X04). These are good spells however they require two spell gems to cast and take too long to cast to be worth it other than on an end-game raid mob basically. Throwing them into a castable AA would see them more frequently utilized against group names and mini raid content.

    Blessing of Seasons - This activated AA should be a combination of Blessing of E’ci and Blessing of Ro. It should autocast our highest Fire Debuff (Group ID 5X47), Breath Debuff (Group ID=5X09), Frost Debuff (Group ID=5X04), and Skin to XYZ spell (Group ID 5X11). Basically this would be our ultimate Druid Debuff AA. Make it activated 1 second cast time but a minute or two reuse. So we can use it to lead off a fight but can’t throw it on every single trash mob in a single cast.

    Amphibious Growth - This activated AA would autocast our Reptile spell line (Group ID=5X33) and our Growth spell line (Group ID=5X40). I figure a 2.5sec cast time and 75second reuse to match our Growth spell line. Basically a one stop cast for our tank support buff.

    Encompassing Magic - This Innate AA would increase the target limit for our targeted AE Damage spells by 1 targets per rank for 3 ranks.

    Endless Precipitation - This Innate AA would increase the maximum hit limit for our rain spell from 4 to 8-12-16, and increase the number of waves that occur from 3 to 4-5-6.

    Glamour of Tunare - This activated AA would be an updated version of our level 53 Kunark spell which is a -20 MR Debuff for animals. This updated version should be a 1second cast like the original spell, just increase the MR value to match modern Mali/Tash Debuffs:

    [AA] Glamour of Tunare
    Classes: DRU/255
    Skill: Abjuration
    Mana: 10
    Target: Animal
    Range: 200'
    Resist: Unresistable
    Reflectable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 1s, Recast: 1.5s, Rest: 1.5s
    Duration: 20.5m+ (205 ticks), Dispelable: No
    1: Increase Poison Counter by 1
    2: Decrease Magic Resist by 150

    Deep Roots - This activated AA would illusion Treant and Root you. Instant cast, 2min duration and 20 minute reuse. While the buff is on, you are immune to Melee push (think Stoicism AA tanks get but full immunity to Melee push) as well as immunity to Gravity well/push and flux abilities. Make it a buff that you cannot click off so that there is a cost to being immune to all things push.

    Natural Disaster - This Innate AA has 5 ranks and each rank reduces the cast time on our Nature’s DoT line by 0.5 seconds until it has a final cast time of 0.5 seconds to match our Sun and Horde DoTs.

    Embrace of the Seasons - This AA would be an instant cast, 30 second duration with 20 minute reuse. This would be a self buff (Summer’s Intensity) that increases the chance to Twincast a spell by 50% but it is limited to a specific Resist. To start off the first 30 seconds of the AA, it is limited to Fire spells. When the 30 seconds ends, it autocasts another 30 second spell (Winters Intensity) which offers 50% chance to Twincast cold based spells.

    Spirit of the Gray Wolf - This activateable AA would be instant cast, 2min duration and a 60 minute reuse. This would be an AE PC buff that works like a merged version of our Group Black/White AAs. It would have a flat 5-10% Mana Preservation, 100 Mana Regen, 10% Critical Nuke, Heal and DoT, 100% Critical Nuke and 100% Critical Heal amplification values. But mostly... I just want to be able to turn an entire raid that doesn’t want to be a wolf, into a wolf, and then I want to be able to justify it because of the value of the buff it brings. Please make my dream come true.


    Spell ideas:

    Existing Spell Improvements:

    Adrenaline (Group ID=5X29) - Remove the Recast Timer 2 linking all versions of this heal together

    Rejuvilation (Group ID=5X52) - Remove the Recast Timer 15 linking all versions of this heal together

    No other healer has to deal with recast timers on their version basic single target heals. Remove them.

    Lunar Group Heal (Group ID=5X32) - Reduce the cast time on every spell in this line from 4.5 to 4.0 seconds. It’s a slight base improvement but it is very necessary to help Druids cope with group healing needs

    Reptile (Group ID=5X33) - Update the spell line so that it stacks with the Paladin Preservation. They both have Defensive Procs in slot 4. The Cleric shining line is in slot 7 and the shaman lethargy line is in slot 3. So switch Reptile to some slot other than those. It looks like Slot 5 or 9 are fairly unused for Defensive procs? Also get rid of the HoT on this spell just merge it into the raw Heal component so that the Heal is applied immediately on proc.

