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  1. CreditMan67 New Member

    I am not quite sure how to use Sundew. I target the tank, cast it, the mob is hit with a DD and I can twincast 2 instant healing spells.

    At level 85 what healing spells are instant?

    I have Granvida, Survival and Adrenaline loaded. Do I cast Sundew then 2 Granvida's?
  2. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    So the process you described is correct. Target tank. Cast spell and it will Nuke the tanks target and give you a Twinheal buff with 2 counters for 3-4 ticks.

    So while you have that twinheal buff up, the next two instant healing spells you cast, will double cast.

    For example, if you casted Sundew and then Granvida. It would consume one counter and the Granvida you casted would double cast, but consume mana for only one.

    All Druid heal spells except Promised are instant.

    Rejuvenation (90)

    The most valuable Heal to use this on is the Lunar line of group heals because it will double cast and hit everyone in your group twice. That’s the main use for this spell. It’s not as great with Survival because generally 1 Survival cast is enough for topping off HP bars and using Survival at higher HPs has diminishing returns.

    The only other time I would use this was in UF-VoA era when I was moloing named mobs using a charmed pet. Because charmed pets mitigate so poorly and have such large HP pools it was worth my time to twinheal Adrenalines and Rejuvenations on the pet to counteract the damage it took tanking.

    But for healing just a regular tank, it’s not that useful. Your fully focused, AA’d Crit heals should be topping off tank health without needing twinheals.

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