Druid or Wizzy

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Schazaam, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Schazaam New Member

    I've got a good little duo going with my SK and enchanter right now, but I'm looking to add one more for the trio. I've played the bard with them and while it's ok, I think the bard is too much like the enchanter so I've ruled that one out.

    My question is what do yall think of these two I should go with for doing group progression from HoT on?

    I like the ports from either to get this group around. The druid has the advantage of tracking plus some buffs/heals and adps? I guess the chanter and druid could feed off each other for the adps? I know the chanter has his mana recursion spell and that's been nice, but I don't guess I've figured out that part of the druid yet.

    The wizzy would add more dps than the druid I think, but I'm not sure if the rest of everything the druid brings is enough to give up for the wizzy. I like the thought of blowing the crud out of stuff though. I'm just curious if I'd need this extra dps maybe later on into the other expansions or if my little group could do well and kill quickly enough with the druid added plus probably another wizzy merc.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  2. RenDnB New Member

    Hey! Just thought I'd chime in on your thread and give you my viewpoint.

    My setup is somewhat reminiscent of yours. I run SK/Shaman/Necro/Wiz. Yes, its 4 boxes but hear me out lol. I initially started off 3 boxing and was going to leave it at that, but I started a wizzy on a 4th account that I was just screwing around with, and eventually brought it in as part of my main team. Wizzy's are great for the added DPS and the ports. Its nice to have a class there that when I hit its cast button, as long as there are no resists, the HP bar will chunk down (for the most part lol depends on what you're fighting).

    Do you use mercs? I don't use them. If you use a healer merc and you're not concerned about having a healer as one of your boxes, then go with a wizzy. Otherwise, if you don't use mercs, then toss in a druid. Aside from their utility, you'll have a healer there. With my 4 box group I don't need any mercs, and for my play style mercs would just get in the way.

    So if you have a healer merc... go wizzy. No healer merc and you'd rather control that yourself, go with a druid. Are you hard set on wizzy or druid? Shaman are also fun to play with an SK.
  3. Schazaam New Member

    Hey Ren thanks for the reply. I've also boxed a shammy with the sk before and it did really well, but I threw in the enchanter and ended up liking that a lot. The crowd control makes it really nice and they're not terrible dps either with either their pet, charm, or just throwing nukes and dots out. I do use mercs. I run with a healer merc on the sk and wizzy merc on my enchanter. The only healing I'd ever do with the druid is during named or oh crap moments most likely hehe. I've never been the healer type really, but I figured if needed they could be pretty sweet to make things come out right. May just be easier to run two healer mercs at that point though. Wish I knew if the adps they added was worth it. I'm kinda leaning toward wizzy at the moment though. I've got one PL'd to 53 right now. Still playing around :D
  4. Sagarmatha Augur

    I vote for Druid.

    I hate healing, I absolutely hate it. You will never find one of my box teams without a healer merc. That being said, I like having the ability to spot/rescue heal while my merc is fapping to naked pictures of Tunare or whatever he's doing when he fails to heal my SK.

    Also, DPS is somewhat overrated. I've seen Enchanters in my guild nuke the **** out of mobs. The DPS mercs on burn are nasty as well. I've never found DPS to be lacking as much as I've seen healing lacking.

    A smaller issue is that I don't like trying to decide which toon gets gear that two or more can use. With Druid, it takes cloth and intelligence gear out of the conundrum. Leather and wisdom, baby!
  5. Schazaam New Member

    I hadn't figured in the gear Sag. Sounds to me like the added dps from a dot or 2 from the druid may be all I really need though. Plus the ability to add in another healer/dps merc with the new toon and I should be golden. Maybe one day I could get the macro down for the druid to heal and go without mercs too! I've got my wizzy up to 66 now anyways. May just stop there and tool around blowing stuff up and learning the wizzy too. So many options lol
  6. Aanuvane Augur

    Damage Shields
    Spot Healing/Regen/Cures
    Extra HPs/Super Thorns/Carapace

    I vote druid :p
  7. Critts Augur

    If your going to be actively playing the Druid healing etc you can do pretty well with 3 wizard mercs. One wizard with a Chanter can do a lot of DPS but you will need at least one healer merc. I run a SK and a wizard with two healer mercs. I typically don’t have to many problems.
  8. Alekzandre Elder

    Druid! You can always get a Wizard merc. I would 4 box if you are going to go 3. The 4th can be free to play I would think. SK/Enchanter/Druid/Magician works well. Magician adds a lot of dps and utility.

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