[Druid] Roar of Kolos not upgraded with RoF?!

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Siwin Nonesuch, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    I just now noticed that our very long asked for, big nuke Roar of Kolos that we finnaly got with VoA has not gotten the copy and pasted upgraded with RoF. Am I missing something here by chance?

    Some spells that most druids never use (And are really more of a novelty if you ask me) and completely useless to a druids arsonal like Tectonic Tremor which was upgraded to Tectonic Temblor, and Myconid Assault upgraded to Sporali Assault and Beastwood Guard to Beastsnag Guard got the copy and pasted upgrade but no Roar Of Kolos.:confused:

    Was this just an oversite? Or intentional? Either way this makes me sad.:(
    If there is more content to come out later next year with RoF I sure hope that A Roar Of Kolos upgrade is on the list for Druids to get.
  2. Nenton Augur

    Aristo put it on his list of spells to include when the new RoF ones get added (whenever that's going to be). Don't believe there was any reason given as to why it was left out in the first place but it wasn't something nefarious to remove the line or anything.
  3. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Was mentioned first day I got into beta. We were told it was going to be added "eventually" to this half-expansion.
  4. Minadin Journeyman

    Wasn't in today's patch notes.
  5. Moklianne Augur

    It must have been too OP of a spell...
  6. fontaine Journeyman

    Does anyone have an update on ETA of Roar of Kolos?
  7. Qwestwic Augur

    Several spells including Shining Armor and the Shaman Group heal also didn't get upgrades. They are all in the spell file, just didn't make it to live. I would hope to see these in the AA patch in the near future. Most developers won't be back in the office until next week.
  8. Bolador New Member

    Returning player after a seven year break lol. Have my druid up to 96 and enjoying the game again very much.
    I was wondering about this as well. I enjoy all parts of the druid class including the nuking and it seems odd that at level 100 I will still be using a level 93 spell??
    Best friend plays as well and out-nukes me on his chanter by a large amount. I don't expect to ever be able to compete with a dps class but.....
    Also as a returning player I have spent quite a bit of time reading the boards to refresh my memory and learn about the changes since I stopped playing, and is it me or are we the only caster class that has no way to regen mana? I see a way for every other class to regen mana in an emergancy or after a death. Just doesn't seem right that one class was left out?
  9. Gladare Augur

    Most of the hybrids don't have any special way to regain mana either. Just the beasts.
  10. Bolador New Member

    Shammy's have canni, Wizzy's have harvest i think its called, necro's have an aa that trades health for mana, mages mod rods, sorry cant remember the name but chanters have a way as well. and clerics a heal that gives quite a bit of mana. Friend uses the cleric one on me a lot.. Just seems weird that druids seem to be the only class thats mostly caster based that has no o-crap button to get some mana back. This seems more important as one of the three healing classes.
  11. Gladare Augur

    I agree with you. I wish I got one as well. Ranger melee dps has gotten truly horrible and without mana we're as bad as a mute bard. Clerics actually have two aa's that give quite a bit of mana. One is self only.
  12. Mykaylla Augur

    Mana was brought up at nearly all of the IRC AA chats, and they apparently are working on their own stuff with it internally.

    No one got any of their missing spells with this patch. It's pretty certain that when one class does, the rest will too- every class is missing something, most of them are significant (like shaman's group heal and cleric's shining, for example).
    I would be guessing they'd be available around the same time as AAs, or the five new zones are released, but that's just a guess.
  13. Oakenn Tigerspirit Augur

    druid mana is fine.. enough of the equality complaints. Roar however needs its upgrade put in.

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