    Regen/Damage Shields - These Spell like have become far too irrelevant against modern values. 650 DS and 1000 HP Regen is nothing in the current game. I’d like to see both reworked. Keep their current functionality, but add more on top of it.

    For Regeneration, have Regen function not only to Regen every tick, but act as a rune for every single hit like the EoK Wurmslayer does. Not only are you regenerating 1000 HP each tick, you are also “immediately recovering 1000 HP each hit”, but for simplicity just make it a rune with unlimited hits just a cap of 1000 per hit.

    For Damage Shield, have DS function not only as a DS but have it get a Defensive proc with unlimited counters that fires off a 10,000 unmodifable Nuke, a “critical wound” from attacking someone with magical spikes essentially.

    Make these two changes and Druids would be maintaining these buffs that are often ignored entirely.

    Tectonic PBAE (Group ID 4X18) - With how much old content is being utilized for things like TBL evolving items or Artisans Prize etc. there is value to being able to clear older trivial content quickly. Melee have an astronomical advantage in this simply by having Ripostes. This spell line we have received since level 24 and it has been very outdated over the year so I’d like to see it updated.

    • Make it Instant Cast
    • Remove the Recast Timer
    • Increase the Base damage by around 2-3x to account for its lack of focus effects / ADPS

    First of all, the cast time. When you are tanking a bunch of trash I shouldn’t have to cast this spell 20 times before I can channel it. Change this to an instant cast spell. Second of all, the recast timer, remove it. There is no reason for this spell to have it’s ridiculous 25 second recast. Melee can just stand and face a train for 5 seconds and deal far more damage than this does. Lastly, the damage. The base value of the highest level and rank is about only 8k. This is absolutely pitiful. I remember when our Quad spells had very low values until it was pointed out that AE spells do not focus or benefit from many ADPS forms, therefore they need a higher base damage value.

    Harmony (Group ID=5X05) - I have two suggestions for this one. The first is fairly obvious, it’s the only spell we still have that requires you be in an outdoor zone. I’d imagine after 110 levels Druids should be able to commune with nature everywhere. Second, I’d like to see a return to the original use of this spell. The first two spells of this line, Harmony and Harmony of Nature had two components. Decrease Aggro radius and decrease social Radius. After OoW all pacify spells dropped the remove aggro Radius component and left it only with the reduced social Radius. I’d like to see the reduced aggro Radius portion added back on to the spell so that it has some niche uses, unlike its current format which no one uses.

    New Spells:

    Shower of Nature - Basically just a Splash heal spell.

    Solar Eclipse - This Spell would autocast both our Moonbeam and Sunray DoT/Debuff Spell lines. Often times these DoTs are ignored due to low damage values and limited spell slots. Having a single spell cast them together would be nice. This spell should replace Pearlescent Thornmaw.

    Regrowth Aura - Functions like our Fire/Cold auras which pulse every 3 Tics with a buff for each group member that offers 6 counters of an additional small DD on each detrimental spell cast. Except this aura would offer 6 counters of an additional small Heal on the target of each beneficial spell cast.


    Balance of Nature - Functions like the above aura but instead of it offers a small group Heal on everyone in your group each time they cast a detrimental spell.
  9. Liljit Augur

    I support this.

    To Kuvani:

    IDK why you want yet another debuff (bp click) to add to an already buff locked boss mob. You got our BP focus changed in RoS so asking for the click change as well would have been over-reaching.

    The only thing I didn't see in your post Darchon was removing the timer that ties remote line together. Other than that, amazing post with lots of thought.

    And the Protection of Direwood line should do spell mitigation as well.
  10. Fluid Augur

    Weak sauce compared to tash though
    Decrease Magic Resist by 6 (L53) to 25 (L16)
    Decrease Magic Resist by 10 (L18) to 33 (L27)

    True but kind of like saying a Druids are a 'Pet Class' because of boo boo. Well, technically correct :)
  11. Ninelder Augur

    I am a little curious why a non-druid posted this. Then another non-druid is first to reply to it. I know our ranks are thin, and most of the player-base shys away from these boards cause they have always been run by trollish-elitist types. It's normal for there to be a lack of druid input here, as there has never been a positive outcome to any request or complaint made in the past. But why are two non-druids wanting to know what our wishes are?

    I know Darchon fairly well, he's one of the half dozen remaining inter-server druids left in game. We talk often. I know Liljit, and recognize Rolaque and Kuvani from other posts. Not trying to imply you have some nefarious intention but what do two non-druids care about what druids get in next expansion?
  12. Brohg Augur

    As it so happens, Allayna is Liljit, but that's neither here nor there.

    You're wrong about player input not having positive results.

    One is not the class one plays in any moment. It benefits everyone when all 16 classes that players can play are well made.

    When I'm playing as a druid, yes that happens, what I most want is to have the whole druid class available to me. When I'm playing beside druids, yes in my case that's more common than playing as one, what I want least is to hear "couldn't do that no spell gems."
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  13. Oakenblade Augur

    Out of all of this, making our mana regen pet better and giving us a fire aura would make me a happy camper.

    And if you wanted to throw in a bonus - change our aura recast from 6mins to 10 mins would be a lovely QoL change.

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  14. Allayna Augur

    Basically, what Brohg said. I played a Druid as my main from Velious to EoK, then changed to the paladin.
  15. Ninelder Augur

    You changed, you gave up(as most druids have, no insult there.) Are you thinking about changing back? Were you just wondering why the rest of us stopped posting? You obviously gave up, we just stopped posting. Yet here you are, posting as if it makes a difference about a class you already gave up on...
  16. Brohg Augur


    edit: sorry, that wasn't very constructive. More words :

    What about any player playing another character makes you characterize a change in focus as "giving up"? I would characterize the current Druid position as "pretty damned good" so giving up would mean … getting tired of the game being slanted in one's favor, so seeking greater challenge? Picking up professional paladining ain't exactly chasing flavor-of-the-month easy street.

    You seem to be attributing (basically, inventing) quite a bit of sneaky malice to Allayna's post, which doesn't make sense to me. Allayna is pretty far from subtle when she's calling for nerfs, being spiteful or jealous or partisan.

    It also doesn't match up with the actual content & conversation. What do you object to that's been brought up here?
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  17. Allayna Augur

    Ninelder everybody...

    I main changed due to a lack of Paladins in the guild I love. I have always been pro-druid as you can see easily. I am probably the most vocal...but posting did get some feedback from Kuvani, Rolaque and others who still actively main and raid their Druids.

    Honestly though, you just follow me around like a lost puppy to post contrary to what I say? Is this some childhood infatuation?
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  18. Ninelder Augur

    I had never heard of you, which is funny since if you main-switched to paladin when you say you did, one of my old buddies is probably the one who trained you. He has never mentioned you... on either toon.

    I knew your other poster-toon Liljit just from these forums, I did not know that he was you. That you are him. That you are perhaps many different people. Apparently you are using God knows how many different accounts to reinforce your various ramblings in Forumquest.

    The funniest thing is, if you had posted this as Liljit I might not have known you were some Master-Forumquester who juggles accounts to back up your peculiar positions. Which is really, really, just sad and sorry behaviour in and of itself.

    I have suspected these kind of shenanigans before. This is the first time I have seen someone so obviously mishandle it, and thus let the cat(CATS) out of the bag:

    But wait, Liljit is still here posting! Are there any of the other posters in this list that are also you? Is this a manifestation of multiple-personality disorder? Is Brohg you too?

    It might be your signature:

    "Brohg(Shm) Leeni(Nec) Camraderry(Brd) Fredorff(Cle) Roarie(Enc) Szilly(Rog) Ninin(Mag) Toegre(Bst) Eztreed(Rng)"

    You gave up so much you don't even mention your druid as having ever existed.


    You are also Allayna and Liljit, but your druid is like "The Beast" from Split and you are hiding his existence from your therapist awaiting his arrival! As I watch you having these conversations with yourself, all bets are off on just how deep the psychosis goes.
  19. Allayna Augur

    Misquoting now, a new low for you.

    The "I support this" was in reference to Darchon's post, not my own. Sometimes I use my original main Liljit to post from, in the druid section for instance as you have pointed out...

    I only play on Xegony.

    I am starting to get the feeling you applied to MS and didn't make it, only reason for this much directed hatred. And by your post history....it was likely for drama.
  20. smash Augur

    You forgot that everyone that post against you is Allayna

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